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20 year plan.final

  1. 1. Flying High20 Year High Performance, HighlyPersonal Marketing Plan for Free Rustie Rustie M. Fidel June 2011
  2. 2. Flying High for better lifeA. Daily Rounds Vision/Mission Roles/Strokes 12 Point Plan MonitorsB. End in Mind To fly high and reach the top of success
  3. 3. My PurposeVision/Mission To reach the highest peak of success with freedom, right attitude and commitment for integrity.
  4. 4. The Flying 71. A devoted Catholic2. A loving son3. A sweet brother4. A cool uncle5. A competent employee6. A responsible MBA student7. A reliable friend
  5. 5. As a Devoted Catholic
  6. 6. As a loving son
  7. 7. As a sweet brother
  8. 8. A cool uncle
  9. 9. A competent employee
  10. 10. A responsible MBA student
  11. 11. A reliable friend
  12. 12. I am FreeMy name is Rustie FidelI work for
  13. 13. Free – Rustie Fidel – CitibankFree Rusty Fidel Sitti Bank
  14. 14. 9 Principles for Effective Leadership1. Have a dream that will leave this world a better place Leadership is simply the ability to turn a dream or a vision of a desired future state into a reality with and through the cooperation of other people. To throw your life into something worthwhile, your dream must be worth dying for.
  15. 15. 9 Principles for Effective Leadership2. Know what your strengths areTo be leaders, we need each other to reach our goals. Each of ushas only some of the skills needed to do a great job. We need tosurround ourselves with people to fill in our gaps. Seventy-nineyear-old Muriel Tower, an experienced entrepreneur, said, “You getthings done through other people. Number one in business is getthe best person for the job. Number two, delegate. Number three,supervise–go back and see that they did it.”
  16. 16. 9 Principles for Effective Leadership3. Strive for excellenceThe people you want to influence will not rise to a higherstandard of excellence than what they observe in you.
  17. 17. 9 Principles for Effective Leadership4. Be persistentThe key to being a good leader is endurance–being a non-quitter. Youwill be tempted to quit and be encouraged to quit by those who arefriends and enemies. Be unwilling to throw in the towel. Bedetermined. Persistence is a key to effective leadership. www.stevenandrada.blogspot.com
  18. 18. 9 Principles for Effective Leadership5. Be willing to stand aloneIf you have a passion, a dream or a mission, set measurable goalsand work toward accomplishing them. www.stevenandrada.blogspot.com
  19. 19. 9 Principles for Effective Leadership6. Be ready for resistanceOne of the facts of life is that when you are in leadership, youhave to solve problems. www.stevenandrada.blogspot.com
  20. 20. 9 Principles for Effective Leadership7. Set an example for your staff“Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and neversucceed.”
  21. 21. 9 Principles for Effective Leadership8. Be ethicalIt is of utmost importance to have high ethical standards tobe an effective leader. http://kavellana.blogspot.com
  22. 22. 9 Principles for Effective Leadership9. Let God be your guideFind the power to change your life and your world–let Godbe your guide.http://powertochange.com/discover/world/effectiveleadership/ http://kavellana.blogspot.com
  23. 23. My 20 Year Journey ... Here and Now End in Mind28 years old Unconventional 48 years oldSon Own KidsSpecial Friend WifeAteneo MBA Student Harvard PHD GraduateAssistant Manager Senior Management Team of Citi
  24. 24. My Daily Monitoring Prayer Everyday Guide Determination Positivity
  25. 25. My MilestoneI am free as eagle. Freedom is power. Its the power to resist others and make your own choices. Therefore, whoever has the most power has the most freedom. Freedom is not lack of rules, it is the power to choose.
  26. 26. Flying High20 Year High Performance, HighlyPersonal Marketing Plan for Free Rustie Rustie M. Fidel June 2011