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Evolution Of Online Fixed Price


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Evolution of fixed price recruitment. Are you using it yet?

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Evolution Of Online Fixed Price

  1. 1. The “E”-volution of Online FIXED PRICE recruitment have you used ityet?As we are all aware we are in times of “hardship” for companies and people alike, but despite thiscompanies still have to grow and finding the right talent to help their company develop can be acostly and time consuming challenge.The recruitment industry is no different to any other in times of hardship it has had to learn to adapthow it works, and with the emergence of major job boards it has successfully done this. Candidatesare searching differently, they no longer have time to go to different agencies and register, and withthe decline in print advertising, looking in the local papers is no longer beneficial. So they have turnedto what they know and trust, the internet, on the 4 major job there are 13 million registered jobseekers all actively searching day and night for a new role.As individuals we are becoming more pro-active in our own job search rather than waiting for thephone to ring from an agency we now have daily emails and apps that constantly remind of new jobs.For the 20% commission an agency will charge you do they have that kind of reach andcommunication with the candidates?If you are looking to save money back to the P and L you no longer need to pay the 20% of the salaryto an agent. If you can sell and promote your company and lets face it you know it better than anyoneelse, or have the in-house resource to contact job seekers yourself then fixed price recruitment couldbe for you.This is where Fixed Price Recruitment provides a great solution. We have created a way for you togain access to all of these job seekers for a fixed price, better still they can hire as many candidates asthey like from a single campaign. We offer a completely transparent service where you are givenaccess to every CV that applies, We also offer a filtering process to help you but you can still see everycandidate if you choose. Our service starts at just £399 and this gives you access to a network of 2000job boards including: • Jobsite • Myjobsgroup • Reed • Monster • Totaljobs and many more.That is a database of millions of actively searching candidates, we are unique in the fact that we willstill manage the campaign with you. For customers who sign 12-month partnerships we offer our freeATS system built by a leading company.We like to see ourselves as an extension of your HR department. We provide excellence in service.And are trusted by some of the biggest brands in the UK, including DFS, Travelodge, HobbyCraft, andPendragon PLC.Our relationship with Pendragon PLC saw us reduce their recruitment spend in the first year by over£900,000. We are now in the second year of this relationship and still performing strongly workingwith all of their 300 dealerships in the UK."After running a trial with CvWow we quickly discovered that their industry knowledge andunderstanding of our needs was exemplary, whilst the service we received from our Account Managerwas exceptional. Having high calibre candidates emailed to us on a daily basis is one of the quickest,most cost efficient, and successful way of recruiting I have come across in years and I would nothesitate to recommend CvWow to anyone" Steve Morell, Pendragon PLC.