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New digital media


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the new media platforms and knowledge web

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New digital media

  1. 1. New digital mediaRusi MarinovThe new media in 21 century
  2. 2. New and digital mediaEU programs to build a digital society and the media in 2020● i2010: global strategy, Information Society and Media● eYouGuide: e-manuals: civil rights online● 112 - European emergency;● 112 - Childrens playground;● ICT-social changes and e-inclusion;● E-health;● E-Government;● ICT for sustainable development● IT for women● ICT for intelligent vehicles● Social Networks● Safer Internet program● E-safety
  3. 3. New and digital mediaEU programs to build a digital society and the media in 2020Planned activities and platforms:● Single Digital Market● Compatibility of technology and standards● Trust and security● Speed Internet​​● Research and Innovation● New e-skills● ICTs for social change● International influence
  4. 4. New and digital mediaCharacteristics of new media:New media allow people from the periphery to develop and consolidate power, and finallyundermine the authority of the center.@ Hypertext changing media on 360 degree –Ted Nelson the greatest invention in the last 2000 years.@ Dominates binary logic: on / off;@ Shared communication protocols formationof clusters and the "small worlds";@ Appearance of two new social forms: the flow area andtime without Borders / time in the network and no pastfuture /;@ Space is not attached to a place,and is made up of nodes and networks;@ Rulemaking on / not exceptional;@ Discourse is determined by the options / what can and networkswhat they can not do;@ Source of influence and power is determined by the capacityprogramming networks;@ Communication depends on the speed of information exchange;@ If content is the king, then context is the Empress
  5. 5. Основни типове дигитални медии-предизвикателствата за Европа
  6. 6. Digital competency Technological literacy- knowledge about technologyhow they work, what goals pursued, and how they canbe effectively used in order to achieve specificpurposes; Information literacy: skills to be assessedinformation on various media; detects whetherinformation is targeted, locate, synthesize and use ofperformance information;implementation of thesefunctions using both technology, communicationsnetworks, electronic resources.
  7. 7. Digital competencyInformation Literacy: organize the information for the practicalapplication; integrate new information into existingknowledge; use of information and criticalproblem solving; to use information ethically and legally;
  8. 8. Digital competencyDigital media and communication features: Participation is encouraged, personal contribution to thedevelopment of the content- uninterrupted feedback; Openness-most citizen media is open participation andpromote the vote, comment, share information with nobarriers; Conversations traditional media-oriented distribution, whilethe new media are associated with two-way conversations; Community-Social media allow rapid formation ofcommunities and effective communication; Connectivity, allowing linkages to other sites and resources.
  9. 9. Semantic networks and knolwdgeNew tendencies in the communication area:Intelligent reality;Metadata;Social tagging;Collective intelligence;Ontologies:OWLSWRLKnowledge discovery;Information sharing;