B1 survival of the fittest - tools for tough times


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During tough economic times nonprofit housing organizations may feel squeezed between rising demands and falling resources. In order to survive, and thrive, your organization must be proactive in assessing and accepting the new economic reality and seek new opportunities wherever they may arise. Join us as we discuss how nonprofits can realign – from scaling back programs, to partnering with other agencies, to merging organizations. We’ll address a variety of approaches for nonprofit housing organizations of all shapes and sizes.

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B1 survival of the fittest - tools for tough times

  2. 2. National Rural Housing Conference 2012 Survival of the Fittest Self-Help Enterprises and HAC Over 40 years of partnership and progress
  3. 3. Incorporated in 1965…SHE is the oldestmutual self-help housing organization in thenation.Mission: To improve the living conditions ofthe low-income families of California’s SanJoaquin Valley.
  4. 4. SHE Service Area If the San Joaquin Valley were a state… The San Joaquin Valley is larger in area than ten states (over 27,000 square miles in the 8 county SHE service area). The San Joaquin Valley would rank 31st in population, exceeding 20 states.
  5. 5. Sustainable CommunitiesSelf-Help Enterprises and the San Joaquin Valley Over 45 years of partnership and progress
  6. 6. The “Other” California
  7. 7. Challenges•High Unemployment•Agriculture basedeconomy•Substandard LivingConditions•Lack of Infrastructure•Low Education
  8. 8. Expanding Capital InvestmentHomeownership, Rental, Rehab, Repair
  9. 9. InfrastructureCommunity Development (Water and Wastewater) .
  10. 10. Single Family – Mutual Self-Help
  11. 11. Farmworker and Family Rental Housing
  12. 12. And then the Recession HitWe were facing: Funding at Risk Real Estate collapse Reduced local government resources Wary Lenders Lack of support And we were: Lack in Interest Over-invested in land Over-staffed Over-optimistic
  13. 13. When the tide goes out…..
  14. 14. Learning to look at things differently
  15. 15. Getting Real, Real Fast“Not everything that is faced can be changed,but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” James Baldwin
  16. 16. Three Basic Rules• Know what your assumptions are.• Distinguish what’s certain, and what’s hoped-for• Information is not knowledge
  17. 17. Most Important …. Keep the Mission• “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” ‒ George Bernard Shaw
  18. 18. And we’re still building…
  19. 19. And adding to the housing supply…
  20. 20. For them….
  21. 21. …and for them.
  22. 22. Survival of the Fittest: Tools for Tough Times“Collaborate for Success” Presented by Christopher W. Sanchez
  23. 23. NALCAB’s MissionTo build financial and real estate assets aswell as human and technology resources forLatino families, communities, andorganizations.
  24. 24. NALCAB SUMMARYBased in San Antonio, TexasNumber of Staff: 16Service Area: 30 states and the District of Columbia 80+ Member Organizations NationallyPrimary Focus: Build community assets and family wealth inpredominately Latino and immigrant communities. • Support our Members • Invest in Leadership • Create a National Forum
  25. 25. Main Programs OfferedHelp Members Access Investment Capital andGrant Awards (Federal & Private Sources)Train & Develop the Next Generation of LatinoLeadershipSupport Entrepreneurship ProgramsOrganize Consortia (Encourage Collaboration)
  26. 26. CONSORTIUMDefinition:1. Combination of organizations for common purpose.An association or grouping ofinstitutions, businesses, or financialorganizations, usually set up for a commonpurpose that would be beyond the capabilitiesof a single member of the group.
  27. 27. NALCAB ExamplesNeighborhood Stabilization Program 2Broadband Technology Opportunities ProgramBorder Community Capital Initiative
  28. 28. APPROACH TO SUCCESS:• Identify the Need and Define the Market• Build Partnership across Stakeholders (Share instead of Compete)• Pursue Funding Partners that “FIT”• Raise Awareness – Letters, E-Blasts, Research• Provide a Forum – Strategic Messaging• Mobilize
  29. 29. LIVE EXAMPLE• Need for Capital in underserved U.S. / Mexico Border Region• Organize non-profits that serve Colonia Communities• Outreach to HUD / CDFI / USDA-RD and Private Donors• Embarked on a Letter Campaign to Decision-Makers• Annual Border Summit – Invite stakeholders & Funders• Prepare to respond to funding opportunities
  30. 30. RESULTS:Unified Message + Combined Resources = OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL
  31. 31. ContactChristopher W. Sanchez Program Director csanchez@nalcab.org
  32. 32.  Promoting affordable housing for 7 years Providing a full array housing services
  33. 33. Community ActionNetworkOUR MISSION:To promote rural development byproducing affordable housing andincreasing the skill andemployability of participantsthrough hands on training.
  34. 34. Community Action NetworkSERVICE AREA
  35. 35. Community Action NetworkEVALUATION OF HOUSING SERVICES Scaling Back Coverage Area Seeking New Opportunities Scaling Back Staff Partnering with Other Organizations
  36. 36. Community Action NetworkHOUSING SERVICES - 2009 Homeownership – 80% Homeowner Repair – 10% Housing Counseling – 5% Rental Homes – 5%
  37. 37. Community Action NetworkHOUSING SERVICES - 2012 Homeownership – 40% Homeowner Repair – 30% Housing Counseling – 10% Rental Homes – 20%
  38. 38. Community ActionNetworkASSESSING STAFF CAN’s Construction Foreman evaluated the construction crew Presented evaluation to Board of Directors Board decided to scale back the construction crew from 8 to 4 employees CAN becoming a Licensed Contractor
  39. 39. Community ActionNetworkPARTNERSHIPS Joining/forming Statewide Housing Coalition Damascus Road Homeless Shelter TARP Center for Independent Living
  40. 40. Community Action NetworkASSESSING & EVALUATING Outreach in Community Awarding Good Employees Recognizing our Funders CHDO Merging Evaluation Community Needs
  41. 41. Community Action NetworkSECRETS TO OUR SUCCES: Assess, Evaluate, and Realign!!!
  42. 42. Joyce M. Barr Phase Inc. Phase Management Inc. Harvest Home Apartments Courtes de Emerald ApartmentsCourtes de Emerald II Apartments Paradise Estates Apartments Friendship Crossing Apartments
  43. 43. Harvest Home Apartments
  44. 44. Harvest Home Apartments 22 units
  45. 45. Harvest Home Apartments On-site laundry facilityMailboxes
  46. 46. Harvest Home Apartments Umbrella covered benches throughout propertyPlayground
  47. 47. Courtes de Emerald Apartments
  48. 48. Courtes de Emerald Apartments 28 units
  49. 49. Courtes de Emerald Apartments PlaygroundPavilion/Barbeque Grills
  50. 50. Courtes de Emerald II Apartments
  51. 51. Courtes de Emerald II Apartments 32 units
  52. 52. Courtes de Emerald II Apartments On-site laundry facilityMailboxes
  53. 53. Courtes de Emerald II Apartments GazeboGaming tables/playground
  54. 54. Courtes de Emerald II Apartments Walking TrailComputer Labs
  55. 55. Friendship Crossing Apartments
  56. 56. Friendship Crossing Apartments 40 units
  57. 57. Friendship Crossing Apartments On-site laundry facilityPlayground
  58. 58. Friendship Crossing Apartments Pavilion w/ grillsMailboxes
  59. 59. Friendship Crossing Apartments Fitness CenterComputer Center
  60. 60. Friendship Crossing Apartments Car Wash FacilityGazebo w/ rose garden
  61. 61. Friendship Crossing Apartments Beautiful Community Center
  62. 62. Paradise Estates Apartments
  63. 63. Paradise Estates Apartments 50 units
  64. 64. Paradise Estates Apartments On-site laundry facilityMailboxes
  65. 65. Paradise Estates Apartments Pavilion w/ grillsPlayground
  66. 66. Paradise Estates Apartments Tennis CourtSplash Pod
  67. 67. Paradise Estates Apartments Fitness Center Computer Lab Soccer Field
  68. 68. Paradise Estates Apartments Beautiful Community Center
  69. 69. Joyce M. Barr Phase Inc.Phase Management Inc.