The benefits of healthy wetlands from a planning wf wfinal


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The benefits of healthy wetlands from a planning wf wfinal

  1. 1. Capturing the Benefits of Healthy Wetlands: A Planner’s Perspective Alister Scott MRTPI Wetland Futures Conference 1/2 October 2013
  2. 2. 1. Re-discovering planning 2. Negotiating the built versus natural environment divide 3. Identifying planning ‘hooks’ for wetland management 4. Championing existing good planning practice 5. Cautioning future planning practice 6. ‘Whatevering’ Outline
  3. 3. FROM…. Rediscovering planning
  4. 4. Rediscovering planning deliver homes, business & industrial units, infrastructure & thriving local places that the country needs, while protecting & enhancing the natural and historic environment NPPF 2012 p1 TO………
  5. 5. Navigating the planning vs environment divide Natural Environment INCENTIVE Defra NEWP Landscape Scale Ecosystem Services Local Nature Partnerships Built Environment CONTROL DCLG NPPF Local/Neighbourhood Scale Economic, Social & Environmental costs/benefits Local Enterprise Partnerships
  6. 6. Managing Environmental Change
  7. 7. Planning ‘Hooks’ Paragraph 109
  8. 8. Source: Jim Davies Env Agency
  9. 9. Exmoor: South West Water Exmoor R Barle R Exe Wimbleball Resr & R Haddeo Exebridge Pumping Station Replenishment Pumping Approx 5 miles, lifting water from 120 to 240 m AOD CO 2 Source: Charles Cowap
  10. 10. Uses an Ecosystem Services Framework for development of plan Ecosystem Services mapping exercises for evidence base and masterplan Landscape- scale approach supported by Biosphere Reserve and NIA
  11. 11. Bridgend : SCANN CCW 2012
  12. 12. Hampton
  13. 13. Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent WHO Local Nature Partnership Local Enterprise Partnership Health Boards WHAT Mainstream environment into decision making Ecosystem assessment Value environmental assets £110 million annually. DECISION MAKERS ………
  14. 14. Cautionary practice 1 Community Infrastructure Levy Levy based on development to benefit community Development monies used to re-invest in enhancement of environmental infrastructure? Currently Wetlands not really being considered WHY?
  15. 15. Cautionary practice 2 Biodiversity Offsetting (Habitat Banking) Extends scope of Section 106 planning agreements Offsets as first or last resorts? Based on substitutability but could be used for wetland improvement. Pilots Explicit linkages of planning with biodiversity applicable to many developments
  16. 16. Hooks vital to progress discussion and partnerships Planners not well embedded in natural environment (wetland) lexicon and vice versa Importance of having sound evidence base for use in planning tools to identify trade-offs Shared language of multiple benefits unites. Valuation of nature (wetlands) has costs and benefits! Whatevering
  17. 17. Completing the Jigsaw Strategic Environmen tal Assessment Learning by doing Monitoring and indicators Valuation Embedding programme Evidence Tools to enable local delivery Guidance Public Participation Plan Development