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Rush Radiosurgery: 2 Years of Serving the Community


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Rush Radiosurgery is a clinical service of Rush University Medical Center and part of
Rush’s renowned radiation oncology program. Our doctors are board certified in radiation oncology and have several areas of specialty, including head and neck cancers, prostate cancer and lung cancer. Rush Radiosurgery uses TrueBeam STx®, the latest in advanced radiosurgery technology that treats patients with a procedure called stereotactic radiosurgery. Visit our website or call Rush Radiosurgery (312) 942-4600 for more information.

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Rush Radiosurgery: 2 Years of Serving the Community

  1. 1. Rush  Radiosurgery:   2  Years  of  Serving  the  Community   500  South  Paulina  Street  Chicago,  IL  60612            312-­‐942-­‐4600    
  2. 2. Rush  Radiosurgery  Milestones     •  Rush  Radiosurgery  was  established  in  March  2012  as  a  clinical   service  of  Rush  University  Medical  Center.     •  Since  its  launch,  Rush  Radiosurgery  has  treated  over  200   paJents  from  states  across  the  naJon  including  Indiana,   Wisconsin,  Michigan,  Texas  and  Florida.   •  The  center  works  with  the  Cancer  CommiPee  at  Rush   University  Medical  center  to  combine  tumor  data  with  Rush   Cancer  Center,  streamlining  the  care  of  paJents.     500  South  Paulina  Street  Chicago,  IL  60612            312-­‐942-­‐4600    
  3. 3. Community  Involvement   The  Rush  Radiosurgery  team  has  parJcipated   in  various  community  events  and  conJnuing   educaJon  programs.  Visit  our  Flickr  page  for   more  photos!   500  South  Paulina  Street  Chicago,  IL  60612            312-­‐942-­‐4600    
  4. 4. TrueBeam  STx®  Treatment   •  TrueBeam  STx  is  the  latest  in  advanced  radiosurgery   technology.  The  procedure  uses  stereotacJc  radiosurgery  as  a   treatment  opJon  for  cancerous  and  noncancerous  lesions.   •  The  noninvasive  method  treats  tumors  with  high-­‐dose   radiaJon  precisely  aimed  from  different  angles.  TrueBeam  STx   destroys  cancerous  and  begin  tumors  with  highly  accurate   radiaJon  beams  while  minimizing  damage  to  healthy  Jssue.   •  Most  paJents  go  home  right  aVer  CyberKnife  treatment  and   immediately  resume  normal  acJviJes.     500  South  Paulina  Street  Chicago,  IL  60612            312-­‐942-­‐4600    
  5. 5. Our  Center   Under  the  direcJon  medical  director  Dr.  Aidnag  Diaz,   Rush  Radiosurgery  combines  experienced  physicians   and  the  latest  medical  advances  to  provide  paJents   with  excepJonal  care.       The  cancer  treatment  facility  opened  in  March  2012   on  the  campus  of  Rush  University  Medical  Center.   Our  doctors  are  board  cerJfied  in  radiaJon  oncology   and  have  several  areas  of  specialty,  including  head   and  neck  cancers,  prostate  cancer  and  lung  cancer.       Read Our Blog! Medical  Director:  Dr.  Aidnag  Diaz   TrueBeam  STx  Program  Nurse:  Debbie  Gonzalez   Connect  with  us!   500  South  Paulina  Street  Chicago,  IL  60612            312-­‐942-­‐4600