Lebc services for employers, auto enrolment


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Lebc services for employers, auto enrolment

  1. 1. LEBC Group provides a bespoke solutionencompassing:• An explanation of the potentialadditional costs of the legislation• A review that will enable you to create aplan for the best course of action, basedon possible future scenarios• Information to enable you to managethe direct and indirect costsThe LEBC Groupauto-enrolmentserviceOur unique service covers the following sixkey areas:1. A full impact assessment analysis• We calculate the contribution profilesbased on four qualifying contribution testsand factor in agreed scenario assumptions,to assess the full impact of employeeswho opt in/out or leave service• We identify employment contractualissues from a pensions perspective• We help examine the existingadministration and payroll infrastructureto identify potential areas of non-compliance• We put forward cost mitigationopportunities2. The adequacy of your existing pensionarrangements to accommodate the influxof new membersLEBC Group will appraise your existingscheme(s) in terms of:• Benchmarking• Charging structure• Investment choices and performance• Administration robustness• Member functionality• Governance systems3. The suitability of alternative pensionarrangementsIf you decide that you want to consideralternative pension arrangements, LEBCGroup will carry out a full market review,which will include NEST and the otherrecent entrants to the market. Followingthis, we will put forward a shortlist ofsuitable providers based upon a stringentset of measurements to determine thesuitability of each provider covering:• Financial strength• Charges• Investment choices• Market commitment• Administration standards• Website functionalityAuto-enrolment ServiceA guide for employersWe are delighted to introduce the LEBC Group auto-enrolment supportservice, which has been developed to help employers understand theimpact of auto-enrolment on their business, and manage the array ofduties post implementation.Our bespoke service is designed to take into account all of your businessneeds and objectives. We will provide you with an in-depth business plan,which will enable you to gain a full appreciation of your employment costsin the medium to long term.
  2. 2. Tel: 0161 234 0170Fax: 0161 234 0199Next stepsDiscuss the concept andprinciples with LEBC GroupEmail: autoenrolment@lebc-group.comWebsite: www.lebc-group.comFor further information please contact LEBC at:4. Scheme rolloutThe size and distribution of some workforces willcreate significant logistical issues.LEBC Group is a national independent financialadviser with offices in 12 locations across the UKand is well placed to deliver a rollout programme ofany stature.Our service includes:• Drafting all member communications• Presenting scheme details to employees via sitemeetings, one-to-one surgeries, newsletters andmicrosites• Dealing with member queries via designatedhelplines, e-commerce and FAQs• Managing the joining process from data collationto provider submission• Installing administration procedures• Carrying out regular monitoring checks5. Compliance Software SolutionsThe legislation will place an array of duties on allemployers from assessing, processing,communicating, monitoring, and record keeping.Failure to comply could result in heavy fines oreven imprisonment.LEBC will help you appraise all the softwaresolutions available, including payroll centric,standalone and pension provider systems.6. The ongoing support infrastructureThe Pensions Regulator expects all pension schemesto operate within an environment of goodgovernance.LEBC Group is able to offer:Employer support in the form of:• Governance management• Administration back-up• Regular suitability reviewsEmployee support in the form of:• New employee scheme induction• On site financial education courses• On site pension surgeries• Retirement counsellingWhat action should you take now?Early analysis of your business can assess thepotential additional costs and identify opportunitiesto mitigate these costs by acting before the legislationbecomes effective. We offer innovative solutions toemployers and assist in the cost-effectivemanagement of your business. As a national providerof employee benefits consultancy and independentfinancial advice, we can provide authoritativeinformation focused on the particular local needs ofyour employees. We can help you reduce thedisruption and expense associated with theforthcoming changes by planning ahead now.