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David mirchin legal panel


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David mirchin legal panel

  1. 1. Legal Issues in Search Europe and America David Mirchin
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Overview1. The Issue2. US Experience3. EU Experience4. Practical Tips3
  4. 4. Keywords?4
  5. 5. The Issue Purchase and Use of Trademark Protected KEYWORDS? This issue has been considered by the Courts in America and the EU (and also Israel)5
  6. 6. LiveU: Portable video transmissions
  7. 7. ORGANIC RESULTS and ADVERTISEMENTS When you Google “buy liveu” or just “liveu” in the sponsor link on the right you will have an ad of TVU Ad Organic results7
  8. 8. Who Faces Liability? Search Engine Providers ? – e.g.: Advertisers ?8
  9. 9. USASearch Engine ProviderGEICO v GoogleGovernment Employees Insurance Co. v Google, Inc., No. 1:04cv507 (E.D. Va. Aug. 8, 2005) •not liable for trademark infringement for making available registered trademarks as keywords •does not cause likelihood of confusion9
  10. 10. USAWentworth CaseJ.G. Wentworth v. Settlement Funding (E.D. Pa. 2007) Wentworth and Settlement Fundingare competitors Finance Companies Settlement Funding Bought “Wentworth” Keyword Standard: To win a Trademark Infringement Claim in US:(1) Use of Trademark in Commerce(2) Creates Likelihood of Confusion10
  11. 11. Wentworth cont…HOLDING:Using trademark-protected words to trigger internetadvertising does not violate trademark lawPRACTICAL RULE:Use of keyword-triggered ads will not confuseconsumers if the resulting ads do not display theplaintiffs trademarks11
  12. 12. Rosetta Stone v. Google
  13. 13. EU
  14. 14. EU
  15. 15. EUSearch Engine ProviderGoogle France v Louis Vuitton CaseEuropean Court of Justice (2010)Background:Competitors Buy “Louis Vuitton” Keyword from GoogleCan Louis Vuitton Stop Google or their Competitors?16
  16. 16.  Not liable for trademark infringement. Why? Because offering registered trademarks as keywords is not “use in the course of trade” But not a complete win for Google: could still be liable for contributory infringement under national law
  17. 17. Competitors? Their use of Keywords IS a “use in the course of trade”. Huh? Key: Ad Text. Liable if: – Use Louis Vuitton in the Text of Sponsored Ad, or – “Normally informed and reasonably attentive internet users” cannot tell from the Ad Text whether Louis Vuitton and the competitor are economically linked – Vague as to the origin of the goods
  18. 18. EUInterflora v. Marks & Spencer CaseEuropean Court of Justice (September 2011)20
  19. 19. Marks & Spencer cont… EU Court of Justice = guidance National Courts determine issues on facts of each case21
  20. 20. Practical TipsSummary of US and EU standard:No liability provided that users are not confused by the text of the sponsored ad.Recommendations:1. Do not use 3rd party trade marks in the ad text2. Do not mislead users from ad text3. Do not imply you are connected to the trademark owner (whose keyword you purchased)22
  21. 21. Remember the Standard:
  22. 22. Thank you David