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  1. 1. Know About IRAN!!! BY: Finn Kearns
  3. 3. Their Currency Iranian currency is in Rial. 1000 Rials
  4. 4. Capital City • The capital city of Iran is Tehran.
  5. 5. Is It Different Iran Same New Zealand We both go to school Is The 18th largest country We are not a huge country. in the world Girls are not allowed to play They are both important soccer . We both have school Girls can play soccer We both have cars You can ride your bike on You can’t ride you bike on busy streets. busy streets
  6. 6. did you know? • Their is lots of busy streets in Iran so you cannot ride your bike on the road in Iran. • Iran is pronounced E-Rarn. • Ladies have to cover their heads with scarves because it has been a law for a long time.
  7. 7. BOYS ONLY In Iran girls are not allowed to play soccer in Iran Because it is a law also ladies cannot attend mens soccer games.
  8. 8. MY OPINION I think that New Zealand is much more fair than Iran because in New Zealand girls can play soccer if they want to. In New Zealand we are allowed to bike on the streets because the government doesn’t let New Zealand get over crowded.