(Translation) attributive and phrase


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(Translation) attributive and phrase

  1. 1. ATTRIBUTIVE AND PHRASE By Eka Desi N Dwi Cahya Mentari Rustiah Novirman Sudirman Fitriana
  2. 2. Attributive A word or word group, such as an adjective, that is adjacent to the noun it modifies without a linking verb Example : “Pale” in the “pale girl”
  3. 3. Type of Attributive 1. Attributive adjective an adjective that describes an attribute of the noun phrase of which it is a part. Example : The word “red” in “the red balloon” is an attributive adjective
  4. 4. Type of Attributive 2. Attributive Noun A noun that modifies another noun attributively and that is optional (that is, it can be removed without affecting the grammar if the sentences) ; a noun used as an adjective. Example : “Chicken soup” the attributive noun “chicken” modifies the noun “soup”
  5. 5. Type of Attributive 3. Attributive verb a verb that modifies (expresses an attribute of) a noun in the manner of an attributive adjective, rather than express an independent idea as a predicate. Example :  The man wearing a hat  Barking dog
  6. 6. Phrase  A phrase is a group of related words (within a sentence) without both subject and verb. For example : beautiful house  A phrase functions as a noun, verb, adverb, adjective or preposition in a sentence. The function of a phrase depends on its construction (words it contains). On the basis of their functions and constructions, phrases are divided into various types i.e. noun phrase, verb phrase, adverb phrase, and adjective phrase
  7. 7. Phrase 1. Noun Phrase A noun phrase consists of a noun and other related words (usually modifiers and determiners) which modify the noun. It functions like a noun in a sentence. Examples :  a nice red shirt  a glass full of water  A man on the roof
  8. 8. Phrase 2. Adjective Phrase. An adjective phrase is a group of words that functions like an adjective in a sentence. It consists of adjectives, modifier and any word that modifies a noun or pronoun. Examples :  full of water  a nice red shirt
  9. 9. Phrase 3. Adverb Phrase An adverb phrase is a group of words that functions as an adverb in a sentence. It consists of adverbs or other words (preposition, noun, verb, modifiers) that make a group with works like an adverb in a sentence. Examples :  in a good manner.  in a loud voice.
  10. 10. Phrase 4. Verb Phrase A verb phrase is a combination of main verb and its auxiliaries (helping verbs) in a sentence. Examples :  He is eating an apple.  She has finished her work.  You should study for the exam.
  11. 11. How to translate  example : 1. a beautiful young girl 2. The big white house 3. A government official 4. The guardian angel 5. Uneaten food
  12. 12. More example 1. Sumber daya alam 2. Kebun rahasia 3. Orang asing misterius 4. Wanita lugu yang ceroboh 5. Aktor paling berbakat
  13. 13. Exercises Translate the following sentences into Indonesian phrase! 1. The blond old man 2. The unusually tall boy 3. The strange green creatures 4. The bridge over the river 5. My best friend’s father
  14. 14. Cont. Translate into the English phrase? 6. Guru bahasa inggris yang hebat 7. Berdiri sendiri di pojok 8. Berhenti di tengah jalan 9. Toko mainan 10. Anak yang tidur
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