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Why Run


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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Why Run

  1. 1. WHY RUN ? Running has obvious health & fitness benefits Source :
  2. 2. Boost Your Self Confidence Source :
  3. 3. Unleash Your Potential Source :
  4. 4. BARRIERS thoughts which block us from starting to run Source :
  5. 5. RUNNING CAN CHANGE YOU When you are swamped with burdens and worries, and fed up with your daily routine A regular running schedule can help you find a way out.... Source :
  6. 6. Our cities are dotted with parks, gardens and historical sites. find a place that you like and start with a basic jog Source :
  7. 7. Friends, music, gadgets such as an ipod or a fancy watch can help energize and keep the momentum It’s the short-term goals that drive up the self-confidence and help us work towards achieving them Source :
  8. 8. Running is the most egalitarian way of coming across people we might not ordinarily meet, building bonds of a different dimension, and connecting as human beings should Source : R&L and Google
  9. 9. Running tends to release endorphins. Running outdoors brings you closer to nature Which can last for long periods, even days. it gives unbelievably “high” Running has also been used by many, over the years, to treat clinical depression. Source :
  10. 10. SO WHATS STOPPING YOU ? Source :