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Mis syllabus


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Mis syllabus

  1. 1. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (BC-302(N2)) Max. Marks 100 Internal Assessment 40 External Assessment 60 Instruction for paper setter The question paper will consist of two sections A and B. Sections B will have Six questions and will carry 10 marks each. Section A will have 10 short answer type questions, which will cover the entire syllabus uniformly and will carry 20 marks in all. Instructions for Candidates Candidates are required to attempt four questions from section B and the entire section A. Use of non-programmable scientific calculator is allowed. Introduction to Systems and Basic Systems Concepts, Types of Systems, The Systems Approach, Information Systems: Definition & Characteristics, Types of Information, Role of Information in Decision - Making, Sub - Systems of an Information system: EDP and MIS, management levels, EDP/MIS/DSS. An overview of Management Information System: Definition & Characteristics, Components of MIS, Frame Work for Understanding MIS: Robert Anthony's Hierarchy of Management Activity, Information requirements & Levels of Management, Simon's Model of decision- Making, Structured Vs Un-structured decisions, Formal Vs. Informal systems. Developing Information Systems: Analysis & Design of Information Systems: Implementation & Evaluation, Pitfalls in MIS Development. Functional MIS: A Study of Marketing, Personnel, Financial and Production MIS. References: 1. J. Kanter, "Management /information Systems", PHI. 2. Gordon B. Davis & M.H. Olson, "Management Information Systems : Conceptual Foundation, structure & Development". 3. Robert G. Murdick & Joel E. Ross & James R. Claggett, "Information Systems for Modern Management" PHI. 4. Lucas, "Analysis, Design & Implementation of Information System.
  2. 2. GRADING FOR INTERNALS(subject to change) MSE 15 marks Assignments 5 Test 10 Presentation 5 Attendance and Class Performance 5 Presentation: The students will be divided into Various Groups and the topics will be given. RULES THAT ‘WE’ NEED TO FOLLOW 1. Attendance Criteria – 75% (NO COMPROMISES!!) 2. You are expected to be class on/before scheduled time. You will be allowed to enter in class in first 5 minutes of lecture. After that you will not be allowed to enter the classroom. No excuses for being late. 3. Make sure you are not absent on Presentation day or tests. Zero marks would be awarded to absentees. You’ll be informed well in advance about the important deadlines. Assignments have to be submitted on the date announced and won’t be accepted after the due date.