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Bca (mis)


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Bca (mis)

  1. 1. PUNJAB COLLEGE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION, LUDHIANA COURSE PLAN Subject Name Management Information System Teacher Codes RUD No. of Lect. 53 Proposed Week Lecture Lecture Content Number Introduction to subject 1 1st 2 Introduction to system 3 What is a system Basic system concepts Process, info, planning 4 Types of system Abstract & physical, Open & closed system Deterministic & Probabilistic Social v/s Human-Machine v/s Machine Natural v/s Manufactured 2nd 5 Types of system Subsystem & Super system Permanent & Temporary Stationary & Non-stationary Adaptive & Non-adaptive 6 Systems approach Definition, Features, Boundary & Black box 7 Info. System Characteristics 8 TEST1 3rd 9 Types of IS Operational level Knowledge level Management Strategic level 10 Role of info in DM Role of information in Decision making
  2. 2. 11 Sub systems of IS Discussion of various sub systems of IS 12 EDP What is EDP, its usage 4th 13 MIS What is MIS its usage 14 Management levels Hierarchy of management 15 EDP Role of EDP in management 16 MIS Role of MIS in management 5th 17 DSS Role of DSS in management 18 TEST2 19 Overview of MIS Definition, Evolution, Significance 20 MIS in organization Based on type of decision, Based on functional level, Based on Organizational level 6th 21 Characteristics Characteristics of MIS 22 Components of MIS TPS, MIS, DSS, ESS, OAS, KWS 23 MIS framework Sub systems of MIS Understanding MIS 24 TUTORIAL 7th 25 Anthony’s hierarchy of management activity Whole topic in detail 26 Anthony’s hierarchy of management activity Whole topic in detail 27 Info Requirements 28 Levels of management 8th 29 Simon’s model of DM Simon model- 3 phases-Intelligence
  3. 3. 30 Simon’s model of DM Simon model- 3 phases-Design, Choice 31 TEST3 32 Decision Making Structured, Un-structured 9th 33 Decision Making Departmental, interdepartmental and enterprise decisions 34 Decision Making Organizational and group decisions Individual and group decision making 35 Info. Systems What is an IS, need, usage 36 Developing IS Steps in developing an IS 10th 37 Analysis of IS 38 Interviews, questioners, on site observations 39 Analysis & Design of IS Objectives, Conceptual & Physical design Major design activities 40 Design of IS Designing of IS, DFD, ERD, STD 11th 41 Implementation of IS Phased, non-phased, parallel run 42 Implementation & Evaluation of IS TCO, calculation of TCO 43 Evaluation of IS Review of IS 44 Pitfalls in development Problems in analysis, design, implementation 12th 45 TUTORIAL 46 TEST 4 47 Study of marketing MIS 48 Study of personnel MIS 49 Study of personnel MIS 13th 50 Study of financial MIS
  4. 4. 51 Study of financial MIS 52 Study of production MIS 53 REVISION
  5. 5. CAL EDUCATION, LUDHIANA E PLAN Subject code BC-302 (N2) No. of Tests 4 No. of Assignments 3 Assignment Test Actual Date of Delivery Assign-1 Test 1
  6. 6. Assign-2 TEST2
  7. 7. TEST3 Assign-3 TEST 4