Accel Frontline Ltd.


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Accel Frontline Ltd.

  1. 1. Building Value Through Building Value Through Services Services
  2. 2. Accel Group Of Companies:Accel Group Of Companies:-
  3. 3. Accel Key Milestones:Accel Key Milestones:-
  4. 4. Competitive Strengths:Competitive Strengths:- We are an end to end IT solution provider, We have a strong focus on customer Satisfaction and Service, We have a strong PAN India customer service network, We have multi vendor service provider and enjoy good and long term relationship with our principals, We have a stable management set up
  6. 6. Our Corporate Vision:Our Corporate Vision:“ To become India’s most respected IT Services company ” Our Corporate Mission:Our Corporate Mission:“To offer products and solutions that meet international quality standards backed by full life cycle support bringing substantial benefit to customers through lower cost of ownership”
  7. 7. Our Values:Our Values:- Pursuit of Excellence through Quality Customer Care Highest Level of Integrity Optimum Value Proposition Team Work Creation of Wealth through fair practices Respect for the Individual Preservation of our Heritage & Environment
  8. 8. AFL A Snapshot:AFL A Snapshot:One of India’s leading IT Infrastructure Services Company Pioneers of Multi-Vendor Customer Services Started operations in 1991 Consolidated in 1999 with the merger of Fujitsu ICIM’s Systems & Services business in India Entered into joint venture with Singapore based Frontline Technologies Corporation in 2003) Currently subsidiary of BT Frontline, Singapore which has a stake of 51% in AFL All India network with 40 Offices and 100+ Service locations Employing over 2000 IT professionals (Rated among the top 25 IT employers in India for 5 years consecutively)
  9. 9. AFL A Snapshot (Contd):AFL A Snapshot (Contd):Accel Frontline Ltd - Snapshot Software development services compliance at SEI CMMi Level 5 Strong technology partnerships with Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Oracle, Symantec and VMWare Independent Company for handling OEM Support Services Track record of superior execution Listed on the leading Stock Exchanges of India (NSE &BSE) Strong corporate governance guided by BT group
  10. 10. Business Focus:Business Focus:IT Hardware & System Services IT Outsourcing Services IT Infrastructure Management Services Network Integration Services Data Center Services Enterprise Connectivity Solutions Warranty Repair Services for OEMs Software Solutions for verticals Training Services
  11. 11. Board Of Directors:Board Of Directors:N R Panicker Founder, Chairman & Managing Director B.Tech Electronics & Comm. Engineering Top 10 Influencers in Indian IT (DQ 2005) K R Chandrashekaran Executive Director & CFO Chartered Accountant Steve Ting Non-Executive Director Chairman & CEO, BT Frontline Singapore Founder, FTC Singapore Sudhir Narang Non-Executive Director CEO BT India Previous Exp.( Cisco, Tulip) Lakshmi G Menon Independent Director B.E (Electronics Engg.) R Sinnakaruppan Independent Director Previous (National Semiconductor; Singapore Economic Development Board) Harrison Wang Independent Director PhD. Stanford Uty. Suresh K Sharma Independent Director Previous (NASA Langely USA, British Aerospace, GE Energy)
  12. 12. Geographies:Geographies: Head Office for IT Infrastructure Services located at  Chennai consisting of: - Technical Support Group - Central Test and Repair facility  Software Development Centers in Chennai, Kochi and New Delhi  Regional Support centers: ∞Mumbai ∞Pune ∞New Delhi ∞Kochi ∞Kolkatta ∞Ahmedabad ∞Chennai ∞Bhopal ∞Bangalore ∞Coimbatore ∞Hyderabad
  13. 13. Technology Partnership:Technology Partnership:-
  14. 14. Strategic Business Unit:Strategic Business Unit:- IT Infrastructure Solutions(IIS) Infrastructure Management Solutions (IMS) Enterprise Software Solutions(ESS)
  15. 15. Representative Client List:Representative Client List:India Middle East Japan
  16. 16. Career Path At Accel:Career Path At Accel:President Vice President General Manager Regional Manager / Delivery Manager Deputy General Manager Manager / Deputy Regional Manager / Project Manager Deputy Manager / Associate Project Manager Assistant Manager Accounts Manager / Project Leader Senior Executive / Senior SW Engineer Executive / Software Engineer
  17. 17. Grades And Designation Grades And Designation Followed:Followed:Grade Standard Designation P0 Associate Executive/Associate Software Engineer P1 Executive/Software Engineer/Management Trainee P2 Senior Executive/Senior Software Engineer P3 Assistant Manager/Team Leader/Project Leader/Accounts Manager P4 Deputy Manager/Associate Project Manager P5 Manager/Deputy Regional Manager/Project Manager P6 Senior Manager/Regional Manager/Delivery Manager P7 General Manager/Practice Head P8 Vice President P9 President/Head ESS
  18. 18. Key Business Strategies:Key Business Strategies:-
  19. 19. Key Business Strategies:Key Business Strategies:-
  20. 20. Key Business Strategies:Key Business Strategies:-
  21. 21. Generic Strategies:Generic Strategies:Experience in supporting large Corporates  Clear Focus on Services Business  Capable of providing 24*7 high availability Services  Technical support group for handling escalations  Services delivered direct to Customer
  23. 23. Porter’s five Forces Model:Porter’s five Forces Model:-
  24. 24. Porter’s five Forces Model:Porter’s five Forces Model:• Threat of Substitutes: Medium 1. Other offshore locations such as Japan, Singapore 2. Price • Bargaining power of supplier: High to Low 1. Due to slowdown, the job-cuts, the layoffs and bleak IT outlook. 2. No longer Demand and supply of IT professionals .
  25. 25. Porter’s five Forces Model:Porter’s five Forces Model:• Barriers to Entry : Low 1. Low capital requirements. 2. Large value chain, space for small enterprises. • Bargaining Power of Customers: Very High 1. Large number of IT companies 2. Huge decline in IT expenditure • Rivalry Among Firms: High 1. 'low-cost, little-differentiation' positioning. 2. Strong competitors – few numbers of large companies.
  26. 26. Company Benefits:Company Benefits:- PF (@ 12% of Basic). ESI ( for employees within 15K gross slab ). Mediclaim ( for employees not covered by ESI). Personal Accident Insurance policy. Gratuity and Bonus Quarterly Awards Certificate Of Execellence Chairman's Awards Good Work Card Performance Based Incentives Policies Staff Policy Leave Policy E-Mail Policy
  27. 27. Company Benefits(Contd):Company Benefits(Contd):Resource Management Policy Appraisal Policy Travel Policy Treaining Policy Privilege Leave Casual Leave/Sick Leave Maternity Leave
  28. 28. Shareholders having more than 1% share in AFL Shareholders having more than 1% share in AFL Sr No Shareholder No of shares % Category 1 ACCEL LIMITED 14550166 59.97 promoter 2 PANICKER N R 1072500 4.42 promoter 3 ACCEL SYSTEMS GROUP INC 483085 1.99 promoter 4 MEGA RESOURCES LIMITED 1356936 5.59 public 5 HOOGHLY MILLS PROJECTS Ltd. 35240 1.45 public 6 JOB VARGHESE 1068423 4.40 public 7 SYSTEMATIX SHARES AND STOCKS(I) Ltd. 800000 3.30 public 8 SATISH GOPALAKRISHANA PILLAI 635108 2.62 public 9 BOGHARA POLYFAB Pvt Ltd. 500000 2.06 public 10 SNEHA RAJAN 281606 1.16 public
  29. 29. Shareholding Pattern as on 30/06/2013 Shareholding Pattern as on 30/06/2013 Category No.of Cases Total Shares % to equity   03   16105751   66.38 01 229971 0.95 Bodies Corporates 130 2504893 10.32 NRI / NRN 39 1736847 7.16 Clearing Members / Trusts 38 807621 3.33 Resident 5914 2876790 11.86 Total 6125 24261873 100 Promoters: Accel Limited Accel Systems Group Inc.   Financial Institutions
  30. 30. Accel Frontline Services merges with Accel Frontline Services merges with Accel Frontline Ltd Accel Frontline Ltd Madras High Court approved merger of Accel Frontline Services with Accel Frontline Ltd which came in effect from 01/04/2011. Accel Frontline Services Limited had an unaudited turnover of 68.10 Cr with an EBITDA of 7.7 Cr for year ended March 2012. Speaking on this merger, N.R.Panicker, CEO, Accel Frontline said, “As a strategic initiative to convert Accel Frontline Ltd as a integrated IT Services Company, we have embarked on consolidating the group entities and expand our value added services businesses.. The merger will bring synergies with our existing IT Infrastructure Management Services business in India and will in turn increase our profit margins in the coming years. Accel Frontline Limited had acquired Ushus Technologies, an embedded software company in August 2011,as part of our initiatives to strengthen our software services business. I am happy to state that the merger of this division is completed, and the result of this amalgamation will be reflected in the performance of the company this year.”
  31. 31. AFL posts Consolidated Revenue at AFL posts Consolidated Revenue at Rs 421.92 crore for FY12 Rs 421.92 crore for FY12 Chennai, May 3, 2012: Accel Frontline Limited (BSE: 532774, NSE: AFL), has posted a consolidated revenue of Rs.421.92 crores for FY 2011-12. Consolidated revenues for the quarter ended March 31, 2012 stood at Rs.124.23 crores up by 69% compared to Rs.73.53 crores in the previous quarter (Q3FY12). The consolidated EBITDA is Rs.25.67 crores and profit after tax (PAT) is Rs.1.77 crore for the financial year 2011-12.For the full year ended March 31, 2012, the company posted consolidated revenue of Rs 421.92 crore up 6.87% as compared to Rs 394.81 crore reported for the year ended Mar 31, 2011. Commenting on the results, Mr N R Panicker, Chairman & CEO, Accel Frontline Limited said, "We had a tough and challenging year due to the foreign exchange fluctuations. In spite of the same, we managed to achieve improved performance in the fourth quarter. Our Board approved the merger of Accel Frontline Services Ltd, with Accel Frontline Ltd and the merger is pending approval with the Honourable High Court of Chennai. Once the court approval is obtained, the consolidated figures of the Company for the financial year ended 2012 will be substantially higher.
  32. 32. AFL is Appointed by Kingston 16 May AFL is Appointed by Kingston 16 May 2013 2013 Kingston appoints Accel Frontline as new service partner, with 67 customer support centers across the country. Kingston aims to offer greater convenience and timely service for end customers and dealers who require post sales support, thus enhancing the brand’s customer service offering. With the help of Accel Frontline, Kingston hopes to reach out to Tier II and Tier III cities, aside from the major cities thus making it easier for people in these places to receive technical support. Kingston aims to offer greater convenience and timely service for end customers and dealers who require post sales support, thus enhancing the brand’s customer service offering. With the help of Accel Frontline, Kingston hopes to reach out to Tier II and Tier III cities, aside from the major cities thus making it easier for people in these places to receive technical support. Mr. NR Panicker, Chairman of Accel Frontline, is also enthused about the new association with Kingston, “We are delighted to be service partners to the world’s leading memory brand. They have a stellar line-up of products and an excellent reputation in the memory and storage space. We are confident that we will help enhance Kingston’s fantastic image even further by providing their customers with efficient and outstanding post-sales support.”
  33. 33. Thank You