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Published in: Travel
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  1. 1. Thank you Grace!
  2. 2. For giving us the platform to learn, share ourlearnings, experiences and the opportunity to get to know our HR colleaguesfrom different platforms!!!
  3. 3. We learned thru practice and experience sharing…
  4. 4. And your sessions on Feedback and Coaching were extremely relevant and useful!!!
  5. 5. Got to know we are all African!
  6. 6. We posed outside Mandela House
  7. 7. …and inside Mandela House
  8. 8. We wandered around the Apartheid Museum
  9. 9. …and wandered some more
  10. 10. Visitors at theApartheidMuseum areencouraged toplace colorfulsticks into slottedbenches tobetter appreciatediversity…
  11. 11. We posed in front of Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s residence!
  12. 12. …and just posed
  13. 13. …and posed, but learned of pitfalls ofoutsourcing photography…sorry Abiot!!!
  14. 14. We networked and enjoyed lots
  15. 15. …and had fun…