Providence 2030 Vision


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This was the first presentation given to the trustees of the Providence Foundation summarizing the vision 40 plus young community leaders have for the city in 2030.

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  • Big Thanks to Providence Foundation, Dan Baudouin
    & New Commons
  • Start by looking back. What has bene accomplished, what still needs to be? Growing the vision of 1993.
  • Current mission based on the vision conceived in 1993
  • Stimulating photos of our beloved city.
  • sounds session
  • Difference between 1993 & 2009 is the ingredients. Now its time to make a better cheeseburger.
  • Difference between 1993 & 2009 is the ingredients. Now its time to make a better cheeseburger.
  • MORE THAN 20 ACRES OF SURFACE PARKING CURRENTLY IN DOWNTOWN. Difference between 1993 and 2009 is few players (i.e. DOT, Planning, etc.) made a big impact and now we need many players that each make up a small piece of a livable city.
  • 20 Acres of Surface Parking,
  • Demographic trend indicates that both large groups of the population are going to be around for the next 50 years. Both groups want to resident in livable cities.
  • People are rediscovering the benefits of city living.
  • Downtown Providence is a place of nature and human-made beauty. We are
    inspired to continually create a place about which we feel proud.
  • The city's small size is an advantage. Big ideas and bold moves can achieve
    great impact at this scale.
  • Our city is dynamic and evolving and our plans must be as well. We will work
    together to provide the physical infrastructure and social ecosystem that
    responsibly supports our growth.
  • The economy of our city is supplied by local resources, served by local commerce and shaped by local citizens. This fosters a sustainable environment for creative industries, green design, and entrepreneurship.
  • Our city embraces and engages its diversity and our interdependence is our
    strength. We prosper when we form strong physical connections between
    downtown and our neighborhoods, and strong social connections between our
  • Our city is a place rich in culture and history that inspires lifelong
    learning. We create innovative solutions, adapt best practices from other
    places, and learn from the past in order to inform our future.
  • We must set benchmarks that are targeted, quantifiable, and aggressive -
    monitor our process rigorously, and celebrate our successes.
  • We must market ourselves as if we have already achieved our goals, so that
    we continue to attract and retain the people who will help us to do so.
  • What will the future commentary about Providence sound like? What is our futures story?
  • The city’s history is preserved, sustained, and celebrated. Historic buildings are cared for and reused and new design is innovative and sustainable. He human scaled streets create the framework of a unique and engaging series of public spaces throughout downtown. The ongoing investment in highest quality infrastructure, civic buildings and schools, livable streets and open spaces is evident in all areas of downtown. People love these amenities which form the foundation of the city’s living urbanism.
  • The city is a leader in innovation across all sectors, and a wellspring of business opportunities. Education is exceptional and creativity flourishes. Visionary leaders find a platform for promising ventures, which are supported by a talented and adaptable workforce.
  • You can live in Providence without a car. Downtown can be comfortably reached from all of Providence by bike, foot, bus or other alternative means of transportation.. These mobility options offer freedom and equity to people of all incomes and abilities..
  • Downtown Providence truly serves as the center of the city and is sustained locally. Buildings are powered locally. Residents have access to an abundance of food grown locally. Every drop of water is utilized to the fullest. Recycling and local closed loop systems have essentially eliminated the idea of waste.
  • Our city streets, squares, parks and gardens and waterfront are alive with businesses and activities that attract, engage, and inspire a diverse population. Our cultural institutions offer unparalleled opportunities for citizens to participate in world-class performances, exhibitions, and educational offerings. Downtown is a hub of the energy and vibrancy of its diverse communities. The culture is continually renewed by the unique community of artists and designers that call Providence home.
  • Providence 2030 Vision

    1. 1. Providence 2030
    2. 2. Russell Preston
    3. 3. Mary-Kim Arnold
    4. 4. Matt Grigsby
    5. 5. What’s Occurred?
    6. 6. 1993 Vision “To create an environment that is conducive to growth and sustained investment, making Providence, particularly downtown, the premier urban center of southeast New England”.
    7. 7. Providence 1993
    8. 8. Providence 1993
    9. 9. Providence 1993 Text Image: Mr. Ducke
    10. 10. Providence today
    11. 11. Providence today
    12. 12. Providence today
    13. 13. Providence today
    14. 14. Providence today
    15. 15. Providence today
    16. 16. The 195 Highway
    17. 17. The 195 Highway Image: Bill Dennis
    18. 18. 20 Acres Plus
    19. 19. About the working sessions
    20. 20. Process for Creating the 2030 Plan  Conduct 3 workshops with approximately 50 new and diverse leaders…people represent urbanists, activists, capitalists, artists, planners…not for profit, government and business.  Open and operate an Online workroom to post material and engage in conversation beyond the workshops.  Conduct a synthesis session and a social event among new leaders and Foundation trustees – happening now.
    21. 21. Workshop Attendees
    22. 22. Brainstorming
    23. 23. Prioritizing
    24. 24. Priority Ideas
    25. 25. Areas of focus
    26. 26. Conditions Image: welcometoalville
    27. 27. Climate Change
    28. 28. The Wave
    29. 29. Sustainability Image: telex4
    30. 30. Benefits of City Living Image: sameold2008
    31. 31. Multi-Modal Transit Image: kbrooke
    32. 32. Local Living Image: NatalieMaynor
    33. 33. Global Economy
    34. 34. Creative Class
    35. 35. How will Providence be Competitive?
    36. 36. Shared Principles
    37. 37. Inspiration
    38. 38. Scale
    39. 39. Sustainable Sam the sham
    40. 40. Local Economy by AS220 by Jef Nickerson
    41. 41. Diversity qwertyuiop
    42. 42. History
    43. 43. Accountability
    44. 44. Aspiration
    45. 45. What is our 2030 vision?
    46. 46. Questions? Why will people want to live and work in Providence in 2030?
    47. 47. Questions? Will Providence by a sustainable place to live in 2030?
    48. 48. Questions? What are the 10 postcards of Providence that will be worth sending your grandchildren in 2030?
    49. 49. Our Vision Providence has a beautiful civic realm.
    50. 50. Beautiful Public Space
    51. 51. Our Vision Providence is economically vibrant.
    52. 52. A Vibrant City
    53. 53. Our Vision Providence offers mobility options.
    54. 54. Car Free Living mrabanalc
    55. 55. Our Vision Providence is smart with its resources.
    56. 56. Smart with our Resources cambiodefractal
    57. 57. Our Vision Providence has a world renowned culture.
    58. 58. World Renowned Culture mr. rollers
    59. 59. Words about Providence World Renowned Culture