B2B invoice management case study


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Case study examining Bellcom Worldwide's invoice management services.

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B2B invoice management case study

  1. 1. www.bellcomworldwide.com0800 313 4648Business to BusinessFinancial SectorQuick FactsBusiness to Business Financial SectorThe Client One of the UK’s leading shares indicesBellcom WorldwideClient Case StudyThe ClientOur client is one of the most widely used UK stock market indicator and is one ofthe most widely used stock indices as it is seen as a gauge of business prosperity.The ChallengeTo reduce debtor days on outstanding invoices and to create a database for futureinvoice management.The SolutionBellcom Worldwide operates a seasonal invoice management project for ourclient, pursuing outstanding invoices for their financial software across the globe.We also provide data management, enabling our client to manage their clientbase, facilitating a more streamlined invoice management process for the future.The ApproachBellcom Worldwide dials into over 90 countries across the world and engages withcompanies using soft-approach invoice chasing. We have helped our client reducetheir debtor days substantially since partnering with Bellcom Worldwide.The ResultsSignificantly reduced our client’s debtor days on outstanding invoicesHelped lower the invoice deficit from £6M+ to under £500kCreated an invaluable invoice management database, utilising our multilingualexpertise to cover over 90 countriesSignificantly increased return on investment for our clientWeek 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 80£1M£2M£3M£4M£5M£6M£7MThe ChallengeTo reduce the amount of debtor dayson outstanding invoices.The JourneyA team of six agents focussed onEnglish-speaking countries. Anotherteam of multi-lingualists tackledEurope.DiscoveryA recommendation through one ofour existing global financial partners.The SolutionA seasonal invoice managementproject.ImplementationBellcom Worldwide provided atelemarketing solution, whereby ourteam targeted specific decisionmakers within global blue chipcompanies.ResultsSignificantly reduced our client’sdebtor days on outstanding invoices.