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UbiComp in the Unclassroom

2011 Teaching and Learning Showcase, Kangan Institute.

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UbiComp in the Unclassroom

  1. 1. Locative Learning: UbiComp in the Unclassroom <ul><li>Presented by </li></ul><ul><li>Rupert Owen </li></ul>
  2. 2. Presented by Rupert Owen #UbiComp12
  3. 3. Next slide video Video created by Omobono Digital
  4. 4. When and where do you converse and discourse? 65 million busy making other plans whilst living.
  5. 5. Not what and how we use … but where, when and why. Instructables Etsy Regretsy - Where DIY meets WTF PayPal Google Wallet PayPass Toozla Layar Twitter Reddit Siri
  6. 6. The Unclassroom Itunes University Popcorn JS Crowdfunding Appleseed Diaspora P2PU
  7. 7. Adrian Camm, Head of Mathematics at McGuire College
  8. 8. The future “culture of use” I think will emerge from our libraries ... Following slide video: Video created by Guy Adam Ailion
  9. 9. ...from our cafés, our parks, our homes ...
  10. 10. “ I now view movies on Netflix and Fandor over the internet on my big-screen high-def set, or with an overhead projector on a wall-sized screen, and the picture quality pleases me.” - Roger Ebert “ I wrote not long ago that with today's consumer high-def projectors, it is perfectly possible to rent a space and start a repertory theater, assuming you legally obtain the performance rights. Most distributors are happy to work with you--they like more venues.” - Roger Ebert Locative Learning needs to be transformative.
  11. 11. Open Continuity Spacial Continuity
  12. 12. Open trees of knowledge Next slide video: Video created by Agency Magma and NYC Parks and Recreation in New York
  13. 13. Steve Wheeler ; Associate Professor of learning technology in the Faculty of Health, Education and Society, at Plymouth University. “ You can learn anywhere of course, but for me, the most important thing is to create spaces that are conducive to learning, that students come back to, time and time again, because they enjoy being there.”
  14. 14. Open continuity Spatial continuity Culture of use
  15. 15. And don't forget to de-tech.
  16. 16. All images have hyperlinks embedded for attribution to the authors. The World of Social Media embedded with kind permission by Omobono Digital. The World Park Campaign with kind permission by Agency Magma