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Marketing Attribution - Moneyball - @therustybear #Emetrics #EmetricsMI #biddableworld


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Marketing Attribution is not easy - This presentation will guide you through the opportunities available within attribution and highlight issues.

The principles behind the film Moneyball is used as there is a distinct correlation between the maths in the film and the basics of marketing attribution.

If you have any questions on the presentation or want to discuss more about Marketing, Attribution or Analytics please dont hesitate to get in contact.

Russell McAthy

Marketing Attribution - Moneyball - @therustybear #Emetrics #EmetricsMI #biddableworld

  1. 1. Moneyball - Attributing Success Russell McAthy - @therustybear Or “L’Arte Di Vincere” in Italy!
  2. 2. Basic principles of Baseball in 3 images The Field Bases Runs
  3. 3. What is Moneyball?
  4. 4. “The process of quantifying the impact of multiple marketing exposures and touch-points preceding a desired outcome” What is the problem?
  5. 5. We are the problem What is the problem?
  6. 6. Lets Talk about models
  7. 7. Core Attribution Models Online & Offline (“Digital to Store”) Online Only
  8. 8. The best model for your business is based on how you are going to use it….. You have to understand what success looks like before you can succeed
  9. 9. Lets get clever... ● Sequence ● Recency ● Channel Relationships ● Impression Relationships
  10. 10. Someone used more than one device to visit our website..
  11. 11. Custom Unique Identifiers System Single Sign-on matchback Tracking Multiple Devices Device-id / Signal Recognition How do we stitch sessions into becoming users / customers? Live / Post Date / When?
  12. 12. Be aware of filter bubbles - they’ll get you! All Website Visitors Visitors we have joined with multiple sessions Visitors we have joined with multiple devices
  13. 13. Utilising the whole team
  14. 14. How do you keep management happy?
  15. 15. The Customer Consideration Funnel by @therustybear Pre-SalesPost-SalesSale Made Acquisition Driving high quality traffic to the right content CTR, CPC, Impressions, Visits... Behaviour Creating an optimal user journey Bounce Rate, Content Category Engagement, Micro-Transactions... Conversion Improve call to actions and an intuitive purchase path ARPB, CPA, Revenue... Satisfaction Driving customer happiness and improving continuous engagement Single Login / remembering preferences / Single Customer View Loyalty Increasing LTV, give a reason for for customers to be loyal Repeat Purchase Rate, Multi-channel Behavior, LTV Advocacy Creating an environment where advocates are naturally created Social Sharing, MGM Conversion, Referring %
  16. 16. We can do this for post sales too!
  17. 17. How do we use the insights gleaned from analysis to create data driven decisions?
  18. 18. How do we use the insights gleaned from analysis to create data driven decisions? Onsite ● Landing Pages ● Content Consumption ● Micro Conversions ● Previous Purchases Marketing ● Historical Channel Mix ● Paid Keyword Use ● Paid/Free Channels ● Brand/Marketing/Product Data Driven Actions ● Customised/Dynamic Landing Pages ● Data driven campaigns / bidding based on value of prospect ● Navigational changes based on previous activity ● Marketing Segmentation based on historical activity
  19. 19. Lets start to ask the right questions
  20. 20. How do I find my “Whales” How do I stop getting x customer How do I find my “Whales” What channel is best to drive higher ARPU How do I get customers who have high LTV Where do I get more customers who recommend friends What budget do I need to get more customers that are of x persona How do I stop getting x customer Lets start to ask the right questions
  21. 21. A Single Customer View - what’s possible?
  22. 22. 71% of marketers plan to implement big data analytics into their marketing strategies within the next two years The biggest opportunity in digital is the utilisation of data to drive action. Not capturing data at scale right now is the largest mistake marketers are making! A Single Customer View - what’s possible?
  23. 23. A Single Customer View - what’s possible?
  24. 24. Adding value to the Brand -> Customer Relationship
  25. 25. Creating a platform for a Single Customer TRUE View
  26. 26. Did someone say... “What about privacy?”
  27. 27. Lets think a bit differently...
  28. 28. Website Content Navigational Value attribution Marketing E-Com Corporate
  29. 29. Attribution is the process of forming a clearer understanding
  30. 30. Thanks for Listening Russell McAthy Director of Strategy @therustybear