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Web Summit 2014 #WebSummit2014 - Digital Analytics "What to Know" - @therustybear @blueglass


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My (albeit brief) presentation from #WebSummit2014 in Dublin on Digital Analytics

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Web Summit 2014 #WebSummit2014 - Digital Analytics "What to Know" - @therustybear @blueglass

  1. 1. Digital Data and Analytics – What you NEED to know Russell McAthy - @therustybear Director of Strategy at BlueGlass @blueglass
  2. 2. I speak about the crossover of Data and Marketing Often! writeups and decks available on
  3. 3. Digital Analytics - The Journey
  4. 4. The Customer Consideration Funnel Post-Sales Pre-Sales Macro Goal Acquisition Driving high quality traffic to the right content CTR, CPC, Impressions, Visits... Behaviour Creating an optimal user journey Bounce Rate, Content Category Engagement, Micro-Transactions... Conversion Improve call to actions and an intuitive purchase path ARPB, CPA, Revenue... Satisfaction Driving customer happiness and improving continuous engagement Single Login / remembering preferences / Single Customer View Loyalty Increasing LTV, give a reason for for customers to be loyal Repeat Purchase Rate, Multi-channel Behavior, LTV Advocacy Creating an environment where advocates are naturally created Social Sharing, MGM Conversion, Referring %
  5. 5. Website Analytics: Understanding The Prospect/Customer What the data says How we spend our time Converting Users Engaging Users Bouncing Users Converting Users Engaging Users Bouncing Users
  6. 6. Breaking down the conversion function Macro Conversions Micro Conversions Marketing Analytics
  7. 7. TrueCVR
  8. 8. TrueCVR Visits CVR Visits TrueCV R We have removed bounced sessions from the analysis. THIS IS NOT A TIME TO PULL OUT THE CHAMPAGNE AS CVR HAS INCREASED
  9. 9. What did we just do - TrueCVR This Year Converting Users Engaging Users Bouncing Users 5% 51% 44% Last Year Converting Users Engaging Users Bouncing Users 6% 72% 22% Converting Users 9% Engaging Users 91% Converting Users 8% Engaging Users 92% This Year Last Year
  10. 10. Why Excel is awesome … and why you shouldn’t be scared to dive in
  11. 11. I’ve done this presentation before
  12. 12. Thanks for Listening Any questions? @blueglass Russell McAthy @therustybear See you in Temple Bar!
  13. 13. A forecast model for Startups and SMB’s