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House pad


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Mobile application backend improvement propositions

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House pad

  1. 1. { HousePad Proposition for Improvement
  2. 2. 1 Store data from QB to Postgresql 2 Replace Push notification from QB to own queue with direct sending to iPhone and Android push notification. 3 Build versioned and well documented API 4 Store images direct to Amazon 5 Implement Command layer from mobile application for avoid High load from clients. - Client always will know where is changes and what he should update. - Decreased server loading for monitoring new changes on the own houses.
  3. 3. Permission changes 1. All users has the same right 2. Every one can create own houses 3. Every one can hire helpers and add house members 4. Only owner can edit own profile details 5. Every one can invite new users to HousePad service 6. House Owner and Member can invite helper to each home by phone number. 7. House helper can be disabled and all story will be frozen for edition by owner, and all house details will be hidden for helper.