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Hip hop

  1. 1. By Rushelle Mckoy
  2. 2.  Hip Hop music is generally focused around one or more rappers who are telling their story. Storytelling is the foundation of hip hop music. To tell the story in an entertaining way, rappers use the same techniques as successful poets, utilizing alliteration, assonance, and rhyme to carry the message to the audience. In addition, rappers also use accompanying instrumentals, which is referred to as the “beat”. The beat is a key part of hip hop music many failed hip hop artists are usually remembered for not having the right “beat” to go with their story. The beat is generally consistent, and lasts the entire song. Of course, many rappers have deviated from this formula, choosing to switch up beats to add even more variety. The beat truly is important many newcomers to the hip-hop music scene will get attached to songs they hear based on the “beat” the rapper has decided to use in a song. Even those that have been listening to rap music for a long time will still weight the beat of a song very heavy in determining the worth of a song. That means that for some people, the beat that a rapper chooses to use when making a new hip hop song determines whether or not it a good song.
  3. 3.  In the late 70s, Keith Wiggins stated that the music genre was Hip Hop. He is considered to be the one who gave the genre its formal label. The Hip-Hop scene has always had a great in aspirations on the youth customs. Hip-Hop is so fashionable because it is extraordinarily relatable to the city youth. Beginning in Bronx, New York in 1974, Hip-Hop has evolved in to more than just a music genre. Hip-Hop has its peculiar style of clothes, its identifiable dialect, and its identifiable belief in relation to the rest of the world. Hip-Hop is much more exclusive than any other music genre.
  4. 4.  Hip-Hop is exceedingly different now compared to the first Hip-Hop songs. Graffiti, breakdancing, and DJs arent as valuable as they once used to be. Hip-Hop is a genre that is constantly evolving as the metropolitan youth is altering. As there lives change, the music changes along with them. Some people believe that Hip-Hop has strayed too far and lost the eminent root soft he music. Other people believe that Hip-Hop has to always change to stay important with the times. Whatever you may think, there is no question that Hip-Hop is one of the most influential music genres in the world.
  5. 5.  Just as hip hop music is everywhere, many people from all walks of life listen to hip hop music. This may sound surprising, as a common view is that hip hop music is only for African Americans and His panic people. In the United States, it is thought that over 70% of rap music is bought by non African Americans. Those that listen to rap music aren’t even confined to American inner cities – many live in well- to-do suburbs and towns. Everyone from those living in Hawaii to those living in Iceland listen to rap music. Hip hop music is a popular form of music worldwide, and as time goes by, has only grown in popularity. Each region has made hip hop unique to their environment, but the fact remains that many people listen to hip hop music, not just a select few. Most rappers from one area will try to tour in other areas, to get people exposed to their music.
  6. 6.  a great place to find hip hop music is to go to other people around you that are listening to it. This method of sharing music has led to the exposure of many artists, not just hip hop artists. If you have a friend that listens to a lot of hip hop music, you stand likely to get a realistic, honest review of what’s good, what bad, and what new in hip hop music. There are many stores, both online and offline, that cater to hip hop music fans. For those that aren’t big into the online scene, the best place to get into hip hop music are nightclubs, event centres or concert halls, or even a school park. Many teenagers stage informed freestyle rap battles, where aspiring rappers can match with against one another in front of a crowd. Nightclubs, bars, and event centres may have various rap acts touring, so it pays to keep an eye on events in your city. Hip hop music is everywhere even on television. There is even a channel devoted to hip hop music, called BET (Black Entertainment Television). This channel usually provides the latest news on new rappers coming into the scene, and even does special shows on old rappers that have left an impact.
  7. 7.  it has inspired many offshoots around the world. Hip hop music wasn’t known to the rest of the world until the 1980. Hip hop music can be found in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America, Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In Asia, rap music serves to combat prevailing, conventional pop culture music. Asian rappers focus on having a very distinct style, while maintaining national pride. In the Middle East, rappers of all ethnicities battle each other, mixing in their creativity with their unique environment. In Europe, rap became popular in the early 1980s and still remains popular today. Like Asia and the Middle East, European rappers mix in their own cultural and social traditions into the music. Latin America is one of the biggest places for hip hop music. In Puerto Rico for example, there is a branch of hip hop music known as reggae ton, which is quite popular. In the Dominican Republic there is meren rap, which is a mix of hip hop and merengue. Latin American hip hop music tends to be very upbeat and focuses on a good fusion of fast raps and heavy beats.
  8. 8.  Many hip hop entertainers have been involved in acts of violence, including murder, arson, and drug use. The mere fact that a lot of hip hop artists, especially those involved in the gangsta rap subgenre, glorify alcohol and drug usage, mass spending, violence towards women, and fighting, exposes these entertainers to increased visibility to law enforcement. While many entertainers are merely talking, not committing these crimes, many fans buy into the fantasy that in order to get ahead in life, you have to fight your way to the top literally. In recent times, especially in the United States, many clubs, event centres, and concert halls have banned certain rappers from appearing. In Las Vegas, many places that used to welcome rap entertainers have now closed their doors to them, citing the big crowds and riots that follow rappers performances. The owners of the venues say that in order to protect the safety of their guests, banning rappers from performing is the easiest way of accomplishing this. In the United States, there are fears for women in the rap music industry. Women that dance in music videos have been assaulted and attacked in the past, leading to growing criticism about rap music. Many rappers, such as Sean “P. Diddy” Combs have fought these claims, saying that he himself has the utmost respect for women. Although Mr. Combs attempts to downplay the fears for women, it does not take away the lyrical evidence of violence towards women. Many of the explicit lyrics rappers say on the microphone are negative towards women, calling them names and making sexual overtures towards them. That doesn’t stop many women from listening to hip hop music, nor does it stop supporters backing the hip hop artists. Television channels that used to never play too much hip hop, such as VH1 and MTV, have now adopted a far more urban style than some would like. Many artists who aren’t in the hip hop genre still borrow from it, including Justin Timberlake and other pop artists. Gaining crossover success seems to be the new goal, with even hip hop artists taking from other genres to create unique songs for their fans. For example, Jay-Z and Linking Park came together to make an album called Collision Course that was very popular. It was a mixture of rock and rap music.
  9. 9.  like any other genre of music, has dramatically changed our society. Hip hop music has influenced the way we interact with each other, how we eat and drink, and even our perception of success. Hip Hop music also called rap music defies normal conventions in music, altering what we think is right to create an upbeat, gritty style that continues to gain popularity even today. Hip hop music isn’t exempt from the criticisms other genres face. Concerned members of society have often expressed disgust over explicit lyrics that revolve around sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence. Supporters of hip hop music flip this argument around, saying that hip hop music has to be that way; it is a reflection of the harsh environment that the rapper has overcome. Toning down the lyrics would take away the reality that the rapper has gone through and overcome, therefore insulting him or her. Neither side of this debate has come to an agreement. For those that produce hip hop music, the music is their way of communicating a message. For those that listen to hip hop music, it is both an escape from their lives, and a dream many hip hop songs represent success, overcoming adversity, and ultimate survival. Even if the listener has not gone through what the rapper has, they can still respect what the rapper is saying