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Holistic Health For Orkut


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Holistic Health For Orkut

  1. 1. Holistic Health The lack or utter deficiency of perspective, policies, plans and actions of universal welfare, at the international, national, local and individual level is a hallmark of and main cause of global ill health! The glaring example is that of education! The present education system (mainstream education) basically and almost completely prevents a huge section of society such as teachers, students, clerks, servants, sweepers and many others such as education inspectors, etc. from being creative and productive and incurrs colossal wastage of
  2. 2. space, electricity, construction cost, educational material etc. Lack of productive element in education not only causes colossal loss to nation but it also causes economic loss to children while suppressing and starving their psychomotor domain and their creative capacity and sense of self sufficiency and self esteem! The lack of productive element and economic incentive is a single most important cause of 1] Reduction in the dignity of labor amongst those who continue to learn, as well as reduction in the income of the concerned families and the nation
  3. 3. 2] Lack of education, lack of employment and starvation or criminalization amongst those who are forced to drop out because the poor villagers’ children normally contribute to the earning of the family. 3] Inhuman suffering of those dropouts, who somehow manage to get into cheap labor for subsistence. It is high time that the we all in the world realize that even the semblence of holistic health or in fact true health of an individual and society; is not possible without implementation of holistic & globally beneficial policies in all the walks of life! Adopting Holistic approach
  4. 4. (combined with analytical) and burial of fragmented, sectarian and lopsided outlook and approach; is essential, imperative and urgent for ushering in Holistic Health i.e. True Wellbeing of One and All! Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar