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A thoughtful initiative by Rustomjee - A visit to the old age home


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As a part of our CSR initiative this year, on 14th June, 2013, the team at Rustomjee visited 'Little Sisters Of The Poor - Home For Aged' at Andheri (E), Mumbai and helped the old age home stock up necessary food items. They also cheered and supported the members working at the shelter, for their care and continuous effort towards senior citizens.

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  • Ferociousness of life have contributed to the misery of elders with none to depend upon, no suggests that of financial gain, no emotional security creating them indigent with an issue, regarding the way to persevere with their lives. The growing intolerance among youth, including their inability to regulate with the older, is simply one among the prime reasons for the increase within the range of adulthood homes in India.
    The attenuation joint family system in India and alternative infinite factors have given rise to west-inspired phenomena of adulthood homes. stunning value of living and scanty come on savings have nearly pushed these senior voters on roads.
    We at Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre offer full services for the welfare of the elder peoples in India
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A thoughtful initiative by Rustomjee - A visit to the old age home

  1. 1.  Rustomjee team visited the Old Age Home to provide them their daily requirements  Each and every section of the building was visited by the team  The team spent time with senior citizens, and gave them moments of happiness.
  2. 2. Things donated to the old age home  Fruits  Sugar  Rawa  Different types of chana  Tea powder  Mustard Seeds  Juices  Oats  Bulbs
  3. 3. Thank You