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Digital Attribution - should we care? - #SAScon @therustybear


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Attribution is a hot topic - Russell @therustybear discusses issues with the analytics industry as a whole and then covers what is possible in attribution and then the issues that you will find.

Published in: Marketing
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Digital Attribution - should we care? - #SAScon @therustybear

  1. 1. Attribution - Should we really care? Tweet me questions and comments to @therustybear
  2. 2. This is my presentation - I’m not going to talk for the next minute or so @therustybear
  3. 3. You now have 20ish slides of RANT. I’m sorry in advance @therustybear (i’m really not)
  4. 4. 90% of what i’m going to present you might not be TRUE today @therustybear
  5. 5. But please pay attention - as if it’s not true tomorrow i’m out of a job! @therustybear
  6. 6. I’m betting pretty much my entire career that people actually give a shit about the truth @therustybear
  7. 7. and by the truth I mean that brands and the way that consumers interact with them matters @therustybear
  8. 8. marketing is not just about followers and retweets or likes. @therustybear
  9. 9. Marketing is, and has always been about attention management @therustybear
  10. 10. We can adjust what we do based on what we know. @therustybear
  11. 11. And we know a friggin lot! what we dont do… @therustybear
  12. 12. is know what we know @therustybear
  13. 13. but the scariest thing… @therustybear
  14. 14. is even when we know, we don’t always know what the right things are to do @therustybear
  15. 15. Digital Analytics and what is can do for businesses is incredible @therustybear
  16. 16. Its the beacon…the Rudolf… it should be the guiding light of the digital renaissance @therustybear
  17. 17. Today its the scaffolding - yeah it helps the building… @therustybear
  18. 18. But it should be in the mind of the architect, the plans and engrained in the foundations through to the roof. @therustybear
  19. 19. Screw “BIG DATA” @therustybear
  20. 20. Terms like that are created to try to help people understand things simply @therustybear
  21. 21. Data analytics is not simple. But its use is! @therustybear
  22. 22. Invest time in understanding the true value of your data. What it can bring and you’ll be 10 steps ahead of 99% of marketers today. @therustybear
  23. 23. #rantover @therustybear
  24. 24. What is Attribution? @therustybear
  25. 25. “The process of quantifying the impact of multiple marketing exposures and touch-points preceding a desired outcome” @therustybear
  26. 26. “The process of quantifying the impact of multiple marketing exposures and touch-points preceding a desired outcome” @therustybear
  27. 27. Models? Should we Care? Last Click First Click Distributed Bathtub Time Decay Random (Custom)
  28. 28. Who actually understands this crap?
  29. 29. Do all data scientists wear glasses?
  30. 30. The 80 / 20 rule
  31. 31. What 80 / 20 looks like in reality 20% Technology 80% People
  32. 32. What 80 / 20 looks like in reality 20% Technology 80% People 20% Dirt 80% Clouds
  33. 33. Lets talk about attribution in the real world @therustybear
  34. 34. Please do not use this slide
  35. 35. We need to define how we can understand each stage @therustybear
  36. 36. without definition what differentiates us and “them” @therustybear
  37. 37. The key issues with doing attribution well are not technical, they are phycological @therustybear
  38. 38. We have to change business mindset before we can truly change business @therustybear
  39. 39. Lets talk about what is possible today… and by possible i mean I did it last month, this month and next week…. @therustybear
  40. 40. What is possible • TV Data, Radio.. All ATV data aligned with online • Overlay of geographic ATL information to sale performance online • Social media sentiment analysis post tv spot by geography and demo • Algorithmically calculating next best action for post campaign • Algorithmically stopping and starting campaigns • Connection between marketing, CRM and CS datasets • Econometrics and Price Yielding based on real time data • Connecting Sales and Revenue from offline interactions to touch— points both online and offline (including meetings and call backs)
  41. 41. The data I use is probably 80% right…If that @therustybear
  42. 42. Its not about data accuracy I’m not trying to land a plane @therustybear
  43. 43. I’m trying to find out why people want to go abroad @therustybear
  44. 44. The Internet of Things
  45. 45. What are the issues • Filter bubbles with multi device • Focus on cookies • Technology keeping up (IOT) • Being used by people to prove an answer they have already • Being pushed into businesses by the wrong people • Being managed by the wrong people • Not being managed at all - no insights or actions • Not visualised in the right way to the business
  46. 46. Theres no right answer - attribution is not a plug and play system @therustybear
  47. 47. I’m sorry @therustybear
  48. 48. If you take one thing away - the next time someone saying attribution please know this @therustybear
  49. 49. Attribution is NOT only for econometrics modelling @therustybear
  50. 50. Attribution is NOT only channel budget distribution @therustybear
  51. 51. Attribution is NOT only sales funnel management @therustybear
  52. 52. Attribution is NOT going to make you look smart on its own @therustybear
  53. 53. Attribution should allow you to better understand consumers that engage with you @therustybear
  54. 54. in partnership with Russell McAthy Managing Director Thank you for Listening Any Questions? If you have any follow up or would like the slides Russell McAthy @therustybear