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de Bono's Web

This is a brief idea I had of mashing Edward de Bono's 6 Thinking Hats into one nonlinear participatory space. It's a Slidecast however I do sometimes ramble on a bit so feel free to get the gist and move on with each slide or if you have the leisure I hope you enjoy my presentation.

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de Bono's Web

  1. 1. de Bono’s WebMashing the 6 Thinking Cats Hats into One Nonlinear Participatory Space. Rupert Owen
  2. 2. Digital BloomsThis is what I originally thought out to do. It appears thatexactly the same thing was developed by educator MichaelFisher. This work is under the Creative Commons License(Share and Share alike) which makes it very useful forreferencing the second part of what I had planned to dowhich was to reframe de Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats. De Bono has his 6 Thinking Hats as a Registered Trademark, so I’ve tagged this one as Rupert’s Bespoke “A Visual Representation of Mortarboard. Blooms Taxonomic Hierarchy with a 21st Century Skills Frame”. ... as George Bernard Shaw once exclaimed ... "Few people think more than two or three times a year; I have made an international reputation for myself by thinking once or twice a week." So that’s more then a Penny for your thoughts in this media world of intellectual property.
  3. 3. isync therefore i am. The concept here, relates to the synchronicity of Ubiquitous computing and the Web. I shall provide examples of how this principle works in practice after the following slide which uses one simple substrate that enables multiple intelligences to be converged into an epistemological intuition by using soft technologies.
  4. 4. Nonlinear
  5. 5. An idea into action. How I deliver in New Mediausing the 6 Thinking Hats ... without ... umm ... thinking about it.
  6. 6. Multiple intelligence
  7. 7. Hat consumption.
  8. 8. Multiple Intelligence is a range of expressions of thought. As with expressions of emotion,we perceive to think in many ways, linked tohabitual ways of seeing what we see or think/ feel we see. The codification of these expressions/ impressions is represented through language, music, images, text, symbols, signs, sound, smell, texture, surface, inference, innuendo, universal emotion, and many other interconnected and disconnected stimulus.
  9. 9. To learn this painting is to fight Windmills.
  10. 10. Credits Sherlock Holmes photography by ... grahamc99. Flickr page ... www.wikipedia Wikileaks ( Amit Agarwal (!/labnol) Tegrin Christie for her interpretations on Dr Seuss (Pronounced as in “Voice”!) Salvador Dali on ‘Don Quixote’ lithograph from 21st Century Skills Frame of Bloom’s Taxonomy by Michael Fisher ( me for Twitter