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Resume -Dr. Russ Meade

  1. 1. RESUME Dr. Russ Meade647 Grandview DriveLake Lure, NC 28746Phone 828-243-8259 ,828.625.4744E-Mail: russmeade@bellsouth.netSKYPE Name for instant Video and Audio Conferencing: Russ MeadeDISTANCE LEARNING EXPERIENCEPolitical Science, Political Theory, Business Law, Criminal Justice, Ethics, Online • I have taught and developed over 22 different courses on all major Distance Learning platforms (Blackboard, ANGEL, Desire to Learn etc) for approximately 10 years. • My courses are used as models in both the States of NC and Missouri. • I am also a Core Developer for the State of NC. a Faculty Advisor for Grantham University and a Faculty Trainer for Limestone College. • My courses contain multi-media, numerous external links, and are also voice enabled so that active discussions in real time (no typing) can be had in each learning module • My courses also use Video Conferencing with a free download where students can see and hear each other and myself, even if they have dial up and no Web Cam. • My courses are totally interactive between the student and the content, the student and his or her classmates and the student and myself! I have total knowledge of course development and have presented numerous paper on “Quality and Distance Learning” at Blackboard Conferences and all major Distance Learning Conferences.RESUME- DR. RUSS MEADE 1
  2. 2. RESUME Dr. Russ MeadeEDUCATION Jurist Doctorate, St. John’s University, School of Law, New York, NY 1975, Graduated in Top Third of Class. Adelphi University, Garden City, NY 1968, History. Graduated cum laude with highest departmental Honors and upon academic scholarship (Clara Bartlett Scholarship) Obtained Dean’s List status all semesters, University Phi Theta Kappa Honors and junior honors. Nassau College, Garden City, New York 1966, Political Science. Dean’s List all semesters, highest Departmental Honors.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE • 1975 to 1999: Practicing Attorney from 1975 until 1999; active Trial Attorney specializing in the fields of Criminal Justice, Bankruptcy, and Civil Litigation. • Admitted to US Supreme Court in 1977. • Retired in 1999 to teach college. • 1999 to Present- College Professor from my Retirement (1999 to Present) teaching both synchronous and asynchronous classes.RECENT ARTICLES AND PUBLICATIONS (Click to ReviewRESUME- DR. RUSS MEADE 2
  3. 3. RESUME Dr. Russ Meade Using Voice Thread to Maximize Interactivity : Professor Russ Meade Using Web 2.0 tools for maximum online interactivity Professor Russ Meade Receives National Grant from McGraw Hill “ Dr. Russ Meade, has received a Tegrity Grant from McGraw-Hill, publisher of college textbooks worldwide. The Tegrity grant program is designed to help educators experience new technology and to reveal its value for student learning through usage. Meade will utilize the grant to produce video, audio and interactive web tools for use in his courses.” Military Advanced Education Magazine features Professor Meade “ The most recent edition of Military Advanced Education (MAE) magazine featured several news items about Grantham University, along with a 60th Anniversary piece highlighting Grantham student, Donna Neri, and faculty member, Dr. Russ Meade. “ New technology connects TCC Professor Meades students i "One of the first to use this technology for online learning, Meade notes, “In today’s high-tech, fast-paced world, students seem to enjoy online debates as part of the learning process. Russs work with the technology so impressed Voice Thread LLC that the company decided to feature Meade’s write-up about his class, as an example of innovative online learning. j "WEB 2.0 TOOLS THAT WORK! " VCCS DISTANCE LEARNING CONFERENCE- PRESENTER- RUSS MEADEPresentation at VCCS conference, New Horizons 2011. A video, audio, and “ hands on”presentation of 3 Web 2.0 tools that work: SKYPE, JING, AND VOICE THREADSPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTRESUME- DR. RUSS MEADE 3
  4. 4. RESUME Dr. Russ MeadeDistance Learning Presenter: Professional papers on Distance Learning have beenpresented at: The Blackboard User Conference (Durham NC), The Syllabus Conference,San Jose, Ca) The Teaching Professor Conference, (5/2004), and the Blackboard WorldConference (Boston 2007), Virginia Community College System Presenter 3/2011Faculty Developer/Trainer: Limestone College, Developer of Faculty Online Loungefor Online InstructionDistance Learning Certifications and Training- Certificates in Distance LearningInstruction and numerous online training program completionsCOLLEGE TEACHING EXPERIENCEI have taught a variety of undergraduate level courses in several different areas. I havesuccessfully taught Business Ethics, Real Estate, Real Property Law, Small BusinessAdministration, Consumer Law, Law and the Layman, Business Administration,Business Procedures, Personal Finance Corporations, Management, The Internet inBusiness, Business Law, all courses in Criminal Justice and several others.My most recent have been at Limestone College (SC). and at Grantham University( Missouri)All my teaching has been met with success with both the faculty and the professors. Myclasses have been given the “superb” rating by the student’s themselves.I have also developed a variety of Distance Courses. Some of them are: HumanResources, Business Law, E- Commerce, and Small Business Management. All areprepared with the latest templates of the Virtual Community Project and produced forease of use and filled with content.All adhere to the specific college’s academic policies and directives and are some of thebest in the US!Samples of Web 2.0 Tools Used, Interactivity, Examples, Awards and Grants: • I have taught and developed Distance Learning courses at several colleges and universities for over 10 years.RESUME- DR. RUSS MEADE 4
  5. 5. RESUME Dr. Russ Meade • To date I have created 22 different business classes for colleges and universities across the United States. • These all can easily be incorporated into the class to make the class visually pleasing informative and highly interactive • Please see the following links for some of my work:TITLE INTERNET ADDRESS“LIMESTONE PROFESSOR RECEIVES GRANT FROM MCGRAW- technology-grant-from-mcgraw-hillHILL”FEATURED ON VOICE THREAD: “ IN DL CLASSES” _from_Professor_Russ_Meade/FACULTY PRESENTER- PROFESSOR RUSS Advanced Education Magazine features University and Professor MeadeMEET YOUR PROFESSOR YOURSELF USING YOUR, WEB CAM OR EVEN YOURTELEPHONE!START YOUR CLASS HERE! CERTIFICATIONSRESUME- DR. RUSS MEADE 5
  6. 6. RESUME Dr. Russ Meade Date Course Name Completed Role 2012-02- Peer Reviewer Course - FY12[View] Yes Student Certificate 29 (PRC) 2012-01- Improve Your Online Course -[View] Yes Student Certificate 05 FY12 (IYOC) 2011-11- Applying the QM Rubric -[View] Yes Student Certificate 29 FY12 (APPQMR) 2011-08-[View] QM Rubric Update Yes Student Certificate 08Quality Matters (QM) is a nationally recognized, faculty-centered, peer review processdesigned to certify the quality of online courses and online components. Colleges anduniversities across the country use the tools in developing, maintaining and reviewingtheir online courses and in training their faculty. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS • Adjunct Professors/Instructors Group • Curriculum Development & e-Learning Professionals • E-Learning 2.0 Project • Gilfus Education Group • SLOAN • MERLOT • Higher Education Management Group • Innovative Learning & Education Innovators • Thought Networking for Online Educators • eLearning Global NetworkRESUME- DR. RUSS MEADE 6
  7. 7. RESUME Dr. Russ MeadeADDITIONAL BUSINESS TRAINING • I am a certified Zenger-Miller Facilitator Said certification is used in most of the Fortune Five Hundred companies to train their top line managers. • I also have a North Carolina real estate license (Inactive) and was certified by the Real Estate Commission to teach all areas of real property for those taking the examination. • In addition, I have attended the Disney Institute’s “Keys to Business Excellence” seminars. • I also have been selected by the State of North Carolina as a Core Developer of Business Courses for long distance learning. I have successfully completed several courses in distance learning teaching and course development. • Curriculum and Professional Development Projects Review team-Virginia • Selected to be KEY NOTE SPEAKER AT LIMESTONE COLLEGE GRADUATION • Successfully completed numerous Distance Learning Faculty Training CoursesGREATEST ASSETS • Enthusiasm and love for the subject and teaching. • I have high energy and am extremely creative and have the ability to make learning a relaxing and uplifting experience.MILITARY SERVICEUnited States Air ForceJuly 1968 to July 1972.Staff SergeantHonorable Discharge andGood Conduct MedalREFERENCESSee belowRESUME- DR. RUSS MEADE 7
  8. 8. RESUME Dr. Russ MeadeRespectfully Submitted,RUSS. MEADE RECOMMENDATIONS All the below listed Reference Letters have: 1. the senders name, 2. senders e-mail link, 3. their position with the college or university, 4. as well as their professional association with myselfTo Whom It May ConcernRe: Professor Russ MeadeRuss Meade is an innovative business instructor that I had the pleasure to work with atGrantham University.Professor Meade is an instructor that continuously develops his instructional methods.Professor Meade incorporates various mediums of technology to meet the needs of hisstudents.RESUME- DR. RUSS MEADE 8
  9. 9. RESUME Dr. Russ MeadeHe engages students though providing more in-depth content and providing bothasynchronous and synchronous interaction with students. Russ is also an instructor that also assists other instructors and higher educationprofessional apply emerging technologies.It is my pleasure to recommend Professor Meade as a progressive instructor and constantprofessional.Pamela DunningtonInstructional Designer ,Grantham Universityworked with Russ at Grantham UniversityDear Sir:“I number Russ as one of the best in academia in the application of technology for onlinelearning as well as a model of faculty commitment to online students. I worked with Russduring my tenure at Grantham University.Of more than 150 active courses during any given week with over 100 hundred facultyinvolved, Russ stood out from the rest in the outstanding way that he worked with onlinestudents. My team designed the curriculum but Russ made courses come alive byapplying other technologies and media. He was extremely engaging with students bybeing virtually available at any given time, using virtual conferencing to collaborate withstudents, and frequently offering online virtual office hours.Faculty feedback showed that students well-regarded him. We were so impressed withhis use of technology and his commitment to students that we invited him to present to allof us at our annual Academic Affairs offsite. I had not seen this done in previous yearssince the offsite tended to be singularly focused on business and process. The Provost feltthat we needed to shift our focus and become more student-centric and we believed thatRuss could provide tremendous insight on our strategic direction. His presentation andfeedback was outstanding. I am now at a different university coaching faculty in the use of technology for onlineand blended courses – In my mind Russ serves as a model on what others can become.”August 17, 2010RESUME- DR. RUSS MEADE 9
  10. 10. RESUME Dr. Russ MeadeMark Eaton Dean of Engineering and Computer Science, Grantham UniversityRe: Recommendation” Russ MeadeRuss is a professor who truly understands the most important characteristic to effectiveonline learning - interaction! His communication with students is constant, meaningful,and effective. He is always available to his students through the creative use ofinnovative communication tools, such as Skype. This has an immeasurable effect onstudent learning and, more importantly to administration, on student retention. He wouldbe a valuable addition to the faculty of any institution of higher learning, especially in anonline environment.Brent M. Ferns, Sr. ,Global Faculty - Online , Grantham Universityworked with Russ at Grantham UniversityRe: Recommendation- Dr. Russ MeadeI recommend Russ Meade for any professional position or future endeavors pursued. Heshows great character and professionalism in all his responsibilities.He has taken the teaching field to great lengths by making the learning experiencerewarding and challenging.Russ is a great asset to the students and staff. Russ has a wonderful personality and workswell with groups or on an individual level. Support and motivation to succeed are two ofthe great qualities he possesses in the workplace and in networking environment. Russ has a great knowledge in the field of Business Law and displays a level ofunderstanding for all college level students to consume and display in the workplace. Iwould recommend Russ Meade for any future endeavors he should pursue. ThanksTeresa Bratt Upstate Area Coordinator Limestone College Gaffney SCTeresa Bratt ,RESUME- DR. RUSS MEADE 10
  11. 11. RESUME Dr. Russ MeadeUpstate Area Coordinator , Limestone Collegeworked directly with Russ at Limestone CollegeRe: Letter of Recommendation: Dr. Russ MeadeTo Whom It May Concern:I would gladly recommend Dr. Russ Meade for any employment ventures he may pursuein the future. I have known Dr. Meade for several years through our contact at Limestone College.Mr. Meade is a very interesting and intriguing gentleman. He has always been describedby our students as an interesting and fun instructor. I have found him to be thoughtprovoking and intelligent, with a desire to share knowledge and assistance with thestudents, as well as the faculty and staff at Limestone College. If I can supply anyadditional information, please let me know at anytime. Respectfully submitted, Ms.Buffie Hayes” January 28, 2010Buffie Hayes , administrative assistant , Limestone CollegeRuss Meade is as dynamic as they come and has a true passion for teaching online.Students love his classes and the high level of interactivity he achieves using innovativetools and approaches!”Suzanne Lindley ,Professor ,Limestone Collegeworked directly with Russ at Limestone CollegeDear Sir:Russ is a dynamic professor who fully utilizes cutting-edge technology in his courses.Excellent at motivating students to engage in meaningful communication.Tina Vires ,RESUME- DR. RUSS MEADE 11
  12. 12. RESUME Dr. Russ MeadeCoordinator of Disability Services , Limestone Collegeworked indirectly for Russ at Limestone CollegeRe: Recommendation - Dr. Russ MeadeRuss and I came together almost ten years ago in a collaborative effort to develop severalonline courses.Our work together, opened the door to each of us going on to develop and teach manyonline courses.Finding content and making the course interesting while making it educational becamethe goal in each of our separate endeavors after those first couple of courses.Russ’s students enjoy his kind and open style of teaching and interacting while learningand exploring their subject matter.This recommendation is for Russ, who is willing to reach out and help others in theirdistance learning and online teaching experienceEileen Ludwig ,Professor Web Multimedia Interactive Graphics Design , Tidewater Community Collegeworked with Russ at Tidewater Community CollegeRespectfully submitted,Dr. Russ MeadeRESUME- DR. RUSS MEADE 12