M Banking- Take the Money With You


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It was made for the Citycell Interview...

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M Banking- Take the Money With You

  1. 1. Scenario 01 A student is surfing the website of a foreign university, and she wants to apply! But suddenly, she realizes that she doesn’t have a credit card and she also doesn’t want to pay the extra amount to any agency... WHAT TO DO?
  2. 2. Scenario 02 You and your friends go to eat out at a café; but suddenly you realize that you don’t have enough cash with you and you don’t even know the location of the closest ATM Machine… WHAT TO DO?
  3. 3. Scenario 03 You and your colleagues are chatting at the office, and suddenly someone cried out with anguish that his share price just started falling…everyone hurried to call his/her broker; but to make things worse, you find out that your broker isn’t even picking up the phone… WHAT TO DO?
  4. 4. M BA N K I N G Ta ke T h e M o n ey W i t h Yo u
  5. 5. Presentation Outline Chapter 01 | The Product Chapter 02 | Objective Chapter 03 | Competitive Analysis Chapter 04 | Justification Chapter 05 | Communication Tools
  6. 6. M Banking
  7. 7. Chapter 01 | The Product M Banking- A term used for performing balance checks, account What is transactions, payments etc. via mobile phones. Mobile Banking?? Do Banking with your PHONE… whenever…wherever
  8. 8. Chapter 01 | The Product
  9. 9. Chapter 01 | The Product Transaction Based Information Based Mobile Financial Mobile Accounting Information Services Domestic and international fund transfers Portfolio management services Balance enquiry Micro-payment handling Last three transactions Mobile recharging Real-time stock quotes Commercial payment processing Check payment status Bill payment processing Check book request Peer to Peer paymentsand notifications on Personalized alerts Statement request security prices Withdrawal at banking agent ATM Search Deposit at banking agent Stock Price …and many more Mobile Brokerage
  10. 10. Chapter 01 | The Product M Banking: Target Market Corporate Class Students General Mass …and on a test basis, RURAL POPULATION (REMOTEST CORNERS)
  11. 11. M Banking
  12. 12. Chapter 02 | Objective make life easier make every minute of your life count TAKE MONEY WITH YOU …all the time
  13. 13. Chapter 03 | Competitive Analysis SWOT Analysis: Strengths Opportunities 1. Hassle Free Banking 1. Remove poverty with M Banking 2. Availability of Money 2. Huge potential to facilitate both Telecom 3. Simplification of billing transaction and Banking Industry 4. Instant Information 3. IT Sector Development 5. Financial Market simplified 4. Increase Consumer Base 6. Forget Hard Cash 5. More Versatile Industry and Players Weakness Threats 1. Technological Uniformity 1. Still Under Construction 2. Might be complicated to some users 2. Consumers can be subject to spamming 3. Security 3. Can loose valuable information 4. Reliability
  14. 14. Chapter 03 | Competitive Analysis Market Analysis Untapped Market M Banking 1st Mover’s Advantage is the next Huge Potential big thing!!! Mobiles are becoming commodity in Bangladesh Mobiles connect the remotest corners of the country It can play major contribution in hassle-free remittance collection
  15. 15. Chapter 04 | Justification Mobile Banking is the Future Why Every Minute Counts Mobile Banking?? Do Everything…on your PALM Ease of Life
  16. 16. Chapter 04 | Justification 79.34% of all the respondents want to avoid hassles and time wastage. 35% of the corporate respondents have symbian phones and/or smart phones. Why Mobile Banking?? 46% of the normal urban respondents have symbian phones and/or smart phones. Survey Results 83% of all the respondents wants simplicity in Banking activities 45% of all the respondents already use currently existing mobile information based services.
  17. 17. Chapter 05 | Communication Tools PR & Pre- Sponsor Press launch Publicity -ships Releases Party
  18. 18. Chapter 05 | Communication Tools Direct Mail Corporate Clients Privileged Customers …and other VIPs
  19. 19. Chapter 05 | Communication Tools Media Print TVC & Internet Media Radio Students General Mass
  20. 20. Chapter 05 | Communication Tools Mobile Phone
  21. 21. M Banking Take The Money With You