Blanc De Bierges Range Brochure 2012


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The 2012 Blanc de Bierges Raange Brochure

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Blanc De Bierges Range Brochure 2012

  1. 1. Inspired environmentscommitted to excellence in cast stonework w w w. b l a n c d e b i e r g e s . c o m
  2. 2. Creativefreedom Portfolio Paving 3-4 SettsFor over 40 years the Blanc de Bierges brand name has been synonymous with the Slabsvery highest standards in cast stonework. Continued investment in cutting edge Copings, Kerbs & Gulleys 5technology is artfully combined with traditional skills to create elegant and practicalsolutions. Our aim is to provide Architects, Landscape Architects and Designers the Poolsfreedom and expression to create unique and harmonious environments. Walling & Retaining 6-7A wide range of modular castings together with our bespoke capabilities offers the L Modulesscope and versatility to match your imagination. Our experienced manufacturingteam take a craftsman’s approach to their work, ensuring consistent quality and Saddlebaksaccurate manufacture. All this is achieved with dedication and pride in our work. U Modules Steps 8-9From concept to installation Integrated StepsThis brochure is designed to provide a flavour of the unique environments that Radial Stepscan be created using our cast stonework. Our constant research and developmentprogramme allows us to provide the latest products and solutions to your demands. Cladding 10Through our experience, we can provide guidance for getting the best out of Masonry 11our products from a design and installation perspective. Wherever you are andwhatever the project, we’re confident that we can supply Stonework to enhance Cills & Headsyour creations. Stairways 12-13 Spiral Fabricated Manufacturing 14 Technical Specification 15-19
  3. 3. Paving 3 Create unique forms and features to complement structures and landscapes alike with Blanc de Bierges setts. Resembling traditional cobblestones,Paving they have the added advantage of having a completely flat surface - more comfortable and less hazardous for the way pedestrian traffic. Subtle texture can be incorporated by using either a fine or striated finish. In tapered form, they represent complete flexibility, accommodating contour and curve with ease. For semi-industrial applications, our straight edge setts are more appropriate. Our complimentary range of fill in pieces allow patterns to be varied where interest or relief is desired. They can be laid with or without mortar joints depending on the look to be achieved. Based on either 140mm or 150mm modules, the setts can be used to co-ordinate with other products in our range to create harmonious schemes. Tapered Setts Straight Edged Setts Straight edged Sett Sizes range from Sizes range from 70 x 70 x 20mm to 140 x 140 x 70mm to 140 x 210 x 80mm 140 x 210 x 70mm with 45 or 30 degree RH or LH typesStraight edged Sett See page 15 for full size listings.
  4. 4. 4 Paving Golden opportunities Manufactured with the same exacting Finishes are available in standards, the Blanc de Bierges modular Fine or Striated. slab range offers ample scope for design for commercial and domestic schemes. Available in a range of shapes, sizes and thicknesses they are particularly suited to terraces, paths and walkways as well as pool surrounds and concourses. The modular sizes are designed to provide designers with pattern options to suit the scheme. The slabs are equally well suited to roof gardens and more unusual applications. In this application, a careful preparation of the underlying bed - to create stability - is fundamental to producing a unique installation. Pool surrounds Straight edged Sett Modular Slabs For colour and finish examples, see back cover From 100 x 100 x 50mm to 3000 x 3000 x 150mm Slabs See page 16 for full size listings
  5. 5. Copings & Kerbs 5 On the edge The perfect finish to a paved area or a pool - wall top or feature, our vast range of copings and kerbs are designed and cast with meticulous detail to ensure seamless integration with the Blanc de Bierges range. Options include straight, rounded or chamfered edges - together with drip edges if required. Edges can be dressed on three or four edges, to make a pillar coping for example. The edges of square units can be dressed on two adjacent sides as the scheme demands. In addition, special tapered kerbs can be specified . These are particularly useful for the edges to lawns where damage from lawnmower blades can be minimised - another example of the keen attention to detail that comes with every Blanc de Bierges component.Tapered Sett Carefully designed to incorporate a non-slip surface yet still be Tapered Sett comfortable to walk on in bare feet, our pool surround tiles comeStraight edged Sett in over 3,000 variants. Straight edged Sett Manufactured to lay correctly around a pool edge, our products feature a selection of corner radii - to give swimmers a firm and safe grip when entering or leaving the pool. Various internal and external corners can be used to create unique shapes. Our range of shutter covers ensure that the mechanical aspects of pools can be Slabs Slabs dressed in harmony with the overall scheme. Pool surrounds popular modular sizes include castings for: Kerbs tapered and straight options available. Rectangular pools - inclusive of inside & outside corners Tapered from 210mm x140mm x 80mm Circular pools - from diameters 2m to 12m to 210 x 600 x 80mm See page 17 for Straight from 200 x 600 x 80mm full size listings to 30 x 600 x 110mm See page 18 for full size listings
  6. 6. 6 Walling & Retaining Building on success Perhaps the most versatile component available to Architect’s, Landscape Architects and Designers alike, Blanc de Bierges U and L shaped modules can be used to create almost any feature. From Retaining walls to steps, Planting tubs to Balustrades, their flexibility allows them to be incorporated into both modern and classical schemes. Our L shaped modules are usually hand finished on the outer surface only lending themselves equally well to retaining walls or steps. For more unusual applications, they can also be finished on both sides - making them more uniform in dimensions. In this specification, they are well suited to seating areas and street furniture, where their flexibility can be exploited to outstanding effect. L Modules available in a range of popular sizes: From 600mm x 400mm x 600mm x 50mm to 400 x 600 x 400 x 50mm See page 17 for full size listings
  7. 7. Walling & Retaining 7 Saddlebaks & Modules Saddlebaks and U shaped modules are particularly useful in the construction of larger stepped areas and Amphitheatres. Their intrinsic uniformity providing a warm harmony to changes in ground level within a scheme. Special adaptations can be specified to include lighting primarily as an aid to safety but also adding a unique ambience to the stepped area of an Amphitheatre.Saddlebak and U Modulesavailable in a range of popular sizes:From 200 x 600 x 400 x 50mmto 200 x 400x 600 x 50mmSee page 17 for full size listings
  8. 8. 8 Steps Raising Elegance with practicality is demonstrated throughout the Blanc de Bierges range of step solutions. With 4 riser heights and over 80 varieties of step, we can provide attractive the game solutions for any environment. The hand finished surface affords a natural grip but for specific applications we can provide a number of tread grip options including high visibility for partially sighted pedestrians. Traditional steps Formed from separate tread and risers, these can be employed in harmony with slabs and other Blanc de Bierges products to create unique installations. Integrated steps Using a combined tread and riser, a seamless flow of steps can be constructed. In addition, special small steps with straight or tapered edges are available enabling a free form approach for designers. Used in conjunction with slabs, curved steps and tree surrounds can be accommodated. Steps Modular dimensions from: From Length 150 x Width 150 x Height 150mm To Length 2400 x Width 600 x Height 150mm See page 16 for full size listings
  9. 9. Steps 9 Radial steps Integrated tread & riser Traditional stepsRadial stepsRadial designs can provide grand entrances or practical pedestriantraffic management. Available with non-slip and high visibility nosingsthey can be formed from traditional tread and riser sections or for amore fluid design - modules can be specified. Tapered and straight edgeoptions can be combined to accommodate almost any radius or curve.
  10. 10. 10 Cladding Dressed to impress Blanc de Bierges products can provide an excellent contrast to brickwork, renders and other types of masonry. The warm, subtle colour can be used to complement walls and vertical structures. The consistent integrity of our products ensures that it can be easily combined with brackets and cladding retaining systems. Fine manufacturing standards and tolerances offer scope for almost limitless surface decoration. Cladding A wide number of unit sizes can be accommodated for cladding purposes. Talk to us about your specific requirements.
  11. 11. Masonry 11Cillls & Heads Quoins Keystones Bespoke Our range of architectural masonry demonstrates not only our advanced production technology but also our committed attention to detail. Cills & Heads, Quoins and Keystones can be specified to reprise paving or features - the perfect example of detailing to provide balance and harmony to an installation. BespokeMasonryA wide variety of corbels, posts balustradescolumns and features are available. Talk tous about your specific requirements.
  12. 12. 12 Stairways Turning on the style A stunning feature in any environment, a Blanc de Bierges spiral staircase is a classic example of the skills and technical abilities of our craftsmen and our state of the art manufacturing capabilities. Specifically designed to be flexible yet always practical, our spirals lead the way in style and versatility. Manufactured as reinforced components, our spirals can be specified with either one of two different treads per turn and over 11 different radii. This provides the ultimate in flexibility giving you freedom to explore the design possibilities. Landings and top steps allow seamless integration with the surrounding environment. Special features such as lighting can be included whilst the hand finished texture of each tread ensures safety and comfort. Spiral staircases Available in 2 tread widths and radii from 600 to 1200mm in 50mm increments. Staircases can be either left handed or right handed. See page 19 for full size listings.
  13. 13. Stairways 13 Fabricated steps Fabricated steps can offer a unique solution to refurbishments and new builds alike. They can incorporate steelwork or other masonry support components to create attractive bespoke stairway solutions. Open or closed tread designs can be accommodated to suit the scheme.Fabricated stairwaysTalk to us about your requirements
  14. 14. 14 Manufacturing Manufacturing Success Investment in research & development, together with the continued support of a committed workforce and a loyal customer base has built Blanc de Bierges into the first choice for many Architects, Hi-tech machinery with computer contolled mixing ensures consistent Landscape Architects and Designer product day after day, year after year. But this is only part of the process. specifiers. All our moulds are hand made by our team of engineers - dedicated to Utilising the very latest technology, we producing the very best. In addition, every product is hand finished to are constantly developing our product their exacting standards. range to provide a broad selection of cast Our standard practice is to store all our moulds for 6 months minimum. stone solutions to meet the demands of Product replacement can be produced to the same specification as the the industry. original with the minimum of fuss. Reinforced elements With the exception of paving slabs, most components exceeding 600mm in length are normally reinforced. Please ask for verification prior to ordering. Spiral stairways are classed as structural elements and so incorporate purpose-made fully welded steel cages fabricated in our engineering workshop. Stainless steel reinforcements are also available by special order for all products intended for permanently wet conditions/areas of high rainfall and coastal areas. Quality control The material used in every Blanc de Bierges design exceeds the compressive cube strength requirements of the UKCSA and complies with all relevant UK and European standards including: BS1217:2008. Manufacturing capabilities Standard products can be modified during manufacture in order to eliminate costly cutting operations on site. We also offer a service for the manufacture of special products to clients’ individual designs. Single products up to 2000kg in weight and 3m in length can be produced in our factory. We are happy to discuss your requirements. With over 750,000 pieces produced each year, Blanc de Bierges is big Production lead times enough to cope with even the most Due to the scope of our many ranges and the handcrafting of separate ambitious schemes. components, all products are made to order. Deliveries of standard elements are normally made within 4 - 6 weeks with bespoke items For more information, see our sometimes taking slightly longer. website or call us on +44 (0)1858 410 048.
  15. 15. Technical specification 15Blanc de Bierges products are available in 2 distinctive colours and finishes. Portland or Buff variantsare available in Fine or Striated finishes (See back cover). Whilst we endeavour to show colour accurate images throughoutthis brochure, they are limited by the printing process. Please request a sample for accurate colour matching.SettsThe rangen 10 standard sizes n 13 fill-in pieces n 4 thicknessesWhen specifying, it is important to remember that the dimensions quoted for settsare nominal because they can be laid with or without jointing. Choose betweentapered or straight edged setts to suit your application:u Without joints, they can be laid on their own on a 140 mm moduleu With joints, they coordinate with all the products in the range on a 150mm module.In addition to the two module sizes, there are two series of Blanc de Bierges setts,each with its own dedicated fill-in pieces and bondstones.Tapered settsTapered setts are a traditional form. They are one of the most flexible modules Inthe range. They can accommodate any curve or contour, Indeed they are the purest 140 40 140expression of the craft, allowing paviors to give full rein to their ability. On the other 140 70 1 50 4hand, tapered setts cannot be laid semi-industrially. 140Sizes 40 140 140 70 140 7070 140 1 140 50 20 4 5 80The nominal dimensions of tapered setts are: 40 2 140 140 1 70 50 70 41) 140 x 140 x 40mm 4) 70 x 140 x 40mm 140 70 70 6 70 140 40 80 2 210 20 52) 140 x 140 x 80mm 5) 70 x 70 x 20mm 140 70 140 70 14070 5 70 80 80 2 20 70 703) 210 x 140 x 80mm 6) 70 x 70 x 40mm 3 6 7 40 70 70 7) 70 x 70 x 70mm 210 6 70 140 4070Dimensions approximate - joint not included. 80 210 3 7 70 140 7070 80 70 3 7Straight edged setts 140 70 210 140 140 70 1 70Straight-edged setts are Ideal for rectilinear arrangements They can be laid semi- 2Industrially If the laying bed is compacted and perfectly horizontal, apart from a 140 210drainage slope. Fill-in pieces can be used to vary the pattern. 70 140 140 140 1 70 210 2Sizes 70 140 140 0.5pt line weight 1 70 2The nominal dimensions of the main straight-edged models are: 1 21) 140 x 140 x 70mm 2) 210 x 140 x 70mm 0.5pt line weight 0.5pt line weight 1 2 3 1 5Fill in pieces Straight edge Sett nominal dimensions are: 2 0 01) 210 x 140 x 70mm 45 LH 4) 210 x 140 x 70mm 30 RH 3 5 42) 210 x 140 x 70mm 45 RH 0 5) 280 x 140 x 70mm 45 LH. 0 6 3 5 0 0 43) 210 x 140 x 70mm 30 LH 6) 280 x 140 x 70mm 45 RH 7 6 4 0 7) 140 x 140 x 70mm 45 6 7 7
  16. 16. 16 Technical specification Slabs The range 600 n Within the Blanc de Bierges range, there are over 2,000 different formats of slab available based on square, rectangular, round and hexagonal shapes. Slabs are 50mm or 70mm thick. Slabs bigger than 600mm are reinforced 400 The craftsmanship of the slabs is perceptible in the surface grain and the slightly irregular shapes; this is what gives them the design flexibility for which Blanc de 400 600 Bierges is famous. The slabs are particularly suitable for terraces, paths, swimming pool areas and Japanese walkways. The modularity enables them to be laid in a variety of patterns. Slabs for roof gardens are laid either on studs or on a Lite-Ag 200 bed which gives excellent stability. 400 Sizes - The modular dimensions of some of our most popular slabs are: 200 300 Slabs - 50mm thick Slabs - 70mm thick 200 100 x 100 x 50mm 100 x 100 x 70mm 200 100 200 x 200 x 50mm 200 x 200 x 70mm 100 200 x 300 x 50mm 200 x 300 x 70mm 300 200 x 400 x 50mm 200 x 400 x 70mm 200 x 600 x 50mm 300 x 300 x 70mm 400 300 x 300 x 50mm 300 x 400 x 70mm 300 x 400 x 50mm 400 x 400 x 70mm 300 x 600 x 50mm 400 x 450 x 70mm 600 400 x 400 x 50mm 400 x 600 x 70mm 450 x 450 x 50mm 600 x 600 x 70mm 400 x 600 x 50mm 600 x 600 x 50mm A full range of DDA approved Corduroy and Tactile slabs are also available as standard. Steps 150 5 50 The range 300 600 n We can supply more than 80 varieties of step with Riser 4 riser heights (100,150,180 and 200mm) 50 Tread 3 Sizes are shown as Tread x Width x Riser x Thickness (50mm) Width 150 50 1 50 The hand-finished surface is attractive and also provides an effective grip which is 400 300 particularly important in wet weather. The steps can be laid horizontally, vertically 600 or on edge. to form stairs, low walls, kerbs or cills. When designing an installation of steps, either the straight or the rounded edge can be left visible. 4 All the Blanc de Bierges components greater than 600mm in length are reinforced 150 2 50 and are made by an enhanced process. They are not recommended to be used 50 450 300 in combination with standard steps less than 600mm in length. They are usually made to order according to particular specifications. Special small steps with 600 straight or tapered edges can be used in combination with standard steps or slabs. This is particularly useful when forming curved steps, feature surrounds etc. 150 7 50 200 Sizes - The modular dimensions of some of our most popular steps are: 200 6 1) 400 x 600 x 150 x 50mm 5) 300 x 600 x 150 x 50mm 450 50 2) 450 x 600 x 150 x 50mm 6) 450 x 600 x 200 x 50mm 3) 400 x 300 x 150 x 50mm 7) 150 x 150 x 200 x 50mm 600 4) 450 x 300 x 150 x 50mm
  17. 17. Technical specification 17 600Pool surrounds 400 2 600 3The range 400 600n The tiles work perfectly with other Blanc de Bierges products and equally well 1 400 50with wood or any other natural material, including grass. The tiles are laid so that 4 400they project a little way over the water and slope down away from the pool. This 400 50prevents water splashing out of the pool over the edge. It also prevents rainwater 300 540from running in. Any water that does get onto the surround runs off via gutters Into 7the drainage system. 380 50Blanc de Bierges surround tiles have an excellent non-slip surface yet are perfectly 400 5comfortable to walk on in bare feet. The edge that faces the pool is usually rounded 400 50 490so that swimmers can get a good grip, but other shapes are available. 310The maximum width is 600mm and the normal thickness is 50mm. The most popular 440widths are 300mm and 400mm. There are tiles with curved edges for diameters from 6 502000mm to 12m for round pools. There are also inside or outside corner pieces with 400 610a curved radius for rectangular pools. 8 50Sizes -The modular dimensions of our most popular surround tiles are: 400 5701) Surround tiles for rectangular pools400 x 600 x 50mm 4) Surround tiles -Circular pools, A A C C diameter 3m - 2m2) Inside corners -Outside dimensions 600 x 600 x 50mm 5) Surround tiles -Circular pools, A A A AInside dimensions 200 x 200 x 50mm diameter 4m - 3m C A A B3) Outside corners - 6) Surround tiles -Circular pools, A A A AOutside dimensions 400 x 400 x 50mm diameter 6m - 4mInside dimensions 400 x 400 x 50mm B B 7) Surround tiles -Circular pools, diameter 9m - 6m A A 8) Surround tiles -Circular pools, Edges are specified using the diameter 12m - 9m codings shown above.L, Saddlebak and U ModulesThe range 50 50n Blanc de Bierges L, Saddlebak and U Modules come in more than 20 different 400dimensions. 1 400 600 5They can be used to construct flower tubs, retaining walls, benches, tiers, steps, 600 400 400balustrades, fountains, table supports and so on. They can be combined withother components in the system to make designs that are both attractive and 600 600economical. The L shaped modules are normally hand-finished only on the outer 2 6surface but they can be treated on the inside as well. They are usually made without 600 400 400reinforcement, it can be added, but because of their thickness, it has to be in the 600centre of the material and does not increase the strength by any significant amount. 200 50 50It is important to get professional advice on drainage, particularly when using the 7modules to make retaining walls, tiers or flower tubs. When they are used to make 400 600retaining walls, the height of the earth banked behind the wall should not exceed 400 3the height of the wall Itself. Heavy soils should be replaced with lighter garden soil. 600 200 8Planting should be carried out as quickly as possible to prevent the earth from 400 600compacting. 50 400 600Sizes - Modular dimensions of the most popular U- and L modules are: 4 9 500 6001) L’3 : 600 x 400 x 600 x 50mm 5) L’1 : 400 x 400 x 400 x 50mm 4002) L 3 : 600 x 600 x 600 x 50mm 6) L 1 : 400 x 600 x 400 x 50mm 600 4003) L’2 : 600 x 400 x 400 x 50mm 7) U 1 : 200 x 600 x 400 x 50mm4) L 2 : 600 x 600 x 400 x 50mm 8) U 2 : 200 x 400 x 600 x 50mm 9) S : 400 x 600 x 500mm
  18. 18. 18 Technical specification Copings & Kerbs The range n There are more than 3000 different accessories smaller than 600mm in the Blanc 210 1 de Bierges range. They come in three different thicknesses: 50, 80 and 100mm. 80 140 These include Copings and Kerbs included in this guide. 210 Both Copings & Kerbs are made with either straight, rounded or chamfered edges. 2 Copings can also be made with drip edges if they are to be used as wall copings. 600 80 43 variations are available for any given item. 200 Specification 3 600 To enable you to specify your requirements, we use the following method: 80 The accessory is viewed end-on and an imaginary cross-section taken parallel to 300 that end. A letter code is used to specify each edge in turn, starting at the bottom 4 left-hand corner of the cross-section and proceeding clockwise, as follows: 600 80 A square edge B Bullnose edge C chamfered edge 200 5 Where edges also have rainwater drip grooves on the underside (drip edges) the code DE is added. 50 200 For example: 6 kerb with one rounded edge: (asymmetric cross-section) code ABAA 50 600 300 kerb with one chamfered edge: (asymmetric cross-section) code ACAA 7 (These kerbs must be laid on the AA side) 600 50 wall coping with two rounded edges: (symmetrical cross-section) code ABBA 300 wall coping with two chamfers and two drip edges: 8 (symmetrical cross-section) code ACCA2DE 600 110 Edges can also be dressed on three or four sides to make a pillar coping, for example, the edges of square accessories can be dressed on two adjacent sides. Special tapered kerbs are also available; these are particularly useful for the edges of lawns since there is no risk of them damaging mower blades Kerbs - Modular dimensions of some popular sizes 1 50 200 (dimensions are modular, EXCEPT the 14 mm and 210mm dimensions, which are 400 nominal). 2 1) 210 x 140 x 80mm (tapered) 5) 200 x 400 x 50mm (straight) 50 300 2) 210 x 600 x 80mm (tapered) 6) 200 x 600 x 50mm (straight) 600 3) 200 x 600 x 80mm (straight) 7) 300 x 600 x 50mm (straight) 4) 300 x 600 x 80mm (straight) 8) 300 x 600 x 100mm (straight) 3 50 400 600 Wall Copings - Modular dimensions of some popular sizes 1) 200 x 400 x 50mm AAAA-2DE 4) 200 x 600 x 80mm AAAA-2DE 4 80 2) 300 x 600 x 50mm AAAA-2DE 5) 300 x 600 x 80mm AAAA-2DE 200 600 3) 400 x 600 x 80mm AAAA-2DE 6) 400 x 600 x 80mm AAAA-2DE 5 80 300 600 6 80 400 600
  19. 19. Technical specification 19Spiral staircasesThe range Model 16n The Blanc de Bierges spiral staircase is simple and elegant. Its originality is due Elements for Leftto the craftsmanship inherent in the manufacturing technique. hand staircase Radius 1200mmThe riser and locating ring are an Integral part of the step so the completed staircase 16 Steps 16forms a coherent, stable and harmonious whole. The solid riser is an important overall height 15safety factor and it is psychologically reassuring. The non-slip finish characteristic 2800 < 2960mm 14of Blanc de Bierges components is crucial in this type of structure. 13 12All the components are reinforced. 11 10The simple functional design works well with any architectural style, modern or 9 8traditional, in historic and listed buildings. 7 6All dimensions quoted are modular and include a 10mm joint. 5 4Specification 3 2The different components of a spiral staircase with a 1200mm radius are shown in 1the diagram below: 5 4 31) Tread 2) Riser 3) Landing 4) 900 Landing 5) Open Ring 6) Closed Ring 6 2There are 48 different versions which will meet any site or design requirement. 7 1u Two spiral directions: 8 16left-hand (column on the left going up) right-hand (column on the right going up). 9 15u Two different treads: 10 14 11model 18 has 18 steps over 3510: the Ideal tread (shown opposite). 12 13model 16 has 16 steps per complete turn. The tread is larger and therefore moresuitable for staircases with a very small radius (shown opposite top) Model 18u 13 different radii from 600mm to 1200mm in increments of 50mm for each Elements for Left hand staircase spiral direction of model 16. Radius 1200mm 18u 11 different radii from 700 to 1200mm in increments of 50mm for each 18 Steps 17 overall height spiral direction of model 18. 16 2800 < 2960mm 15Landings with any sector angle up to 1800, for both models and all radii. 14 13u Landings and top steps made to order, according to your specifications. 12 11 10 9 8 180mm Closed ring 7 6 5 4 180mm Open ring 3 2 1 1200mm radius 6 5 4 Landing 900 3 7 8 2 9 1 480mm 50mm Top step 10 18 11 180mm Tread & Riser 17 12 16 13 130mm Riser 14 15 430mm
  20. 20. Blanc de Bierges Product Range Saddlebaks Steps Retaining Walls Spiral Stairways Bespoke Setts & Slabs Copings Pool Tiles Gullies & Kerbs Architectural Masonry Architectural Cladding Street Furniture TM AmphiSystem Tree Grilles Available in 2 distinctive colours and finishes. Please request samples for colour. Portland Fine Portland Striated Buff Fine Buff Striated Head Office 69 Northampton Road Market Harborough Leicestershire LE16 9HD United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1858 410 048 info@b l a n c d e b i e r g e s . c o mcommitted to excellence in cast stonework w w w. b l a n c d e b i e r g e s . c o m