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Computer Masti


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Computer Masti Product Presentation

Computer Masti

  1. 1. Simplifying and Strengthening Knowledge
  2. 2. ThoughtfulTechnology
  3. 3. Let’s take a step back
  4. 4. EducationTechnology
  5. 5. Technology Education
  6. 6. Computer Science in Schools (1- 12)
  7. 7. Understanding the Current Scenario (1/3)
  8. 8. Understanding the Current Scenario (2/3)‣Exposure to technology - #smartphones #laptops, #embedded computers #digital-solutions #tabs have become a norm.‣High proliferation of Education related material.‣#Overwhelming #Confused
  9. 9. Understanding the Current Scenario (3/3)Understanding the Current Scenario (3/3) Computer Science in Schools has mostly been about acquiring skills
  10. 10. Questioning the Current Scenario ? (1/3) Can somebody who ‘only’ knows how to operate an email service write good emails? Is just the ability to type email sufficient?
  11. 11. Questioning the Current Scenario Can somebody who ‘ only ’ knows the skill of MS-PPT create effective presentations?
  12. 12. Questioning the Current Scenario ‣Can somebody who ‘only’ knows how to use the syntax of a programming language write efficient programs?
  13. 13. Correct Learning of Computer Science in How ? Schools.
  14. 14. Computer Science with Design andthinking at every Pedagogy step
  15. 15. Approach
  16. 16. Approach Patanjali Yoga Sutra Ideology (Sutras) by Patanjali Maharishi to attain ‘Pramana’ (right knowledge). It is related to constructivist method of teaching/learning
  17. 17. Computers with blend of 21st Century Skills ‣ Thinking Process skills such as Stepwise thinking, Gathering information systematically, Brain storming & Mind maps. ‣ Group activities & Project Based Learning. ‣ Modern communication tools & Cloud computing. ‣ Multi-media programing & Digital story telling.
  18. 18. Computers with HOTS (Higher OrderThinking Skills)
  19. 19. Computer Science with blend of Multiple Intelligence Computer blended with healthy habits for next generation of technology users – dynamics of technology and less of physical activity.
  20. 20. FamiliarityExamples with Computers
  21. 21. Examples Publishing
  22. 22. Examples Internet
  23. 23. ProgramminExamples g
  24. 24. Introducing Computer‣Masti Science for ComputerWhat is Computer Masti (CM) ? Schools. ‣ It is a collaborative product of IIT Bombay and InOpen Technologies. ‣ Content Service Solution. Text Book (or ebook) along with Teacher Training, Handholding and Assessments. ‣ Available for different curriculums
  25. 25. Highlights
  26. 26. Computer Masti ‣ The inception of Computer Masti (CM) has come about at a critical juncture when there was a visible need for a standard Computer curriculum, trained teachers and quality instructional material. ‣ Fun and Engaging Content. ‣ CM uses Scaffolded learning. ‣ CM adopts a constructivist pedagogical approach. Learning is contextual and idiosyncratic. ‣ The content apart from teaching the computer literacy skills, also teaches concepts like stepwise thinking and logical reasoning.
  27. 27. Computer Masti: Applications CM is independent of any operating system. We celebrate FOSS Applications can be installed from internet and used without any cost Visual programing methods Mind mapping tools Productivity tools Educational games
  28. 28. Computer Masti : FeaturedComputer Masti: Featured ApplicationApplication Scratch - A visual programming language from MIT, USA. It helps establish correct programming skills in adolescent years
  29. 29. Continuous Evaluation through scaffoldedproblem-based learning Worksheets Activity Projects
  30. 30. ImplementatioDeep Support n
  31. 31. Implementation and Support
  32. 32. Google Docs in Core CS Curriculum#search
  33. 33. Google Docs in Core CS Curriculum #email
  34. 34. Google Docs in Core CS Curriculum #docs
  35. 35. Google Docs in Core CS Curriculum #blogs
  36. 36. Google Docs in Core CS Curriculum #stats‣300,00 students and 125+ schools using Google Docs intheir Govt. prescribed. 2000+ teachers introduced already.Saved 100,000 $ uptil now
  37. 37. Computer Masti in Multilpe Langugaes Hindi Urdu Marathi Tamil Telugu Gujarati Bengali Kannada Arabic French
  38. 38. For us, Teaching Computers is just an excuseto: ‣ Develop clarity in step-wise execution of any task, right from planning to evaluation. ‣ Develop clarity in communication, right from critical thinking to creative presentations. ‣ Develop confidence in solving complex problems using simple thinking. • In Other words, we choose Computer Science as a vehicle to mold next generation technology users.
  39. 39. Ideal Scenario: Concepts are important, Skillsfollow..
  40. 40. Direct from GalleryClassrooms
  41. 41. Computer Masti Lab
  42. 42. Camp Activities
  43. 43. Computer Masti Implementation for under-resourced
  44. 44. Computer Masti Teacher Training
  45. 45. Computer Masti -Principal Conference
  46. 46. Our Vision - Confident Thinkers
  47. 47. InOpen | Love
  48. 48. InOpen | Executive Summary ‣InOpen started in 2009 by Rupesh and Prof. Sridhar ‣Incubated in IIT Bombay. ‣Focus on developing high quality academic content through intense research. ‣InOpen aims to touch the lives of 1,000,000 students by 2013. InOpen has also been mandated by Govt. agencies. ‣InOpen has also been mandated by Govt. agencies.
  49. 49. DeliverImagine Create Thank YouA Sharad Naidu | | +91-9619559597 |