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R Brown Portfolio Linkedin

  1. 1. As a community of faith, We build on our In 2006, the members of Little River United church’s history while Church of Christ established an Endowment Fund Little River looking forward. to accumulate funds that will underwrite the mis- United Church sion of our church in perpetuity. Elected volunteers Little River United Church of Christ was founded in of Christ implement a formal policy that governs the admin- 1955 in part as a Christian witness in the struggle for racial integration. Today we are a community of istration and uses of the restricted Fund. Thanks faith drawing strength from our biblical heritage while An Open and spreading the good news of the gospel, ministering to to generous and foresighted donors, the Fund is our neighbors, and opposing intolerance. Affirming Congregation invested now and is growing toward the minimum The United Church of Christ traces its roots in America to the Pilgrims and the Congregational Churches. Over goal of $250,000, at which time the Fund’s ap- the past four centuries, churches of the western frontier preciation and earnings can be used to implement and German heritage have joined the denomination. Today the UCC continues to build on its strong tradi- the purposes of the Church, both here at home and Endowment tions of education, social welfare, and commitment to liberty of conscience inherent in the gospel. in the wider community. The principal of the Fund Fund will continue to increase undisturbed. Your help is Pastoral Staff essential to the fulfillment of our vision. The Rev. Dr. Verne E. Arens, Senior Pastor The Rev. Ginna Minasian Dalton, Pastor for Christian Education, Youth, and Evangelism The Rev. James M. Bell, Minister for Community Relations Endowment Fund Committee For further information about the purpose and manage- God ment of the Endowment Fund or to discuss a gift or is still arrange a bequest, please contact a member of the Endowment Fund Committee. Consult your church speaking, directory or call the church office for assistance in reaching a current committee member. “ Never place a period where God has put a comma” —Gracie Allen What is the value of an When can gifts be made What can be given to the Little River United Church of Christ 8410 Little River Turnpike (Route 236) Endowment Fund? to the Endowment Fund? Endowment Fund? Annandale, Virginia 22003-3798 703-978-3060 As in the case of an individual, a business, or a Gifts may be made at any time. Frequently gifts to Cash, stock, and some property can be given to the college, the future will bring Little River a host of the Endowment Fund are made through bequests or Endowment Fund. Appreciated stock and other prop- exciting opportunities and needs. A substantial from living trusts. Donors also may arrange so-called erty held for more than one year make ideal gifts as Endowment Fund will provide essential assistance planned gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, which they provide a fair market value tax deduction to you, in acting on these opportunities. The Church will provide lifetime payments to the donor and benefit and you do not have to pay tax on the appreciation be able to undertake exciting new programs and the Endowment Fund upon the donor’s death. A as you would if you had sold the property. Consult ministries, sponsor new outreach projects in our gift from your estate is an excellent way to provide your tax advisor to determine what is best for you. community and beyond, or implement necessary support that will continue your annual giving to the Giving to the Endowment Fund of our Church is a capital projects with greater flexibility and ease. Church in perpetuity. Your estate planning profes- meaningful way to mark your commitment to Little sional will be able to advise you and provide for your River. The funds you give will provide a living memori- How can we help wishes. Further information is available also from al of your Christian discipleship through your participa- members of the Endowment Fund Committee. Be Little River build its tion in the life of Little River United Church of Christ. sure that your lawyer or advisor has the full name and address of this beneficiary: Endowment Fund Endowment Fund? of Little River United Church of Christ, 8410 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, Virginia 22003. We can help by giving thoughtfully and generously to In addition, gifts in memory of a friend or family the Endowment Fund. By doing so, we will help ensure member are especially appropriate because they remain that Little River will be able to nurture and care for the part of this permanent Fund. Or you may give spiritual and programmatic needs of its members and to the Endowment Fund to honor a special the community for years to come. occasion such as a birthday, anniver- sary, or graduation. Or you may wish to give periodically to the Endow- ment Fund, just as you do for the Church’s operating fund. “Significant initiatives in ministry today are possible because of the faithful giving of past generations who wanted their passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ to create opportunities for mission and service long after they were gone.” — Verne Arens
  2. 2. Youth Global Experiential Learning
  3. 3. The Farm at Organic Feed Grass The Farm at Three Hickories Organic Feed Grass
  4. 4. Bo Back unce SNAC K FRIED FOOD HOOP SCOOP Frozen Treats
  5. 5. Leadership Service Creativity Commitment
  6. 6. L-3 com Boardroom Murals (in progress)
  7. 7. Medical Evacuation Triage & Treatment Assessment (METTA) 2008 State of North Carolina June 12, 2008 L-3 com Emergency Preparedness Training Poster
  8. 8. A Conflict Resolution Retreat will be lead by Dr. AL Fuertes. Dr. Fuertes will lead participants in a process of naming issues of conflict in their lives and lead them through a process of reconciliation. Reserve your spot early— space available for only 11 participants ! Conflict Resolution February 17-18 Friday, 5:00PM- Saturday, 4:00PM Hallowood Retreat & Conference Center Comus, MD $25.00/person Includes meals & accommodations Portions of this event are underwritten by the Spaar Grant for Spiritual Formation and spon- sored by the Board of Christian Education.
  9. 9. Meeting the challenge of diversity: An Anti-Racism retreat. Retreat Leaders: Rev. Art Waidman & Rev. Nathan Harris Dates: March 24-25 Begins at 5:30 on Friday evening and ends on Saturday at 4:00 PM Location: Bon Secours Spiritual Center 1525 Marriottsville Rd. Marriottsville, MD 21104 PH.: 410.442.1320 Cost: $50. per person includes room, break out food and meals Enrollment limited to 25 people Please call or email the church office to register and include your registration fee as soon as possible.