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B8 utilize data to advocate keith wiley - hac


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One’s position is only as strong as the information one uses to support it, no matter how worthwhile the endeavor. Making the case for housing assistance in rural America is no different. Understanding and presenting housing data effectively is a key element of advocating for families, seniors, and veterans in need. The ability to access and use data, such as the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, is a powerful tool. This workshop will help familiarize participants with accessing data and will present ways data can be used to most effectively advocate for rural housing needs.

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B8 utilize data to advocate keith wiley - hac

  2. 2. DATA CONTENTSData Source  Census 2010 SF1  ACS 2006-10 Five-Year Estimates  Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Data 2010Taking Stock Report Data Available  Nation, State, and County Geography  No High Needs Region Information
  3. 3. DATA SEARCHESTwo Search Levels  Fact Sheet-Rural 100 Variables  Specific Attribute SearchGeography  Small Town & Rural, Suburban & Exurban and Urban Geographic Breakdown – National and State Measures  Single Geography Breakdown -County MeasuresAccess from HAC website
  4. 4. RELIABILITY INDEX Some Estimates have a large margins of error  Issue with sparsely populated rural areas  Cimarron County, Oklahoma (Pop. 2,652) Age Group: Poverty Estimate Upper Bound Lower Bound Number Percent Number Percent Number Percent Under 18 Total 620 Under 18 Living in Poverty 216 34.8 299 48.2 133 21.5 Index attempts to make user aware issue  Dark Green - Very Reliable  Light Green - Generally Reliable  Yellow - Caution (Review Census Margin of Error)  Gray - Not Available or Not Calculated
  5. 5. BEST TESTING DATA PORTAL Review Data Portal Test Search to identify bugs Leave email and will contact