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Customer sacrifice


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Customer sacrifice

  1. 1. Customer SacrificeSome 90% of car owners claim to be satisfied, according to a survey, yet car buyers defect by themillions each year. Note: Only 40% actually buy their next car from the automobilemanufacturer that "satisfied" them the last time.So what is going on here?The problem is that most companies confuse "customer satisfaction" with "customerexperience". Customer Satisfaction is not a true measure of the connection a company makeswith customers.Customers often express satisfaction if a company meets their expectations-butthey may simply have low expectations. For example, after years of lousy food on virtuallyevery airline, few customers expect anything better. Customer Satisfaction really only helpsyou meet your customers already low expectation.In their classic book, The Experience Economy, Joseph Pine and James Gilmore say thatcompanies need to turn the question inside out. Instead of asking how we did, companies needto ask what you, the customer, want. That means understanding Customer Sacrifice: the gapbetween what a customer settles for and what he wants exactly. Reducing customer sacrificeresults in a better experience for the customer.Customer Experience is about exceeding expectations and producing an emotional impact inthe process that leaves the customer with a sense of trust, a feeling of delight, and mostimportantly a feeling that they are closer to achieving their goals.© Rupa
  2. 2. About CXP DesignCXP Design (, founded by Rupa Shankar, is a platform for marketers,technologists, designers and leaders to discuss and gain a deeper understanding of cross-channelcustomer experience design, develop empathy for customer needs and learn how to createproducts and services that deliver "wow" experiences for customers.When we check into a hotel. When we shop on-line. When we buy a pair of shoes. When we get ona flight. These are experiences by which we measure brands every day. However, most companiesare without the tools to purposefully design those experiences for maximum value. That’s whereCXP Design comes in.Day in, day out, we live, sleep, eat, breathe and unravel the riddle that is human experience, leadingto more loyal and committed customers for our is an Associate Director at Happiest Minds Technologies (, a next-generation IT Services & Solutions company at the forefront of Providing Advisory, Implementation andManaged Services on Social computing, Mobility, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Cloud computing,Security and Unified Communications. At Happiest Minds, Rupa is responsible for uncovering andactivating innovative digital and social engagement strategies for its clients, spearheading thedevelopment of frameworks and solutions for different industry verticals and enhancing the global go-to-market strategy. She taps into her past work as both a design practitioner and marketer to help HappiestMinds clients envision and define broad, end-to-end customer experiences.© Rupa