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Intro to Blogging


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Intro to Blog

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Intro to Blogging

  1. 1. BLOGGING A fourth grade reading project
  2. 2. What is a blog? Blog stands for “Web Log” It is an online journal, memoir, or communication tool Good blogs are focused on one major topic with occasional sub topics.
  3. 3. Why blog? To share our writing and thoughts in an online environment. To practice critiquing skills and academic writing online To, at some point, connect with a wider audience of readers and share our writing with the world.
  4. 4. Our blog  Each student has a log-in and password  You will write based on books you have read and follow Ms. Westermann’s assignments  You will practice outstanding academic writing skills and critiques when commenting and follow directions!!
  5. 5. Rules for Blogging Safety and Privacy First  No Last Names! In your posts or your comments. We are first names only.  Do not share your username or password with another person. Use proper academic (school) language, not the language of texting or IM’ing Do not comment unless you are told to do so by your teacher or me.
  6. 6. Good Blog Examples
  7. 7. Nuts and Bolts Head to our site:  Username (given to you by me)  Password (given to you by me) Visit the pages Write a New Post  Formatting is like a Word document