Russian tourism roadshow London


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Promotional and networking tool of Russian Tourism Authorities
MISSION: to increase awareness about Russia as a destination with rich cultural and natural heritage, as well as business and leisure destination to MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) experts on short haul flights between Europe and Russia, an attractive market for visitors and investors
MAIN GOAL: to strengthen ties and boost awareness of European travel trade and investment experts of Russian tourism offers
FRAMEWORK: participation in 2- or 3-day trip to one of the defined destinations according to the chosen topics (London, Berlin, Paris)

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Russian tourism roadshow London

  1. 1. Russian Federal Agency for TourismRUSSIAN TOURISM ROADSHOW London, Berlin, Paris 2012
  2. 2. London Berlin RUSSIAN TOURISM ROADSHOW ParisWHAT: RUSSIAN TOURISM ROADSHOW TO EUROPEAN CITIESWHERE: London, Berlin, ParisWHEN: 12-13 Berlin, 16-17 Paris, 19-20 London, April 2012WHO: From Russian side: - Representatives from tourism authorities of major destinations - Hotels and tour-operators in Russia From Western side: - Tourism authorities - Travel trade, investors - Media and alliance partWHY: - Рromoting trade, investment and tourism opportunities of Russia - Building on international business partnerships - Developing tourism between Europe and Russia - Benchmarking of the best European practices
  3. 3. London Berlin RUSSIAN TOURISM ROADSHOW ParisROAD SHOW DESTINATIONS / KEY EUROPEAN MARKETS FOR RUSSIAINBOUND TOURISM IN RUSSIA FROM EUROPEAN COUNTRIESGermany – ranked II – 514 000 arrivalsUnited Kingdom – ranked III - 190 000 arrivalsFrance – ranked VI - 155 000 arrivals 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Austria Germany Spain Italy Netherlands Poland United Kingdom Sweden Finland France
  4. 4. London Berlin RUSSIAN TOURISM ROADSHOW ParisRUSSIAN TOURISM ROADSHOW TO EUROPEAN CITIES:Promotional and networking tool of Russian Tourism AuthoritiesMISSION: to increase awareness about Russia as a destination with rich cultural and natural heritage, as well as business and leisure destination to MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) experts on short haul flights between Europe and Russia, an attractive market for visitors and investorsMAIN GOAL: to strengthen ties and boost awareness of European travel trade and investment experts of Russian tourism offersFRAMEWORK: participation in 2- or 3-day trip to one of the defined destinations according to the chosen topics (London, Berlin, Paris)RESULTS: the road show is expected to attract interest to the market areas that are not yet been exposed to European counterparts and result in upscale of investments and sales volumes for the promising Russian destinations
  6. 6. CENTRAL RUSSIA TOURIST DESTINATIONThe heritage of Central Russia cities is buil-up by the crucial moments ofthe Russian eventful history. THE BEST OFNowadays numerous architectural ensembles, historical places, churches, Belgorod Regioncloisters and ancient mansions of different periods and styles attract Bryansk Regionmillions of pilgrims and tourists searching for new culture-cognitive Ivanovo Regiondestinations. Kaluga RegionThe best way to make a clear picture of the Central Russia architecture, Kostroma Regionartistic heritage and living traditions of Russia is to visit big cities and small Kursk Regiontowns of the Golden Ring of Russia. Lipetsk Region Moscow Region Orel Region Ryazan Region Smolensk Region Tambov Region Tula Region Tver Region Vladimir Region Voronezh Region Yaroslavl Region
  7. 7. SOUTH OF RUSSIA TOURIST DESTINATIONIn summer: many resorts of the Black sea coast of the Krasnodar Regionare competitive with popular foreign centers of beach-related rest today. THE BEST OFExperienced mountaineers and big fans of mountain trekking can climb thehighest peak of Europe — the Elbrus (5642 m). Republic of Adygea Astrakhan RegionIn winter: the most advanced skiers and snowboarders will have the Republica of Kalmykiaincomparable pleasure of skiing on the Elbrus or the Dombai and, of Krasnodar Kraicourse, in Krasnaya Polyana, which will welcome the participants of the Rostov RegionOlympic Games in Sochi in February 2014. Volgograd Region Stavropol Krai North Caucasus Republics: Chechnya Ingushetia North Osetia-Alania Kabardino-Balkaria Karachaevo-Cherkessia Dagestan
  8. 8. NORTH-WEST OF RUSSIA TOURIST DESTINATIONThe Region is washed by Baltic, White, Barents, Pechora and the KaraSeas. It is rich in forests, stone, ecologically clean water, flora and fauna, as THE BEST OFwell as in people aspiring to live in harmony with the beauty ofsurrounding nature. The Region is becoming more popular among peoplefond of ecological and active tourism. Arkhangelsk Region Kaliningrad RegionThe region is a home of Russian most ancient cities like Veliky Novgorod. Republic of KareliaTraditions and handicrafts of peasants are continued in everyday and Komi Republiccultural life of the villages and settlements of the north-west region. Leningrad Region Murmansk Region Nenets Autonomous Okrug Novgorod Region Pskov Region Vladimir Region Vologoda Region
  9. 9. VOLGA REGION OF RUSSIA TOURIST DESTINATIONWhere Europe meet Asia.The culture that have been influenced by great movements of people fromAsia to Europe. THE BEST OFThe cultural legacies of Russian merchants, Tatar tribes and German Astrakhan Regioncolonists are displayed in the ancient kremlins, spire-topped mosques and Volgograd RegionLutheran churches along river banks. Chuvash Republic Bashkortostan Republic Kirov RegionThe region has varied tourist facilities to meet the demand for river cruises, Mari El Republicfishing and hunting, rural, eco and culture-cognitive tourist routs. Mordovia Republic Nizhny Novgorod Region Penza Region Permski Krai Samara Region Saratov Region Republic of Tatarstan Orenburg Region Udmurt Republic Ulyanovsk Region
  10. 10. URALS AND SIBERIA OF RUSSIA TOURIST DESTINATIONLarge territories of the Russian Siberia are the best place to master the THE BEST OFskills of running a deer or a dog team and at the same time to see and Altai Republicexperience all the flavor of traditional lifestyle of indigenous small Altai Kraiethnic communities. Buryat Republic Zabaykalsky KraiThe largest fresh-water and deepest lake in the world - Baikal - is Irkutsk Regionfamous, first of all, for the beauty of its nature. But this region is also Kemerovo Regionrich in sights of cultural and educational tourism. Krasnoyarsk Krai Novosibirsk Region Omsk Region Tomsk Region Tuva Region Republic of Khakassia Kurgan Region Sverdlovsk Region Khanty-Mansy Autonomous Okrug Chelyabinsk Region Yamalo-Nenets Autonomou Okrug
  11. 11. FAR EAST OF RUSSIA TOURIST DESTINATIONThe land of gold and diamands between Baikal Lake in Eastern Siberia andthe Pacific Ocean is one of the spots on our planet where primeval natureand variety of animal and plant species is preserved. THE BEST OFThis is the only place in the world where you can find Hooded crane, Ross Amur Regiongull and white Siberian crane. Moose, Manchurian deer, reindeers, big Jewish Autonomous Regionhorns, white and brown bears, foxes, sables and gluttons live in this intact Kamchatka Kraitaiga, tundra and amongst arctic eternal ice, fish like omul, broad Magadan Regionwhitefish, taimen, inconnu, pike and vendance - in the mountain lakes Primorsky Krai Sakha Republic Sakhalin Region Khabarovsk Krai Chukotka Autonomous Okrug
  12. 12. London Berlin RUSSIAN TOURISM ROADSHOW Paris Workshops Business Program Presentations BriefingsEVENTS’ STRUCTURE: 2 days Negotiations Embassies/Trade Missions of Russian Official visits of Federation National Tourism Boards the Russian delegation Regional Development Agencies City Halls and City Councils Tours of local tourism infrastructure Companies/units/clusters PR & Promotion Media cover, press-conferences, Communication, special events Receptions Networking
  13. 13. London Berlin RUSSIAN TOURISM ROADSHOW Paris BUSINESS PROGRAM KEY ISSUES / TRAVEL & TOURISM BANCHMARKINGCountry Rank/ Description Europe characterized by abundant cultural resources, ranked 6th worldwide for its 32 WorldGERMANY 2 Heritage cultural sites, 2nd for the number of international fairs and exhibitions held in the country, and 3rd for its creative industries; the country’s infrastructure is among the best in the world, ranked 3rd for the quality of its ground transport infrastructure and 7th for its air transport infrastructure attracts tourists with its rich cultural heritage (ranked 4th for the number of World Heritage cultural sites and 7th for creative industries); hosts many international fairsFRANCE 3 and exhibitions (ranked 5th), thereby attracting business travelers as well; France’s ground transport infrastructure is among the best in the world (ranked 4th), with the quality of roads and railroads particularly well assessed, as well as its air transport infrastructure (ranked 6th) T&T competitiveness is based on its excellent cultural resources (ranked 3rd), strongTHE 6 human resources (ranked 8th), and solid ICT and air transport infrastructures (rankedUNITED 9th and 5th, respectively); the country also benefits from a supportive policyKINGDOM environment as well as significant focus on environmental sustainability
  14. 14. London Berlin RUSSIAN TOURISM ROADSHOW Paris WORKSHOPS PRIORITIES: Investment, Destination Marketing, Culture&Heritage Management Tourism Investment Russia - EU Workshop on Russia – France Heritage and Workshop for Russia & Tourism Development & Cultural Tourism Workshop & Russian Tourism Roadshow Russian Tourism Roadshow Russian Tourism Roadshow LONDON BERLIN PARISTourism investment trends; Sustainability of industry Natural, cultural and human development; resources management;Investment promotion andattraction; Quality of the industry’s products Destination branding and management; marketing;Venture investing and SMEfunding; Territorial competitiveness tools; Actual demand trends;Private and public contribution Market openness and policy Non-price competitivenessto the tourism infrastructure transparency issues; pillars;development. MICE and Hospitality potential. Intercultural dialogue.
  15. 15. London Berlin RUSSIAN TOURISM ROADSHOW Paris ROADSHOW - IDEAL PLATFORMTo provide European travelagents with the information To learn from first hand on the range of Russian RUSSIAN on what Russia has to travel opportunities: TOURISM EUROPEAN offer: services, destinations and AUTHORITIES BUYERS products, services and tourism infrastructure. destinations based on the commercial expertise ROAD SHOW To network and form To find out thestrategic alliances with RUSSIAN opportunities vailable the buyers from SELLERS EUROPEAN TRAVEL EUROPEAN for trade and Europe AGENTS BUSINESS investment in Russian tourism To benefit from market promotional offers and gain some great prizes
  16. 16. London Berlin RUSSIAN TOURISM ROADSHOW Paris Culture and nature heritage of Prospective New territories destinations for Development Plan inbound tourists of the sector Tourism Projects of products and tourism services Investments clusters Opportunities of the sector in Russia Key tourism indicators and pillars of National culture Russian regions experiences and expressions forRussian Roadshow will present foreign tourists
  17. 17. London Berlin RUSSIAN TOURISM ROADSHOW Paris April 2012: Russian Tourism Roadshow to Europe Roadshow participants could gain special promotion prices for tours to the Russian Regions May – June 2012: Tours to the Russian Regions for European PartWorkshops Visits Meetings Negotiations