A Connected Center: Bringing Communities Online


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A digital advocacy webinar featuring:

- Matthew Fluharty, Director, The Art of the Rural
- Rita O'Connell, Communications Director, Taos Health Systems, Inc.
- Joyce Hospodar, Manager, Health Systems Development, Center for Rural Health, Zuckerman College of Public Health, University of Arizona

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A Connected Center: Bringing Communities Online

  1. 1. Digital Advocacy Webinar Series A Connected Center: Bringing Communities Online Our panelists: Matthew Fluharty, Executive Director The Art of the Rural Rita O’Connell, Taos Health Systems Joyce Hospodar, University of Arizona Center for Rural Health Southwest Rural Policy Network Our moderator: Marty Newell, Center for Rural Strategies Funding from July 31, 2013 2:00pm ET
  2. 2. Q & A will be conducted through the questions box on your toolbar How we’ll spend this next hour together:  GotoWebinar tech overview  Introductions  Presentations
  3. 3. GotoWebinar Tips:  This webinar will be recorded and made available on the RuralXChange website this week.  All webinar controls are located on your toolbar on the right side of your screen. You can minimize or move the bar for a better view of the presentation.  All participants will be muted throughout the webinar.  If you have a question for the presenters or have technical difficulties, please use the question/chat feature located at the bottom of your tool bar.
  4. 4. asthe The Rural Arts and Culture Map Matthew Fluharty: Executive Director, Art of the Rural Rachel Beth Rudi and Savannah Barrett, Project Contributors
  5. 5. The Rural Arts and Culture Map: Collaborators
  6. 6. Mission: to create a map that becomes a manifestation of direct, local experience; a digital tool that transcends itself; a meeting point for conversation and shared ground; and a foundation through which to unite and motivate rural citizens across the country.
  7. 7. Place-Based Digital Storytelling Across Disciplines, Sectors, and Regions Our Collaborators: Artists, Citizens, & Policymakers Local Communities Regional Organizations University Departments and Programs State and National Entities
  8. 8. We believe digital media can collapse the geographical distance that has long separated rural people from themselves and their urban partners… …but that such technology must work to bridge human relationships through events, programs, publications, and the creation of collaborative communities.
  9. 9. What’s Next? • Further collaboration and engagement online and on the ground • Expand the network across rural and urban lines • Launch new site for the project and Art of the Rural in August of 2013 • Develop a toolkit for community engagement • Partner with state and national entities to enhance rural networks and expand the potential for storytelling and collaboration • Continue discussion and inquiry into the evolving nature of the project • Are we building a narrative atlas? Has this project become The Atlas of Rural Arts and Culture? Will that idea better serve rural people, rural arts, and rural policy?
  10. 10. Imagine an atlas with a structure ordered to tell a story greater than those told by each individual map, an atlas with something more clearly on its mind than keeping the maps off the floor. There are terrific examples of narrative atlases, self-consciously narrative...This effectively and immediately removes the maps from the class of reference works and encourages reading the maps as links in a chain of argument…It soon becomes apparent that the plates build on each other, that the divisions of the atlas have a rhetorical—not arbitrary– basis, that the notes are vital to any deep understanding of the maps. - Denis Wood, Everything Sings: Maps for a Narrative Atlas
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  13. 13. For more information  The Rural Arts and Culture Map: http://placestories.com/community/RuralArtsAndCulture  The Art of the Rural: http://theruralsite.blogspot.com  Southwest Rural Policy Network: http://southwestruralpolicynetwork.org/
  14. 14. Digital Advocacy Webinar Series A Connected Center: Bringing Communities Online Continue the conversation at: www.ruralxchange.net/digital Funding from