Winter sports


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Winter sports

  1. 1. English LessonClass – 8-BLevel – Pre-IntermediateTeacher – Tohlu R.A.
  2. 2. Aims of the lesson To use Key Words to talk about winter sports To read encyclopedia extracts and match them with headings To practise using the Present Simple Passive, Past Simple Passive and Present Perfect Passive
  3. 3. Plan of the lesson1. Greeting – 2 min.2. Warm-up – 5 min. - Talking about the weather outside 2 min. - Ex. 1. – talking about winter sports – describing pictures using key words – 3 min.3. Ex 2. Talking about winter sports in our country – 3 min.4. Ex 3. Reading the encyclopedia extracts and matching them with the headings – 5 min.5. Speaking. Students tell the class what winter sports they have done or would like to try – 5 min.6. Relaxation break – 3 min.7. Presentation – 10 min. - Ex. 5. Completing the sentences - Ex. 6. Completing the rule. - Ex. 7. use of by8. Practice – 10 min. - Opp. Pre-Int. CD-ROM M.12-Ex. 1 - Opp. Pre-Int. CD-ROM M.12-Ex. 3 - In pairs, children describe one kind of winter sports. The rest try to guess.9. Conclusion, evaluation, giving the home task – 2 min.
  4. 4. Exercise 1. Look at the photos and describe what’s happening.Use the key words to help you.Alpine skiing (downhill, slalom), cross-country skiing, extreme skiing, freestyle skiing, icehockey, ice skating, ski jumping, snowboarding. Alpine Skiing Ice Hockey 1 2
  5. 5. Look at the photos and describe what’s happening.Use the key words to help you.Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, extreme skiing, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, iceskating, ski jumping, snowboarding. Snowboarding Ski jumping
  6. 6. Exercise 2. Are winter sports popular in our country? Which ones? Which winter sports do you like watching on TV?
  7. 7. Exercise 3. Read the encyclopedia extracts (1-6) and match them withthese headings. There is one extra heading. 3. This has only been 1. This spectacular 1960s 2. Thedone since the sport oldest skis were found in 4. The games have been  Snowboarding was invented are around into Sweden and by the they andsince introduced 5,000 was 1924 and heldThis was developed  The history of skiing years 6. organised in ski resorts international in Norwegian,Skis have the 1960s 5. This was Sondre been used old. started are surfing and from competition in the in Scandinavia world every four around the for transport and but has not been made an Olympic  Ski jumping Norheim, since prehistoricand in the 1840s skateboarding and was event 1970s. It is is so dangerous. years. The it a mixture times. because record for of hunting fastest-growing gold theItfirst the skiingcross-country the ofcompetitions were skiing, skating, gymnast One medalsfirst down Bjorn of ski involves is held by some the  Ice hockey winter sport of the 1980s held inDaehlie ballet.1843made ics andof Norway (8 the most the 1960s. Jumpers races dan-gerousin was in was held places in and 1990s. It  Extreme skiing fly Norway. Alpineisskiingdoneto a through the air at upofby mountains and only was medals). The event at an Olympic youngest few people. The definition the developed winner lateseveral medal Nagano the is speed 100 kph and spend 19th in in 1998.  Winter Olympics sport is: If you fall, you die. skater Yoon-mi Kim of Korea century in Switzerland. The first secondsthe age of 13. at literally flying. Freestyle skiing Alpine race was organised in 1911 by Sir Arnold Lunn and many of his rules for competitions have been used since then.
  8. 8. Ex. 4. Which winter sports have you triedor would like to try?
  9. 9. Presentation: The PassiveLook at the encyclopedia extracts again and complete the sentences below. A- The record for gold medals is held by Bjorn Daehlie of Norway. is It_______ only done by a few people. are They________ organised in ski resorts around the world. B- Snowboarding was made an Olympic event at Nagano in 1998. were The oldest skis______found in Sweden. invented Ski jumping was___________in the 1840s. C- The games have been held since 1924. used Skis have been ______ since prehistoric times. has been Freestyle skiing __________done since the 1960s. What tenses are used in A, B and C? A- Present Simple Passive B- Past Simple Passive C- Present Perfect Passive
  10. 10. Find other examples of the Passive in theextracts and complete the rule. • The Present Simple Passive = am, is or ___+ the______form of the verb. are 3-rd • The Past Simple Passive =_____or was _____+ the_____form of the verb. were 3-rd has • The Present Perfect Passive = _____or ______+______+ the______form of the verb. have been 3-rd
  11. 11. Read this sentence from extract 1. What information do theunderlined words give you?This sport was invented by the Norwegian, Sondre Norheim.Find more expressions like this in the extracts.
  12. 12. Now make up your own sentences The snake, the man, bit The snake was bitten by the man. 
  13. 13. The mouse, the elephant, scareThe mouse was scared by the elephant.
  14. 14. The detective, the woman, followThe detective was followed by the woman
  15. 15. The professor, drive, universityThe professor was driven to the university
  16. 16. The dog, bite, the man The dog was bitten by the man