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Green News Bulletin

  1. 1. Green News Bulletin Acest material a fost realizat cu finantare din partea Comisiei Europene This material was made with U.E. financial support Şcoala cu clasele I-VIII Rebricea Localitatea Rebricea, Jude ul Vaslui -Martie 2010-
  2. 2. Inainte de Comenius Între 2007 şi 2008 şcoala noastră a fost renovată şi toată lumea a fost incantată de noua infa isare a clădirii.Singurul lucru care stârnea ne- mul umirea era spatiul neingrijit din jurul scolii: urme de piatra, nisip si ci- ment zacand in ierburile incalcite dadeau senzatia de lucru neterminat. Plantarea unor ronduri de flori in jurul scolii in anul 2009 a fost primul pas in directia schimbarii aspectului exterior al scolii, dar multe alte lucruri mai ramaneau inca de facut. De aceea proiectul Comenius s-a potrivit ca o manusa pentru necesi- tatile elevilor din scoala noastra care deja isi propusesera sa reamenajeze terenul scolar. matter”- “Mind over matter”- Mintea care depaseste problemele Ca orice fiinta umana, natura are nevoie de grija pentru a fi sana- toasa. ”Mintea care depaseste problemele” este un proiect de ecologie care face parte din programul Comenius si care isi propune sa ne invete cum sa ne comportam pentru a avea un mediu cat mai curat si sanatos. Impreuna cu alte 3 scoli din Europa,elevii din clasele primare, cu ajutorul celor din clasele gimnaziale ,vor cauta cele mai bune solutii pentru a proteja mediul in care traim, pornind de la reciclarea deseurilor si pana la diminuarea consumului
  3. 3. Before Comenius Between 2007 and 2008 our school was rebuild and everybody was pleased with the new look of the building. The only thing causing dissatis- faction was the space around the school: traces of sand, stone and con- crete laying around in the overwhelming weeds gave the people a feeling of incompleteness. Planting some flower beds around the school in 2009 was the first step towards changing the appearance of the school, but much was yet to be done. That`s why the Comenius project matched perfectly the needs of our pupils, for we already had in mind the arranging the schoolyard and many more. “Mind over matter”- matter”- Mintea care depaseste problemele Like any human being, nature needs to be taken care of in order to be healthy. ”Mind over matter” is an ecological project, part of the Comenius pro- gram, aiming to teach us how to behave if we want to have a healthier, cleaner environment. Together with three other European schools, the pri- mary and secondary school students will look for the best solutions for the protection of the environment, from waste recycling to energy consumption reduction.
  4. 4. Cine sunt partenerii nostri in proiectul “Mind over matter”? da de Irlan e din Ba llynur mara la pri Scoa nt r e 4 Nord 930 uprinse i din 1 c inca u varste a te iin tata evi c u rg a c inf 5 el par c ⇒ a re 11 i. u ie sa z an i tr e b un ia si 11 intre elev ic ca si ⇒ n e joa unii d metri zil renuri d Sc lo te 16 ki clase, 2 ⇒ oa l a ar e 7 din prim ⇒ Ta ara ra ⇒ Ga Ysgo ⇒ in lilo lG a fiin re ta r y nra 1 ⇒ si 1 139 ta in dd joc 1 a de 1 97 Lla ni . el e 0 nd ⇒ su alitat vi c egf ao la An ea L uv an gle lan ars ⇒ ve btinu s e de g te r cu rec de d t 5 a y f an pr i tel icle e A ni c es ns efo aza ur on te ei se situ nt r an ca cu ate e4 e m rt u tive ob se d pr e pe ile ec mi in- ern ul ea Sc la, oa ecia la di n Gr ha rtie liro si i o Fa Pala rim ara asa Sc oa la p de c 2 in 1 970 a vis tata le vi lulu i,vis Klomiris rfeli- infiin 32 de e a litora anolis ani ca o 1 n ⇒ are ta in zo ozitor Ma cativa p t ⇒ situa lui com t folosi itorilor e s u ⇒ mar rea a fo rea loc i a clad solicit la ⇒ nat 3
  5. 5. Who are our partners in the “Mind over matter” project? ern Fast facts om North ch ool f r m ary s re pri Bal lynu 4 to Ire land 3 0 d fr o m c e 19 , age de d sin 5 pupils kilo- Foun have 11 to 1 6 ⇒ T he y ve l u p e t to s tr a g ⇒ 11 t he pupil order to e of ay in lay- Som s each d ⇒ te r m s, 2 p Ys me ssroo gol sc hool ve 7 cla nd fro Gynr ha po T hey s and a m Wa add L nd gr ou ⇒ ⇒ les lan ⇒ W d egf ⇒ Th as fo an Lla ey un pri 1 ma nd have ded isla eg ry ⇒ 13 in 1 sch Th nd fan i 9 p 970 ool Sc ey s s upi ⇒ wo itu ls, Th hool n fiv ate ag d o ed ey bile re Go e y n t fro ld ear he m ph cycl aw s i An 4 to on e i ard n a gh es nk ca r ow es 11 rtri the ey dg Gr es ee ,p n ap ce er m G r ee an dm o l fr o o- scho ary prim al i r o se a - Pal aio F 970 in 1 il s the ous 2 ed to und pup lose fa m W as fo ave 132 cated c e of the iris or- h lo s m ⇒ T hey hool is the hou olis Klo ame an sc s an ec ⇒ The , acros ser M chool b locals e o s e ⇒ shor k comp rs the st of th e a e Gre few ye he requ a t For age at n ⇒ pha 3
  6. 6. Activitati desfasurate Aventura incepe acum! - Septembrie 2009 20 de elevi din scoala au invatat despre modul de viata al pasarilor si animalelor de la Gradina Zo- ologica din Piatra Neamt . Tot cu aceasta ocazie, au vizitat Muzeul de Sti- inte Naturale unde au putut observa efectele poluarii asupra plantelor si arborilor. Scoala mea, castelul meu ! - Octombrie 2009 – Ianuarie 2010 Elevii din clasele I-IV au initiat o campanie de curatenie in clase in care au fost implicati si elevii de la clasele V-VIII.Campania s-a materializat intr-un concurs de infrumusetare a salilor de clasa si de pastrare a curateniei. La drum ! - Octombrie 2009 Cei 30 de elevi ai claselor I-IV au participat la o drumetie organizata in apropierea comunei in vede- rea cunoasterii elementelor de biodiversitate.Pe par- cursul drumetiei au cules plante pentru ierbar si au descoperit roci cu urme de fosile, dar principal atrac- tie a excursiei a fost descoperirea unei vizuini de vulpe. Sa reciclam ! - Decembrie 2009 In asteptarea sarbatorilor de iarna, elevii claselor I-IV au confectionat jucarii si obiecte pentru pomul de Craciun din materiale reciclabile. 6
  7. 7. Activitati desfasurate Protejeaza habitatul! - Noiembrie 2009 Cinci casute pentru pasarile au fost construite de catre elevii claselor I-IV si amplasate apoi in curtea scolii. Economiseste, reduce, nu risipi! - Februarie 2009 Luna Februarie a fost prima luna in care Patrula de Energie a inceput sa monitorizeze consumul de en- ergie din scoala.sarcina lor este sa aminteasca tuturor ca energia este o resursa ce nu trebuie irosita. Stiu sa mananc sanatos? - Februarie 2009 Elevi din toate clasele au participat la ateliere de lucru pe tema alimen- tatiei sanatoase, ateliere in timpul carora au preparate diverse sortimente de salate, toate continand numai produse naturale.O parte dintre salatele prepa- rate au constituit elemente ale unei expozitii organizate in holul scolii. Salvati copacii nostril! - Martie 2009 Luna martie este luna economisirii hartiei: toate clasele primare vor reduce pe cat posibil consumul de hartie in clasa. In plus, in cadrul campaniei “Verde azi, verde maine” s-au plantat copaci si flori in curtea scolii. 7
  8. 8. Rolled out activities Adventure starts now! - September 2009 20 pupils from all grades had the opportunity to learn about the way of life of the birds and animals from the Piatra Neamt Zoo . The same occasion, they visited the Natural Sci- ences Museum where they could observe the effects of the pollution on trees and plants.. My school is my castle ! - October 2009 – January 2010 The primary school pupils initiated a cleaning campaign where they involved the secondary school pupils as well. The campaign consisted in a contest of keeping the classrooms clean and embellishing them. On the road ! - October 2009 30 pupils form the primary school went on a short trip around of the village to get familiar with the biodiversity elements. They picked different plants for their herbarium and discovered small rocks with fossils traces, but the main attraction of the journey was the discovery of a fox lair. Let`s recycle ! - December 2009 While waiting for the winter holidays, our pupils set down and created with their own hands toys and different ornaments for the Christmas tree, using only recyclable materials. 8
  9. 9. Rolled out activities Let`s protect the habitat! - November 2009 Five small bird houses have been built by the pri- mary school pupils, with the help of their parents. Later on, the small houses have been placed in the trees from the schoolyard. Save, reduce, don`t waste! - February 2010 February was the first month when the Energy Patrol started monitoring the energy consumption in our school. Their job is to remind all of us that the en- ergy a resource which needs to be spent wisely. Do I know how to eat healthy? - February 2009 Pupils form all the grades attended workshops dedicated to healthy ali- mentation. During these workshops, they prepared different salad recipes ,all of them made of natural products only. Some of the dishes became part of a food exhibition organized in the school hall. Save or trees! - March 2009 March is the month dedicated to saving paper: all primary school teachers and pupils will reduce as much as possible the usage of paper in the classroom. In addition, through the “Green today-green tomor- row” campaign ,trees and flowers were planted in the school garden. 9
  10. 10. Ce urmeaza Daca sunteti curiosi sa aflati ce alte proiecte va mai pregateste proiectul “Mind over matter’,puteti gasi mai jos cateva dintre activitatile care se vor desfasura in urma- toarele luni: Ziua mondiala a conservarii biodiversitatii Luna colectarii deseurilor- -Mai Mai Saptamana economisirii Ziua mersului apei-Mai pe jos Mai Sa ne construim propria Saptamana curateniei generale gradina salbatica!-Aprilie in scoala si in imprejurimi- Aprilie 10
  11. 11. What`s next If you wonder what other things “Mind over matter’ is preparing , you can find below some of the activities that will take place during the months to come International day of biodiversity preservation Waste collecting -May month -May Water saving week Walking day -May -May Let`s build our own General cleaning week savage garden! -April -April 11
  12. 12. Comitetul ECO Activitatile proiectului nostru nu s-ar fi putut desfasura fara ajutorul membrilor comitetului ECO. Comitetul a fost infiintat in Octombrie 2009 si este format dintr-un grup de voluntary( parinti si elevi )dornici sa sprijine initiativele programului Comenius. Multumim pe aceasta cale comitetului ECO pentru sprijinul acordat pana acum si asteptam cu nerabdare sa lucram impreuna si in viitor! Parinti Mariana Agheorghiesei Geanina Druhus Elevi Maricica Molan Ionela Doroftei Clasa a III-a Sergiu Amarandei Geanina Gavriluta Ana Agheorghiesei Ioan Dorosinca Madalina Molan Daniela Iovu Crina Stroi Mihaela Elisei Alexandru Ni a Mihaela Albu Catalin Amarandei Clasa a IV-a Mihai-Sebastian Gavriluta Paula Dorosinca Vasile Onu Alexandra Maria Nechifor
  13. 13. The ECO Committee None of the activities we have done so far, could have been accom- plished without the help of our ECO Committee. The Committee was founded in November 2009 and it contains a number of volunteers (parents and pupils) interested in supporting the ini- tiatives of the Comenius project. We would like to take this opportunity and thank the Committee for all their support .We are looking forward to continuing working together! Parents Mariana Agheorghiesei Geanina Druhus Pupils Maricica Molan Ionela Doroftei 3rd grade Sergiu Amarandei Geanina Gavriluta Ana Agheorghiesei Ioan Dorosinca Madalina Molan Daniela Iovu Crina Stroi Mihaela Elisei Alexandru Ni a Mihaela Albu Catalin Amarandei 4th grade Mihai-Sebastian Gavriluta Paula Dorosinca Vasile Onu Alexandra Maria Nechifor
  14. 14. Stiati ca? 2 aprilie este Ziua Internationala a Pasarilor.Asadar nu ui- tati... Carta drepturilor pasarilor ♦ Dreptul la viata ♦ Dreptul la hrana ♦ Dreptul la un mediu de viata sanatos ♦ Dreptul la adapost ♦ Dreptul de a-si intemeia o familie ♦ Dreptul de a se inmulti ♦ Dreptul de a se intruni in stoluri ♦ Dreptul la protective ♦ Dreptul de a zbura ♦ Dreptul de a trai liber ♦ Dreptul de a migra (fara pasaport si fara viza) ♦ Dreptul de a primi ajutor The Birds Rights ♦ The right to live ♦ The right to have food ♦ The right to live in a healthy environment ♦ The right to express them selves in their language ♦ The right to a shelter ♦ The right to settle down ♦ The right to have a family ♦ The right to get together in flocks ♦ The right to protection ♦ The right to fly ♦ The right to live freely ♦ The right to migrate( no passport and no visas) ♦ The right to get help 14
  15. 15. Codul micului ecologist Nu rupe niciodat flori sau plante din mediul natural. Ajut ca voluntar la colectarea de deşeuri şi ocrotirea mediului înconjur tor. Mergi în excursii sau picnicuri în aer liber , adun toate resturile şi du-le în locuri special amenajate. Ocroteşte şi ajut p s rile construidu-le c su e şi hr nindu-le pe perioada de iarn . Nu l sa televizorul , calculatorul sau telefonul în aşteptare şi scoate înc rc torul din priz dup folosire. Stinge lumina atunci când ieşi. Nu rupe inutil foi din caiete. Foloseşte ambele fe e ale colii de hârtie pentru a imprima ceva. M nânc cât mai multe fructe şi legume proaspete. Planteaz un pom , o floare în fiecare prim var . The Young Ecologist`s code Never pluck any flowers or plants from the natural environment. Volunteer to help collecting waste and protect the environment. When going to pick nicks or in a trip, make sure that the trash is where it belongs. Protect the birds by building bird houses and feeding them during winter. Don’t leave the TV, the PC or the phone in stand by and remove the recharger from the socket after you used it. Turn off the light when you get out. Don't tear off spreadsheets from your notebook unless you really need them. When printing, use print on both sides option. Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Make sure to plant a tree or a flower each spring. 15
  16. 16. Cuprins Table of content 1.Inainte de Comenius 1.Before Comenius 2.Cine sunt partenerii noştri în 2.Who are our partners in the ‘’ proiectul,,Mind over Matter” ? Mind over Matter”? 3.Activită i desfăşurate 3.Rolled out activities. 4.Ce urmează ? 4.What ‘s next? 5. Comitetul ECO. 5.The ECO Committee. 6.Ştia i că? 6.Do you know? 7.Codul micului ecologist. 7. The Young Ecologist’s code. Pilula ecologica Colectivul de redactie Aurelia Murariu Mariana Morariu Claudia Russu 16