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Rush	  Radiosurgery	  is	  a	  clinical	  service	  of	  Rush	  University	  Medical	  Center.	  500	  South	  Paulina	  S...
What is TrueBeam STx?TrueBeam	  STx	  is	  the	  latest	  in	  advanced	  radiosurgery	  technology.	  It	  treats	  paHen...
The TrueBeam STx System	  500	  South	  Paulina	  Street	  Chicago,	  Illinois	  60612	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  ...
Why Choose TrueBeam STx?•  Treatment	  is	  an	  outpaHent	  procedure	  •  Extreme	  precision	  minimizes	  radiaHon	   ...
What does TrueBeam STx treat?                                                                                             ...
What is the treatment process?          ConsultaHon	                                                                      ...
Our CenterUnder	  the	  direcHon	  of	  medical	  director	  Dr.	  Aidnag	  Diaz,	  Rush	  Radiosurgery	  combines	  exper...
The US Radiosurgery NetworkA	  joint	  venture	  of	  Rush	  University	  Medical	  Center	  and	  US	  Radiosurgery,	  Ru...
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Rush Radiosurgery


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Learn more about Rush Radiosurgery and TrueBeam STx treatment.

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Rush Radiosurgery

  1. 1. Rush  Radiosurgery  is  a  clinical  service  of  Rush  University  Medical  Center.  500  South  Paulina  Street  Chicago,  Illinois  60612                                                  (312)  942-­‐4600                                                
  2. 2. What is TrueBeam STx?TrueBeam  STx  is  the  latest  in  advanced  radiosurgery  technology.  It  treats  paHents  with  a  procedure  called  stereotac(c  radiosurgery,  a  noninvasive  method  of  treaHng  tumors  with  high-­‐dose  radiaHon  precisely  aimed  from  different  angles.  How  does  TrueBeam  STx  work?  •  TrueBeam  STx  destroys  cancerous  and  benign   tumors  with  high-­‐dose,  highly  accurate   radiaHon  beams  while  minimizing  damage  to   healthy  Hssue.    •  The  machine  rotates  around  you,  delivering   targeted  radiaHon  from  various  angles  that   match  the  shape  of  the  tumor  being  treated.    •  A  typical  session  takes  about  15  minutes,   reducing  potenHal  errors  that  can  occur  in   longer-­‐lasHng  procedures.   500  South  Paulina  Street  Chicago,  Illinois  60612                                                  (312)  942-­‐4600                                                
  3. 3. The TrueBeam STx System  500  South  Paulina  Street  Chicago,  Illinois  60612                                                  (312)  942-­‐4600                                                
  4. 4. Why Choose TrueBeam STx?•  Treatment  is  an  outpaHent  procedure  •  Extreme  precision  minimizes  radiaHon   exposure  to  normal  Hssue  •  Beam  shaping  offers  highly  accurate   and  uniform  treatment  •  Short  treatment  Hmes  -­‐  about  15   minutes  •  PaHents  return  immediately  to  normal   rouHnes  with  minimal  side  effects  •  No  overnight  hospital  stay  required  500  South  Paulina  Street  Chicago,  Illinois  60612                                                  (312)  942-­‐4600                                                
  5. 5. What does TrueBeam STx treat?              arteriovenous  malformaHon   •  brain  tumors   •  acousHc  neuroma  /  vesHbular   schwannoma   •  brain  metastases   •  glomus  jugulare   •  recurrent  gliomas   •  meningioma   •  pituitary  adenoma   •  kidney  tumors   •  lung  tumors   •  ocular  /  orbital  tumors   •  pancreaHc  cancer   •  spinal  tumors   •  trigeminal  neuralgia   •  liver  cancer   •  hemangioblastomas   •  uveal  melanomas   •  cavernous  angiomas   •  neurofibromas  500  South  Paulina  Street  Chicago,  Illinois  60612                                                  (312)  942-­‐4600                                                
  6. 6. What is the treatment process? ConsultaHon   Meet  with  the   TrueBeam  STx   Create  an   individualized   Appointment   team   treatment  plan     PotenHal   Tissue  Markers   Pretreatment    CT  Scan    MRI   Lab  Studies   (extracranial   tumors  or  lesions)   Procedures*   The  TrueBeam   The  system   TrueBeam   Technicians  help   STx  system   periodically  takes       If  needed,  the   moves  around   x-­‐ray  images  and   paHent  returns   STx   you  onto  the   treatment  table   you  firing   compares  them  to   for  up  to  4  more   Treatment   targeted   radiaHon  beams   the  CT  scan  data  to   track  the  tumor   treatments.   Follow-­‐up  imaging   and  physical   Follow-­‐up   consultaHon  to   monitor  tumor’s   progress  *The  procedures  required  as  part  of  your  individualized  treatment  plan,  and  the  order  in  which  they  will  occur,  will  be  explained  during  your  consultaHon  visit.   500  South  Paulina  Street  Chicago,  Illinois  60612                                                  (312)  942-­‐4600                                                
  7. 7. Our CenterUnder  the  direcHon  of  medical  director  Dr.  Aidnag  Diaz,  Rush  Radiosurgery  combines  experienced  physicians  and  the  latest  medical  advances  to  provide  paHents  with  excepHonal  care.  The  cancer  treatment  facility  opened  in  March  2012  on  the  campus  of  Rush  University  Medical  Center.  Our  doctors  are  board  cerHfied  in  radiaHon  oncology  and  have  several  areas  of  specialty,  including  head  and  neck  cancers,  prostate  cancer  and  lung  cancer.     Medical  Director:  Dr.  Aidnag  Diaz     TrueBeam  STx  Program  Nurse:  Felicia  Pautsch     Connect  with  us     500  South  Paulina  Street  Chicago,  Illinois  60612                                                  (312)  942-­‐4600                                                
  8. 8. The US Radiosurgery NetworkA  joint  venture  of  Rush  University  Medical  Center  and  US  Radiosurgery,  Rush  Radiosurgery  is  a  clinical  service  of  Rush  University  Medical  Center.    Based  in  Nashville,  Tennessee,  US  Radiosurgery  is  a  division  of  Alliance  Oncology  and  partners  with  hospitals  and  physician  groups  around  the  U.S.  to  develop  and  operate  full-­‐body  radiosurgical  centers.      Collec(vely,  the  US  Radiosurgery  network  of  centers  has  treated  thousands  of  pa(ents  since  the  opening  of  the  company’s  first  center  in  2003.  The  group  of  faciliHes  is  acHvely  engaged  in  research,  with  physicians  regularly  presenHng  papers  and  authoring  arHcles  related  to  the  efficacy  of  CyberKnife  treatment  for  various  types  of  tumors  and  lesions.  Tumors  of  the  lung,  brain  and  prostate,  as  well  as  certain  funcHonal  disorders  such  as  trigeminal  neuralgia,  have  become  key  treatment  areas  throughout  the  network  of  centers.     500  South  Paulina  Street  Chicago,  Illinois  60612                                                  (312)  942-­‐4600