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Attribution panel


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#measurecamp attribution panel slides

Published in: Business, Technology
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Attribution panel

  1. 1. Attribution Panel
  2. 2. PanelistsRussell Mc Athy@therustybearMichael Froment@mfroment75Nicolas Malo@nicolasmalo
  3. 3. Myth #1@therustybear Every business needs an attribution model
  4. 4. Reality #1 Most businesses dont have a customer@therustybear journey that needs a complex model, understanding first/last is sufficient
  5. 5. Myth #2 Attribution models are@mfroment75 incomplete since they do not take into account organic & referrals touchpoints
  6. 6. Reality #2 Most Tag Management Systems take into account@mfroment75 all traffic sources. Ad servers take into account mainly paid and organic search sources.
  7. 7. Myth #3 All interactions can be@nicolasmalo taken into account into an attribution model
  8. 8. Reality #3 You can only attribute@nicolasmalo what you can measure (very difficult for offline interactions and multi-devices)
  9. 9. Myth #4@therustybear Having an attribution model will save the business money
  10. 10. Reality #4 If you get a model the model isnt what makes it@therustybear useful - its the analyst understand the impact of the numbers against the business processes and goals
  11. 11. Myth #5 Attribution is so@mfroment75 complex that you need advanced statistical skills to get started
  12. 12. Reality #5 You may start by looking at granular@mfroment75 data for each campaign in order to understand the performance of your campaign mix
  13. 13. Myth #6@nicolasmalo Attribution models are complicated to implement
  14. 14. Reality #6 More and more@nicolasmalo solutions, like Tag Management Systems and Ad Servers, provide real- time attribution
  15. 15. Myth #7@therustybear I don’t know where to start with attribution modelling
  16. 16. Reality #7@therustybear There are basic questions that need to be answered
  17. 17. Myth #8 Attribution is a good@mfroment75 way to avoid paying your campaign suppliers
  18. 18. Reality #8 Attribution should be used to@mfroment75 1. reward your most efficient partners 2. improve your campaign mix
  19. 19. Myth #9@nicolasmalo Attribution modeling is expensive and only for big corporations
  20. 20. Reality #9@nicolasmalo You may start with an Excel spreadsheets and macros