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Crm idol 2011 ok

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  2. 2. Mr. Mario Barone and Mr. Flavio Grandesso are the CEO and CTO of Run Time Solutions.They also are the founders of the Company. 2
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  5. 5. Run Time Solutions is an italian IT company founded in 1995. Since that time, Run TimeSolutions team has always focused its attention on Web Competence.In 2004 Run Time Solutions became SAP Business One Partner and distinguished itselffor being the SAP WEB competence.In 2009 RTS team decided to create a product in which we are still investing through apolicy of continous research and development: Web CRM One 2.0 5
  6. 6. Just in 2009 Web CRM One 2.0 got the SAP AG certification for the integration with SAPBusiness One.Our AddOn was the first in Italy to be certified by SAP AG. 6
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  9. 9. “The key to our success? Our customers and Partners.Their needs and ideas are our treasure for improving our products and their success inthe national and international market”. (Mario Barone – CEO)
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  15. 15. Super Query technology is a sort of Business Intelligence specifically designed forCommercial Organizations.It allows users to have an intelligent visualization of data, sophisticated analysis,georeference. 15
  16. 16. Universes are composed in standard tables and in tables/views defined in thecustomizing phase.This permits to create relations between specific CRM information and financialinformation also belonging to other systems.The OLAP engine, realized by Run Time Solutions, allows the user to create sophisticatedquery, analysis indicators, KPI, formulas and measures.Queries can be composed by Join and Subqueries to obtain calculated information.For example: define a book to bill KPI (ordered - invoiced rapport) for each customer,ABC analysis, Rating information etc… 16
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  18. 18. Run Time Solutions realized a Cloud - Web Service able to integrate, through specificconnectors, current and future Social Networks.The benefit in CRM stays in using an interface independent from the peculiarities of anySocial Network API.This permits for example, to make a one click search to find Social profiles of a contact. 18
  19. 19. Manage sales and opportunities.Web CRM One 2.0 allows the user to manage the entire sales process through salesstages, as well as forecast potential revenue and analyze sales outcomes. The applicationimmediately calculates projected gross profit and revenue. The expected profit andrevenue calculations are dynamically updated to accurately reflect the current situation.Approval Workflow.It is possible to define through pre-established rules whatever approval process linked tosale document and opportunities according to standard field or custom information.Wizard to generate orders from quotations.Create quotes, convert them to orders and perform product availability checks in real-time .Budgeting.Sales budget management for each agent based on customers and /or itemscharacteristics. 20
  20. 20. The power of Superquery.The goal of Super Query is: “Analyze to make actions”.Thanks to the integrated OLAP engine, user can carry out whichever dynamic analysisand dashboards through a simple Wizard.Intelligent Geocoding e Georeferencing.Thanks to the powerful Superquery fully integrated with Google Maps it is possible togeorefence BP and contacts addresses.Once established a list of contacts to visit, it is possible to generate automatically visitsplan according to Google Maps optimized route calculation.Crystal Reports Integration.Possibility to access reports Crystal Reports® software and to add one’s own customizedreports to the application.Analyze to make actions.It is possible to carry out massive activities on analysis results such as assignation ofcustomers to vendors, sms and email sending, visits schedulings and activitiesassignations.
  21. 21. Custom Field.User can create new fields to add to the system documents that are important to hisbusiness processes.Formatted Query.It is possible to link a Formatted Query to a standard or custom field.Moreover, it is possible to add a values domain according to a custom table. User canalso determine the value, according to a condition already present in the formattedquery.Alerts.You will be informed, for example, if a customer credit exceeds its limit or if a customeris “on hold” due to delivery or payment issues. User is able to define alerts according toestablished rules in whichever standard or custom fields. The alert configuration is madepossible through a particular administration tool.
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