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Digital Attribution - models and how to talk about attribution to a business - ThinkVis9 (Mar13) - Russell McAthy


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This presentation covers both the types of models available, factors that can be included within calculations and then how you can communicate it to businesses. Presented to the great guys at ThinkVis 9 at their 5th anniversary.

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Digital Attribution - models and how to talk about attribution to a business - ThinkVis9 (Mar13) - Russell McAthy

  1. 1. ThinkVis 5 -Russell McAthy –Attribution@therustybear02/03/13
  2. 2. Stream:20 IntroductionStream:20 is the performance driven digital marketing @stream20 @therustybear
  3. 3. Definition of AttributionWeb Analytics Demystified defines marketing attribution as:“The process of quantifying theimpact of multiple marketingexposures and touch-pointspreceding a desired outcome”
  4. 4. Why you look at attribution Understand Media Cost of Planning Channels Customer Journey
  5. 5. Should we even consider doing Attribution? Cumulative # of Sales 100% 95% 90% 85% 80% 1 2 3 4 5 6 # of Clicks to ConvertIf you optimise to last click – you’re going to get a lot of them!
  6. 6. What do we actually mean whenwe say “Attribution”
  7. 7. What do we mean when we say Attribution? Multi Channel Multi Channel Multi Channel Attribution – Attribution – Attribution -Different Digital Multiple Digital Digital to Store Channels Screens Multi Channel Attribution – Logged in Users
  8. 8. Digital to Offline/Store….
  9. 9. Multi Channel Attribution - Digital to “Offline”Understanding the offline impact of online digital marketing andpresence. Website AppsDigital Radio TV DisplayVideo Digital Media Store Call Smart PPC Ad “Offline” Centre TV Copy Print Events
  10. 10. Multi Channel Attribution - Digital to “Offline”WHY?• Offline is still largest channel for big businesses• Get a better view of that annoying “direct” channel• Reduction in overall business spend• OR move spend into digital – YAY!HOW?• Vanity URL’s (and redirects)• Offer Codes• Being a maths Genius (Correlation etc.)• Experiments vs Control
  11. 11. Multiple Screens – Myths &Realities
  12. 12. Is this the only way it can work? Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit 1 2 3 4 5 TV Reviews Buy a TV Samsung TV Samsung ES8000 Buy a Bra ReviewsIP Address & Device ID Username: Dom_inater IP Address / Device ID Username: Username: Dom_inater Dom_inater / Device ID Dom’s Customer Dom’s Customer Dom’s Customer Journey Disconnect! Journey Journey??
  13. 13. Cross Channel Analytics /Multi-Channel
  14. 14. Last Click vs First Click Last Click First Click SEO - Display Unbranded Click PPC - Email Generic PPC Brand Direct
  15. 15. Differing Models Touchpoint 1 2 3 4 5Linear 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%First/Last 100% 0% 0% 0% 0%Time Decay 20% 30% 40% 2% 8%Position 40% 8% 8% 40% 4%
  16. 16. Recommended Model• Key questions: – What period click window should be used? – What period impression window should be used? – What influence does an impression have against a click? – What influence does each individual click in the click path have?
  17. 17. Attribution Driving FactorsThere are a number of elements that can be used to drive a variance inthe attribution calculation. Sequence / • Taking into consideration the order / relationship and/or volume of touchpoints Location Recency / • Taking into consideration the time between touchpoints FrequencyChannel / Channel • Individual channels impact on the propensity to purchase. Also breaking the Specific analysis past the channel level to keywords / creative etc. Impression • Understanding the impact an impression has on all future visits RelationshipCustomer Insight • Understanding the influence customer knowledge has on future sales (MGM)
  18. 18. Multi Channel Attribution – Different Digital ChannelsLast Click Sales 1100 1000 80 500 400 100Attributed Sales 1000 800 350 450 350 230 “Its great, but…the total sales number is the same… the costs are the same…. What can we do with this model to help the business?”
  19. 19. How to use Attribution? Channel Site Experience Customer Insight Management Insight• Distribution of Cost • Understanding • Connecting digital and time customer / prospect data to customer• Incremental spend site interaction data distribution and • How you can • What channels drive management improve design the highest value• Understanding based on marketing customers impact of interaction • What customers do impression led you attract with media different campaigns
  20. 20. Improving Customer Engagement What we know about… What we know about… Onsite Behaviour Marketing Interactions Landing pages Historical Channel Mix Content Consumption Keyword Use Micro Conversions Paid/Free Channel Split Combining the available knowledge within attribution to improve the customer engagement Customised Landing Pages Custom Menu’s to improve navigation based on previous activity Dynamic Landing pages based on Marketing Activity
  21. 21. Understanding Customer Propensity Awareness Consideration Purchase Visit 1: Re-visiting the SkyNo Previous Knowledge Sports Package of Customer and navigating through the booking flow – no Visit 2: purchase Customised Landing Page with Product Links focusing on sport Visit 3: Landing page sports Navigated to focused with links to Sports Section product Sports navigation Visit 4: followed by Sales Focused landing looking at Sky Sports Package page with sport copy with Sky+HD
  22. 22. Thanks Thanks for listening – for more information… @stream20 Russell @therustybear