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RunSignUp Clubs


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Running Club membership management and more!

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RunSignUp Clubs

  1. 1. AGENDA • RunClubSignUp Philosophy & Club History • RunSignUp Clubs • RunSignUp Clubs Today • Birmingham Track Club • Lehigh Valley Road Runnes • Maine Track Club • Caution: Lessons Learned • Club Page • Wizard • Membership Options • Store • Donations • Notifications • Reports • Importing • Kids Clubs • Coaching Clubs 2 “What has happened over the last five months has surpassed my expectations. I'm constantly learning of the various dashboard applications, on the pre and post event side of things. It absolutely makes my job as an event director easier, especially in those moments prior to a race where time is of the essence. Most of all, I want to thank you all for the dedicated support, user friendly applications, and integration with timing systems.”
  2. 2. PHILOSOPHY Tens of Thousands of Micro-Communities Goal: Provide technology to help these micro-communities serve runners better collaboratively Strategy • We don’t own the data • Open • Latest Technology • Easy to Use • Listen to our customers Built by Runners for Runners “RunSignUp has emerged as a real innovator in the running community. We have been working with them for over two years now on how to make races easier to find and more accessible to runners.” 3
  3. 3. CLUBS HISTORY • Collaboration with Road Runners Club of America started in 2010 • First release May, 2010 – basic Club Membership • Incremental Enhancements since • Running Logs • Coaching Assignments • Kids Club – designed for Kids Run The Nation Program • Dozens of Clubs use including • Prince George • Pikes Peak • Metro Area • Capital Area Runners • Valley Isle • Bryn Mawr • Charlotte • High Desert Runners • Ventura 4 “As someone that has been involved in planning a lot of events, I have to say, I LOVE RUNSIGNUP. Might even get a shirt made up that says that!”
  4. 4. RUNSIGNUP CLUBS 5 “As a runner - every time I plan to register for a race and I see that the registration platform is with RunSignUp I say 'Oh Thank Goodness!!!'”
  5. 5. RUNSIGNUP CLUBS TODAY 6 Collaboration with Road Runners Club of America started in 2010 First release May, 2010 – basic Club Membership Incremental Enhancements since  V2 Re-architecture and User Interface  Integrated Race Registration and Club Membership  Automated Race Registration Discounts for Club Members  Running Logs  Coaching Assignments  Kids Club – designed for Kids Run The Nation Program
  6. 6. BIRMINGHAM TRACK CLUB "You guys are awesome! I recommend you to EVERYONE! RunSignUp has made my life so much easier this season and the Coordinators are raving about it! Way to go!” 7 4 Membership Options Coupon Codes  50% Military, Student Still accept Paper Cross Promotion with Races  Discount to Club Members  Offer new runners to join the Club during race registration Membership on Club Site
  7. 7. LEHIGH VALLEY ROAD RUNNERS “Also, I wanted to let you know how great you are…we’ve been using … for a few months now and every time I’ve had an issue or problem and send off an email I’ve gotten a response within an hour or so. It’s very refreshing!” 8 Yearly Memberships Free Events Recruit Volunteers  Future Wish – Minimum commitment St. Luke’s Half – 4,000 people Winter Ice Scraper Series  Free for members  $10 each ($35 for all 4) to non-members  Big encouragement for people joining
  8. 8. MAINE TRACK CLUB “I have been organizing, race directing and timing races for over 25 years and finally there is an online registration system that is very user friendly but still offers a lot of information and that system is RunSignUp, with their friendly staff and tremendous support, it is the best online system on the market. ” 9 1, 2 or 3 year memberships  $25/45/65 Individual or Family Worked hard on “claiming memberships” Single real-time system gives many benefits  Correct Mailing List  Decreased workload for membership chair Volunteer Recruiting  $5 Coupons to club races for volunteers Social Events
  9. 9. CLUB LESSONS LEARNED “Holy crap thats awesome you implemented all of those changes already. Default report view is super cool and giveaway inventories/projecting. Thanks.” 10 One Database! Jumping off the cliff Clean data import (computers are precise and picky!) Aligning people with their imported memberships Have benefits for people to use the new system – like discounts at races
  10. 10. CLUB PAGE 11 • Multiple Tabs • Club Info • SignUp • Donate • Store • Club Members • Local Races • Can be a Widget on your website • Mobile Ready! “My timing business has exploded and I like to handle online registration for my races. RSU is a great company to work with.”
  11. 11. SIGNUP 12 • Allow Members to Register Online • Mobile Ready • Members get automated Notifications for Renewals • Members must enter Credit Card Info to renew (we do not store Credit Cards, and want a conscious purchase) “In my first year of using RunSignUp (after 10-15 years of using another registration company) I’m quite pleased with the site and it’s features. I’ve especially liked how easy it is to modify a registration or refund money to a participant.”
  12. 12. WIZARD “I really like working with you guys. I can't wait until later this year when I can start pushing the "renew" button for all my races. I like your service a lot. Thanks” 13 • Simplified 5 Steps to Create or Edit your Club • Easy Navigation to any step • Mobile-Ready (Edit from your smartphone or Tablet!)
  13. 13. MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS This is only the 2nd year for our event, and the first time I’ve used With that said, I have noticed a definitive difference in the amount of registration traffic compared to last year. I’m no expert with, but I have had a lot of success utilizing the coupon feature.” 14 • Any Combination of: 1. # of Months 1. Fiscal Year End • Everyone renews on one date • Can be auto pro-rated 2. Date Range
  14. 14. STORE “Both my timing company and RunSignUp are great and we will definitely use both companies next year (and tell others about you). The Email Marketing feature worked like a charm! Thanks!” 15 • Offer Club merchandise • Organize Uniform Purchases • Set cut-off dates • Set Quantity Available • NOT a full store capability, but can do some cool things like: • Set simple sales tax • Set simple shipping fees • Mobile-ready
  15. 15. DONATIONS “I tripped across the incomplete registrations report this year - this was great because I was able to get in touch with people that had experienced a problem and get them straightened out before the online registration closed.” 16 • Have a donation page for your club • Have multiple donation periods and different beneficiaries throughout a year.
  16. 16. NOTIFICATIONS “You are so easy to work with and I do want to tell you how much I appreciate all your help. I also love how you notify me when someone registers. It is so easy. I have highly recommended you all to a friend for an event they are doing. Hope they take my advice! :)” 17 • Customize Email Notifications • Member Welcome • Member Renewal Reminder • Registration Summaries • Add Custom Header and Footer • RunSignUp Generates specific information based on the Club Info Page and the member’s data • Renewal Notices • Send up to 5 renewal notices • Specify the # of days prior to membership expiration
  17. 17. REPORTS “I like RunSignUp because they give a little "widget" that I can paste directly onto a webpage on my site that makes it look like runners are signing up at Ohio Race Day. It is sort of like a portal directly to RSU through my site.” 18 • Fast Member Reports • Searching • Members as of Date • Edit Members from Report • Label Creation for Member Mailings • Financial Reports • Overall by date range • Drill down to Memberships, Store, Donations • Drill down to each Payment
  18. 18. IMPORTING Playmakers uses RunSignUp for our community online calendar. We have 100's of events add their information to the community calendar on our website seamlessly with little involvement from the store. It has saves us 50+ hours a year in managing our calendar and continually updating everything. We also use RunSignUp for our store events. We host upwards of 20 events a year. 19 • Type In Paper Memberships • Import Spreadsheets (CSV) • Match Import Columns easily • Many conversion utilities built in for formatting, field matching, etc.
  19. 19. KIDS CLUB “RunSignUp makes it easy for participants to register for the Mike Hike and support our fundraising efforts. Online donations increased 57% when we switched to RunSignUp!” 20 • Designed for RRCA Kids Run the Nation • Available directly on the RRCA Website • run-the-nation-program/program- directors/ • Privacy and Security built in • Track Kids in a program • Assign workouts • Log workouts • Report on workouts • Communicate with families
  20. 20. COACHING CLUBS “I am very happy to merge our business with RunSignUp. This combination provides a stable place to continue to support and enhance The Race Director in an open fashion. RunSignUp shares a similar vision for open platforms that are inclusive. I am particularly excited to begin work on a Next-Generation platform with the RunSignUp team.” – ROGER BRADSHAW, THE RACE DIRECTOR FOUNDER 21 • Coaches can use for simple membership • Optional Running Log • Optional Runner Categorization • Eg. High and low mileage groups • Optional Runner Assignment • Individual • Category
  21. 21. RUNSIGNUP CLUBS SUMMARY “RunScore Results is the result of a tight integration between RunScore and RunSignup Results, but allows RunScore users to use RunScore Results for any race and completely controlled from RunScore. RunScore Results is an integral part of RunScore.” ALAN JONES, RUNSCORE FOUNDER 22 • Simply the most complete Running Club Membership Management available • Goodbye Spreadsheets!