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Stress spiritualism and materialism dr. shriniwas janardan kashalikar


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Published in: Education
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Stress spiritualism and materialism dr. shriniwas janardan kashalikar

  2. 2. Majority of the spiritual discourses on the TV; guarantee; emancipation, liberation, bliss and most importantly “stress relaxation”! In general, these discourses are individualistic, utopian and escapist! People are eluded by this escapist entertainment, which has nothing to offer in terms of blossoming of an individual and global life! Hence a discerning individual feels uneasy, in such activities; which are cut off from the stark realities of life; and aggravate stress; rather than helping in its relaxation or management! Alternatively majority of the “materialistic” efforts towards the social welfare adopt fragmented or sectarian
  3. 3. approach and offer superficial solutions to the problems. These superficial solutions do not heal the roots of the problems and hence do not satisfy one’s soul or conscience! Obviously, they also; do not help in stress relaxation or stress management! Another conflict amongst spiritual as well as material people is that of asceticism/austerity vs. indulgence. Some vehemently insist on austerity; while the others take pride in indulgence! Adoption of fanatic austerity or brazen indulgence; can not offer holistic solutions and total stress management so as to ensure simultaneous blossoming of an individual and society!
  4. 4. The holistic and hence effective solutions treating the root causes of stress; ensuring total stress management i.e. simultaneous blossoming of one and all (i.e. true spiritualism and true materialism) spring from NAMASMARAN; as explained in my books!