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Web crm one 2.0


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Web crm one 2.0

  1. 1. Customer Relationship Management & Sales Force Automation. “Intelligent” to analyze and make actions wherever and whenever.“Social” to interact even through the most popular Social Networks.
  2. 2. Who we are.
  3. 3. More than 1.100.000 hours of consultancy More than 300 projects165.000 hours of researchand development 95.000 hours of training More than 200 satisfied customers More than 40 employees ….. 10 of them only for CRM 2009 SAP AG Certification 2004 WEB CRM ONE 2.0 2000 SAP Certification worlwide recognised for the Sybase, Oracle & SUN National reference integration to certification, becoming a point for the SAP Business ONE 1995 national reference point development of and creation of an partners Was born with the for developing Web addon and Web network goal to supply Software architectures applications for professional IT integrated to SAP R/3 for SAP Business ONE servicces at high added value. big clients
  4. 4. obtains SAP AGcertification worldwide recognized for the integration with
  6. 6. OUR PHILOSOPHY Believe in what we do. Cooperate with our Customers and Partners. Expertise. Create a National and International qualified Partners network. Follow emerging technologies relative to our solutions. Become a national and international Web - Mobile applications Leader in SAP World. Consolidate our presence also in Not SAP World
  7. 7. „Our Customers and Partners eyes are the way to approach their different realities“
  8. 8. Our CRM philosophy.
  9. 9. Designed to allow companies to consolidate processes of Customer Relationship as atraditional CRM platform, but with the adding of Social Media. Actually it is much more...
  11. 11. CRM FULLY INTEGRATED WITH SAP BUSINESS ONE … No document duplication between ERP and Web CRM Immediate visibility. One 2.0. In real time ALL the financial data relative to Customers are available and always updated. …. but totally open to integration with other ERP. Historical of all activities carried out for each single document (orders, quotations, opportunities ..) and for each Single application. customer and contact. No need to mantain two different applications. Consequently application maintenance is cut by half.
  12. 12. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO INTEGRATE PROCESSES AND DATA? OrderIt uses SDK in SAP Business One and the 10291 The information is present managed information is visible in a single database in real time. SAP Business One
  13. 13. Intelligent & Social Business System Intelligent? Superquery Sophisticated analysis to get an overall vision of results Research of (Dashboard) customers to promote new products Intelligent visualization of data Georeferenced Analysis of customers (geointelligence) Identification of customers to meet, visits scheduling.
  14. 14. Intelligent & Social Business System Profiling all Social? Social Network Social Networks friends according to their interests and providing customers with Creating marketing these analysis campaigns through the most popular Understanding and Social Networks communicating with Social Network friends (Twitter & Linkedin) Creating and managing communities assuring your presence in Acquiring Social Social Networks Profiles contacts and import them as Leads.
  15. 15. OUR SOCIAL WEB SERVICE One click search It is possible to search a contact on different Social Networks. Interaction Tracking It is possible to send direct messages, tweet s, frienship requests and track them. Import followers or friends Posssibility to import new leads from a Social Profile or Community. Evolution We will soon release Facebook and Xing connectors. RTS Social Network Social Service Token-ID and Recipient ID are associated to the contact.
  16. 16. A SET OF TOOLS IN A SINGLE SYSTEM Contacts Sales Analysis Customizing All your contacts in one place. Manage Leads and Customers Social Networks Interaction history Multichannel Messaging
  17. 17. A SET OF TOOLS IN A SINGLE SYSTEM Contacts Sales Analysis Customizing Manage sales & opportunities Approval Workflow Wizard to generate orders from quotations Budgeting Document Management
  18. 18. A SET OF TOOLS IN A SINGLE SYSTEM Contacts Sales Analysis Customizing The power of Superquery Intelligent Geocoding and Georeferencing Crystal Reports Integration Analyze to make actions
  19. 19. A SET OF TOOLS IN A SINGLE SYSTEM Contacts Sales Analysis Customizing Custom Field Formatted Query Dictionaries Alerts Universes Reports
  20. 20. OUR TECHNOLOGY Fully Web-based and 100% Java Fully scalable thanks to XML technology Quick and user-friendly graphic interface thanks to AJAX and JSF technologies Reports management through Crystal Reports and Jasper Reports (Open Source) Major application servers supported (Jboss, WebSphere, Tomcat) Solution available On- Premise and On-Demand, Syncrony between Web and ERP database
  21. 21. Evolutions 2011-2012.
  22. 22. OUR ROAD MAP 2011 - 2012 2015 2014 2013 Project Management Projects Repository Task Management Folder Management (Dropbox like) Collaborative team 2012 Customer Service Call Service Management Customer Equipment Card Service Contract Management Solutions Knowledge Base Social Facebook connector XING connector 2011 Automatic update of the profiles Marketing Campaign Management Survey Management Outbound Calls Management
  23. 23. Let’s talk about Business…
  24. 24. Web CRM One 2.0 - KEY VALUESCustomer benefits Partner benefits More tools in one Predefined Business Sale of consulting system Processes services Adaptability to Simplify learning Added value in business needs processes SAP Business ONE Speak final user Low TCO sales language
  25. 25. OUR BUSINESS MODEL On premise On demand National and Free trial International SAP VAR Network 5 days to go live: National Direct Installation Customers Configuration Training
  26. 26. Our solution:
  27. 27. Thanks!RUN TIME Solutions srlVia Achille Grandi, 2320092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI)Tel 02 614644.1Fax 02 614644.50e-mail: runtime@runtime.itWeb: www.runtime.ittwitter: