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What have you learnt from your audience feedback?


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What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

  1. 1. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
  2. 2. Peer Group Feedback Once I had completed my first cut of my music video I decided to use an peer group feedback session in order to get some feedback and see what the people think of the video and ways I could improve it. The questions which I asked for people to give me feedback on was; 1) Favourite Images and connotations? 2) What aspects of the video promote the track? 3) How does the video use musical genre conventions? 4) Creative use of technical skills (Controlled use of camera; variety of shot sizes; editing techniques, lip synch; pace and rhythm) 5) Areas for improvement? During the audience feedback session they watched my music video on youtube and then filled in the feedback sheet which I had given them, the feedback I received proved that all that research and planning that I had done correctly targeted my audience, also the improvements i was given made me think more about my music video and how I can edit it in different ways. As well as this I am happy with my feedback which I was given, I found out what parts people liked from my music video first cut.
  3. 3. Focus Group Feedback Focus Group Audio - As well as peer group feedback I also did a focus group, where people who weren't in my media class and hadn't seen my music video gave me some very helpful feedback. I wasn't sure if my focus group would like the song/video, however the feedback I received proved that all that research and planning that I had done correctly targeted my audience and they did enjoy the video and gave me some very helpful feedback and improvements for my second cut. From the feedback I received during this focus group, they responded by saying that they liked the artist and the music video, and that my ancillary products had a direct link with the video it self, I also learnt during the feedback that the audience could clearly identify the genre through the music but also the video itself. This focus group certainly gave me some great feedback and made me realise that by challenging typical conventions of real media products and using the same type of codes and conventions has made a positive impact on my band. The audience could clearly see the correct genre and this was the reaction I was trying to aim for as I did research and planning on conventions of real media products, especially from the folk genre. To conclude from my audience feedback I have learnt that the way I have researched my music videos and the genre has all come together to make my final product (music video) which is relevant to my target audience, although I did have a specific target audience, I tried to target it at all audiences because some people who like other genres may like it, you cannot categorise what potential audiences like or dislike which is why I attracted it to a suitable audience as well as attracting it to other audiences, i feel this was ideal and very effective and I received a lot of feedback for my product. My Focus Group