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How to install drupal 7


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How to install drupal 7 By Web Developer Rushi Joshi

Published in: Education, Technology
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How to install drupal 7

  1. 1. How To Install Drupal 7 Easy Steps
  2. 2. First You have to Download Drupal 7• Than After Unzip File And Company Rename• Than After Open Folder in sites – default - default.settings.php Copy of File To Give the Rename Settings.php
  3. 3. Create Database in phpmyadmin• In phpmy admin You Can Create Your Company Database Name
  4. 4. Create Database
  5. 5. Display In Browser• Run your Browser localhost/comanyname• Than After Start To installation Process in Browser
  6. 6. Click Save And Continue
  7. 7. Choose Language
  8. 8. Set up database• In set up database you insert the your database name in Database name• Than After Database username is also write to• root• Than you write Database Password is blank• Now you See the Advanced options you click There
  9. 9. Let’s see Demo in Sep up datase
  10. 10. Advanced options• You Create the Database host is write to there but you have no write there you write here local host• Than you see the Database port is blank• Than you see the Table prefix is blank• After you click to save and continue
  11. 11. Let’s see Advanced options Demo
  12. 12. Your Drupal is Install
  13. 13. You Start The Configure site• First you see the Site information In.• Site name you write to your Website Name.• Site e-mail address write to your Website Company E-mail Id Name.• Than After you see the Site maintenance account.• Site maintenance account is your admin login progress• It’s in your login User Name• Than You done E-mail• Than After Your Loing Password So That You are login• Than After you see the Server settings is the Your country name, Times Zone, Update notifications Click.• Than You Click to Save And Continue