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Aviv manoach new is always better


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Aviv manoach new is always better

  1. 1. New is Always Better SMX Israel 2012
  2. 2. A World of Fresh ResultsFresh results require afresh strategy.
  3. 3. Why?Users want to get themost relevant and recentinformation.
  4. 4. Freshness FactorsOnsite:• Adding new pages• Updating existing contentOffsite:• Creating new links• Changing linking pages
  5. 5. “Push” StrategyBuild:• Updates around an event schedulePush:• Updates for breaking events
  6. 6. “Pull” StrategyCreate:• Long term updating profilePlan:• Different tactics for different events
  7. 7. Start TodayYour users ask for it, youneed it. There is no pointdelaying it. Hit Refresh
  8. 8. Thank You!Universal McCann Search Aviv Manoach @searchmentation @icel