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2013 n4 hc stem1

  1. 1. Citizen Science: A Growing Role National 4-H Conference USDA / NIFA Division of Youth & 4-H April 9, 2013
  2. 2. Overview ● Social Media ● Science Videos ● Community Mapping Applications National 4-H Conference
  3. 3. Social Media National 4-H Conference
  4. 4. Situation: ● ● ● ● ● ● Invasive Species of North America: Boll Weevil - Texas Army Worms - Nova Scotia Pine Beetles - Wyoming Emerald Ash Borer - Indiana Japanese Beetles - Illinois National 4-H Conference
  5. 5. Solution: ● ● ● Utilization of previously existing social media. Encourage public to participate through technology. Make data available for scientific research and databases. National 4-H Conference
  6. 6. Facebook ● ● ● Facebook page dedicated to photo sharing. Location services allow accurate pinpoint of problem species. Ease of sharing would effectively spread the message. National 4-H Conference
  7. 7. Instagram ● ● ● Photos may be uploaded for species identification. Implement a hashtag for uploaded photos to share data for species in different areas. Built in Location services for an accurate location. National 4-H Conference
  8. 8. Potential Partnerships ● Department of Natural Resources ○ Helping control the spread of invasive species ● 4-H Clubs & Newsletters ○ Encouraging our clubs to join/participate ● Advertizing ○ Newspapers, Flyers, Social Media Sites, etc. ● USDA ○ Warn farmers about potential spread of pests ● Farm Supply Chemical Company ○ Connect FS with potential customers for pest extermination. National 4-H Conference
  9. 9. Science Videos National 4-H Conference
  10. 10. Overview Objective: ● To get more involvement in science ● Teaching science through helping them make the videos National 4-H Conference
  11. 11. Video Content 4-H STEM Youtube channel It will contain: ● Promotional videos ● How to videos ● Fun facts ● Science experiments ● Assistance with 4-H projects ● Explanation of general citizenship science ● Information on rare and unique species
  12. 12. Additional Info ● ● ● ● The videos will be maintained by volunteers. Individual communities can get involve. Statewide video contests can be held to involve youth. Youth create a youtube channel and if it becomes popular, they can make profit. National 4-H Conference
  13. 13. Community Mapping Applications of Plant/Tree Species and Trails National 4-H Conference
  14. 14. Past/Existing Partnerships National 4-H Conference
  15. 15. Plant and Tree Mapping Objective: Provide a geospatial application for government and private entities to use in plant and tree species data collection by youth groups. ● Standardized data collection ● Organizations can use collected data in their GIS workflow National 4-H Conference
  16. 16. Past Plant and Tree 4-H Projects National 4-H Conference
  17. 17. Trail Mapping Objective: Provide trail mapping trainings and facilitate in the mapping of trails ● Use geospatial technologies such as GPS or a smartphone, combined with software such as ArcGI. ● 54,000 miles of National Trails, many are not mapped. Copy of the Chimney Rock, NC NFS Trail Map National 4-H Conference
  18. 18. Past Trail 4-H Projects National 4-H Conference
  19. 19. Existing Programs and Apps ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ESRI* Project Butterfly W.I.N.G.S* Project PigeonWatch Cooperative Observer Program Project Noah iNaturalist BioKids *Denotes 4-H Partnership National 4-H Conference
  20. 20. Summary ● ● ● Social Media Science Videos Community Mapping Applications National 4-H Conference
  21. 21. Questions? National 4-H Conference