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A1 Housing The Elderly - NCRC, Robert Zdenek


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Rural America has a large and growing senior population, but also often lacks housing resources and capacity. In fact, most federal housing programs for the elderly have been cut in this current period of budget austerity. How are organizations meeting the growing need while adjusting to changes in HUD and USDA programs? Learn more about changing demographics, policy, and advocacy at this workshop.

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A1 Housing The Elderly - NCRC, Robert Zdenek

  1. 1. National Neighbors Silver Robert Zdenek, Director December 6, 2012National Rural Housing Conference
  2. 2. Building economic security and preserving wealth.We cannot tackle every problem in our communitiesaffecting older adults. But through our 15 localcampaigns, we can…• Empower older adults.• Fight for better banking.• Keep seniors at home.
  3. 3. Combining methods for change.Organizing: Establishment of up to 15 local campaigns, includingone full-time organizer and 5 community Ambassadors.Collectively, these community leaders will reach thousands ofolder adults.Advocacy: Development of a national platform – including afederal policy agenda, housing counseling, foreclosureprevention, and an “age-friendly banking” standard.Direct Service/Asset Building: Direct services to older adultsoffered via the Housing Counseling Network and trainings forservice providers, housing counselors, advocates and the broaderNCRC network.
  4. 4. Current Grantees: •Building Our Movement California Coalition for Rural Housing • Causa Justa :: Just Cause- Oakland • Empowering & Strengthening Ohio’s People- Cleveland • Faith Action for Community Equity- Hawaii • Jewish Community Action- Minneapolis • New York StateWide Senior Action Council- Buffalo • Pilsen Neighbors Community Council- Chicago • RISE Foundation- Memphis • United Neighbors – Davenport, IA • Western Maine Community Action- Franklin County
  5. 5. Grantee SpotlightCalifornia Coalition for Rural Housing – Working with the FederalReserve Board of San Francisco, CCRH will be organizing andfacilitating eight age-friendly banking roundtables. Roundtables aretargeted to residents of affordable rental housing properties ownedand operated by CCRH-member organizations for older adults.Western Maine Community Action - Ambassadors from WesternMaine Community Action created the Franklin County ElderIndependence Task Force to confront the unique challenges of agingin a rural environment. One Ambassador, a retired banker, isworking directly with local banks to develop and implement age-friendly banking standards.
  6. 6. To learn more about National Neighbors Silverand the National Community ReinvestmentCoalition, contact:Robert Zdenek,